Glymm January Edition

I finally got my Glymm bag for Janaury.

Glymm had announced earlier this month that the bag would be delayed because of a product not coming in. I was excited and really hoping that this bag would wow me because quite honestly since they switched to the bag last summer I have yet to be wowed.

I was excited when the bag came because I was curious to see what this product would be that held up the bag.

Well let me say I was truly disappointed. I have decided to cut my ties with Glymm and February will be my last bag. I have truly tried to support Glymm and gave them the benefit of the doubt so many times but with the price increases happening so frequently I just can’t justify spending the money on this subscription any longer.

In the bag this month was:

A sample of Burt’s Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey body lotion. It was a 7ml sample.

A sample of Lash-M double trouble Mascara. Sadly this went into the trash because it was tried up.

A two pouch sample of LA Fresh Travel Lite FAcial Cleansing Wipes. They contain one whip each. This is something I will use. I just hope it doesn’t smell like the other wipes from this brand.

Something I never heard about is the DMAE Firming Serum from  360 Skin Care. I ‘m not sure I will be using this because ever since my last break out from a unknown product from a unknown company I am really hesitate to try things.

Finally the last item is Cool Way boost. Not quite sure what it is exactly since this is another new to me item.

So that was my bag this month. Nothing to special in it for me. I have noticed that since they switched to the bags we no longer get full size items which is a let down because I really don’t think that this bag warrents the price they are charging for it.

What do you think?

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Glymm November Edition

I know I am a little late in getting this posted but here it is just the same.

I am a little disappointed in the bag this month and honestly since the made the switch to the make up bags its just isn’t the same. I feel that they probably could do so much with this but they seem to be keeping it safe.

This month we got a black printed bag with Glymm sewn onto the bag as you can see. Not a favorite of mine.
This is a new brand for me as I have never heard of them but on the upside its a Canadian company. Its called LYS Parisien Professionnel/ They sent samples of their shampoo and conditioner made with argan oil. They are suppose to counter the damaging affects of age and climate on your hair and scalp.

I started to use it and honestly I liked the smell but I thought it was making my hair dry while it was wet but once my hair dried it was soft and silky. Its only been a few days but I like it. Perha[s this would be something I would repurchase when I run out of my current stash.

The sample size is 60 ml for both of them and its $2.88 and the full size  for both is 500ml for $24.00

Dirt is something we have gotten before in a previous box and I still haven’t used it yet. This is an all natural sugar scrub that is sweet and spicy. It smells really nice and I am going to make an effort to use this.
The sample is 0.05 oz and the full size is 12oz for $45.00
This is an exclusive item and its another one I haven’t heard of before its The Beehive Scents. It comes in three scents Alice Blue, Honey Blossom and the one I got LuLu Lemondrop. I didn’t think I was going to like this but I did and its a perfect scent that reminds me of summer. One that I will be smelling when its -40 and dreaming of summer. The only downside is that I hate these kinds of bottles.You have to be careful when opening it.

The sample is 0.7ml for 0.25cents and the full size is 100ml for $35.00

 I have seen this around online and its The New Black nailpolish. I got the shade Gold Grenade. Hmm the name doesn’t really suit it since its not a gold color. As you can see its green. The above picture is taken in normal lighting.
This was taken near the window. So the full size is a package of 3 for $15.00 and a package of 5 for $24.00. Not sure what size those bottles are but my sample was 4ml.
So my impressions this month that is was just an okay bag. Nothing special or stand out about it but these are things I am curious about and will try them out.

What did you think of your bag?

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Glymm Bag October Edition


I am a little late in posting my Glymm Bag post as I usually try to post the day I get the bag but last week I had already planned my week out before hand so there was no room to post until this week.

Before I show you what I got in my Glymm Bag let me tell you a little bit about Glymm.

  • Its a Canadian monthly beauty box subscription service. Only available to Canadians.
  • Its $12 a month and its a recurring charge. You can pay monthly (like I do) or every 6 months or yearly.
  • They now offer a gift subscription.
  • There is no waiting list.
  • You can expect to receive 4-5 luxury samples (although they claim to offer deluxe sized samples)
  • Each month with Glymm you will recieve Glymm points (subscription, monthly product surveys, purchasing items in the Glymm store and referring friends) that you can in turn redeem when you are buying something in the Glymm Store.


With that being said lets get into this month’s October Glymm Bag shall we.

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we got a special edition bag called Pink Ribbon. The bag itself is valued at $12.00 and it came with this pink ribbon to wear.

You will also notice that Glymm listened to its subscribers and brought back the product cards. Can I just say that I love having this card again. It makes writing the posts so much easier instead of going between my blog and the Glymm site.

This is a sample size of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil. They sent this out to announce a special edition Mama Glymm Box coming out soon that is geared toward mothers and mothers to be. I have to say I am curious to find out more about this and who it will be geared towards.
This is a new to me company and products. Its Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme. Its a leave in hair treatment for dry hair. The card says you will get 5 uses out of it. I don’t hair dry hair thankfully so I might pass this on to someone who does.

Sample size: 2 oz for $9

Full Size: 59ml for $9, 237ml for $32 and 473ml for $58
When I did the conversion it worked out to be a full size sample at 59ml.
I have never  heard of this, Lash Card. This little card board card is suppose to prevent mascara from smudging and clumping. Sadly this isn’t something I could see me using as it looks to be just something that would be awkward to hold while I was putting on my mascara. What do you guys think? Apparently you will get four uses from this two pack Lash Card.

Sample is 2 Lash Cards for $1.40 (that’s for the two of them)

Full Size is  a box of 10 for $6.99
Another new to me brand is Femme Couture. They graciously sent us a full size of their Lightening Lash Mascara. It will build your lashes without the clumping and last all day and night. I haven’t opened this yet since open mascara only lasts 6 months. Hopefully I will get to it soon. I got the shade Blackest Black.
Full size is 11.3g for $14.00
In a previous box I received products from Cyberderm (they sent some skin care items in those syringe looking packaging).  This time they sent these little tubes of H2O Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip. You are suppose to use the Hydration before the Sun Whip.

Sample size: No idea what size these are (but they aren’t deluxe)

Full Size: Hydration: 50ml for $60.00 and Sun Whip 50ml for $38.00

With the hydration you are suppose to get 10 uses and the Sun Whip 2 uses

So my thoughts this month are so so. Its not one of my favorite beauty subscription services and the products did pay for the subscription. The bag is super cute and the mascara and baby oil will be used the most. I will give the Cyberderm a try but really don’t see me using the lash Card or the Baby Buttercreme.

What did you guys think of your Glymm bag this month?

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Glymm Bag September Edition

In case you are new to my blog I thought I would tell you want Glymm is. Glymm is a monthly beauty subscription box that is currently only available to Canadians. Their office is here in Montreal, Quebec.

You will receive 4-5 deluxe sample sized beauty products from the best brands. They have now switched to putting your products in a make up bag which is suppose to reduce waste and be more eco friendly. Its $12 a month and its a recurring charge. I think if you subscribe to the year its cheaper but I prefer paying monthly just in case I ever want to cancel it. You also collect loyalty points that can be redeemed for products on the site.
Please note that all my Glymm boxes are purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with them and my posts are my honest and sincere opinion. I was in no way compensate for my thoughts.
I got my Glymm back on Tuesday (18th) and I had no knowledge of when it was coming because I never received any email confirmation. I have to admit that I did see some sneak peaks before getting my bag this month and I was a little disappointed.
I tried to do a vlog but my camera kept shutting off on me so it will be pictures this time around again. In all honestly I think this is better because in the vlogs you could see my disappointment and I don’t want to be a downer in them.

As you can see this months Glymm bag is white and its like the black one I got last month. I am not to thrilled with the white bag and I thought they would have gone with a more fall like bag. The retail value of the bag is supposedly $12.00 Canadian. You could say that this technically pays for the box (since I have been a subscriber before the price change I only pay $10/month) but in all honesty I don’t go out to purchase a new make up bag monthly and I am pretty loyal to the ones I have now so to get a new one each and every month is a bit of a waste for me.

This is the contents of the bag. Sorry its a little blurry.

Waterproof Makeup Remover from LA Fresh. This is something I will  try out and I love that is biodegradable, alcohol and cruelty free. This is perfect to toss in your make up bag if your going away for a weekend and don’t want to pack alot.

Full Size: 24 wipes for $9.99
Sample : 2 wipes for $0.83

EVOLVh Ultra Shine  Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. One of the things I noticed right away was that its sulfate free, paraban free, sodium chloride free, keratin safe, color safe, its not tested on animals and its vegan.

I have never heard of this before so it might be fun to try a new shampoo and conditioner. Plus I love it that they are listening to us and including both a shampoo and conditioner. Nothing worse then getting a sample to try when you only get one. I love having both to get a feel of the product. Plus I think I could get at least two weeks worth of washing my hair with them.

Full Size: Shampoo 8.5oz for $24.00 and Conditioner 8.5oz for $25.00 (seriously whats up with the price difference?)
Sample : Shampoo 2 oz for $5.68 and Conditioner 2oz for $5.88

This is an exclusive item in this month’s bag. Its the Super Moisturizing Face Cream for Girls. This is a  high-quality super moisturizing face cream for girls and its made from 100% natural active ingredients: apple, prickly pear, strawberry, kiwi, kigelia africana and macadamia oil. I am curious to try this out. On the website they said I could get 7 uses from it although I’m not quite sure.

Full Size: 30ml for $19.99
Sample: 3ml for $2.00

Another new to me product is Dulce En Fuego Whipped Body Crème. I have never heard of them before but I have to say I am excited to try this out more. I loved the smell of it and it smells like fall baking.

This is what the site says:

Musky bitter chocolate sweetened with vanilla and touches of citrus then positively inflamed with black pepper and nutmeg will always leave you wanting more.

Doesn’t that sound good? I will probably use this on my hands and any rough dry spots. They said you can get up to three uses from this and its recommended you use up within two months.

Full Size: 177ml for $15.75
Sample: I would think roughly 10ml $0.89. Its not marked on the jar but its not alot.

Total Value of the box: $ 27.28 (roughly) You could say that the box did pay for itself.


I am still on the fence with Glymm but sadly I am thinking the time is getting limited with our relationship and I think I will have to cut the strings soon.

Some of the reasons I am thinking of ending it:

  • I have had a few awesome packages but sadly they were few and fair between.
  • I felt as though they never really lived up to the deluxe sized samples and more so when they switched from the box to the make up bags.
  • The monthly make up bags, I liked it at first but really how many make up bags do you need?
  • Since switching to the bag we no longer get full sized products.
  • Not enough make up.
  • No monthly product card, they email you to let you know when its up online

Do you get the Glymm bag? If so what do you think?

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Glymm Bag July Edition

When I look at all the beauty box subscription services that I pay for monthly it always seems like there is two that is always consistent with shipping out when they say they will ship out and that is Topbox (which I posted last week) and Glymm (which I just got today).

A just in case your wondering what happened to my Loose Button edition posts well recently they changed their subscription service and they are now only going to be shipping out four times a year instead of monthly. I believe I will be getting that box in August some time.

Okay lets get back to Glymm shall we. Well I got my box today and I was excited because I got notification on Friday that it was getting ready to ship and that my estimated delivery date  was today well low and behold when I checked my status I saw that it was out for delivery.

I have to say that I find that Topbox and Glymm seem to be consistent in shipping as well, I always get them when it says I get them. Which I can never figure out from Glossybox. Can anyone else figure that out?

As you can see there is no longer a box. Which I have to admit that I really miss. What do you think?

This month the make up bag is orange. Which is a nice summer color. I actually like the color as its bright and summery and perfect for the pool bag. Since getting this I have put it in our pool bag and its perfect for sun screen, a comb, wipes and some change to buy stuff at the canteen.

The bag sells for $12

Here is a sneak peek into this months Glymm bag. Oh I am so excited can’t wait to see what is inside.

I should also note that this month again there was no product card. So an FYI you should keep last months card handy to remember where to get your card. I mistakenly thought that it was on my Glymm profile and after looking for almost half an hour I went in search of last months contents and found the card.

The first item I pulled out was a product I have never heard of before called Social Butterfly Hair Perfume. It freshens up your hair. It smells really good. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but when I looked online its vanilla infused. I can see me using this especially in the summer. The full size is 50ml for $34 and the sample is 8ml for $5.44 and it says I should get about 50 sprays out of the sample.

Another new to me item is K-Pak Revitaluxe. This is suppose to restore and hydrate dry and damage hair. It smells really good  and I can see over the course of the summer using this alot. The full size is 150ml for $25 and I got a sample size of 50ml for $8.33. They said I should get 3 uses of this but I am possibly thinking you could get more then that.

When I was looking at the products online they said that this Dirt was suppose to be a sugar scrub but I got a salt scrub. So not sure if its the same thing or not. This is another new to me product. This is suppose to exfoliate your skin and give it a glow.

As you can see its all natural ingredients which I love. The full size is 12oz for $45 and I got 0.05oz for $1.90 This smells really good and I am excited to use it. There is only about two uses in this so I am curious to see how it will work.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this when I saw this in my bag. This is a new to me item and at first glance its from a sunscreen company. Its from Cyberderm a Canadian company. When I checked it out I found out that one tube is H2O Hydration (50ml for $125) and the other tube is PM Anti-Age. (50ml for $125). I have to say its very interesting packaging. You are suppose to get 10 uses from both of these. I am thinking there is about 5ml per tube $12.50 (give or take)

Also included was a little coupon for 25% off all nail polish on Glymm.

So this is what I got in my glymm bag this month. As you can see that it did pay for itself and this month is all new to me products that I am excited to try.

What did you get this month? What did you like? Didn’t like?

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Glymm June Edition

Last week I got my Glymm box and noticed instantly that it was fairly light which I have to say is never a good sign. Its like those acceptance letters into university.Thick ones are good news and thin ones are bad news. Right?

Upon opening the box I realize that the Glymm boxes are a thing of the past and sadly I really miss those boxes because I was able to reuse them for so many things especially on my dresser where I put my daily make up in and one under my desk to hold my signed bookmarks.

So instead of the box we are now getting make up bags. I really like this blue one and its the same as the one I got last month with the excpetion that its a bright pink to match the box. I have to say that I am not a fan of the make up bags because really how many make up bags does one person need? I know I said this last month and it will really suck if this will be the new trend instead of the boxes.

Actually I am happy that this months is blue because I have accidentally lost my pink one from last month. Not sure if I left it in NYC or what but I can’t find it and I know I used it while I was there to put some stuff in it.

The bag has a value of $12 (just the bag alone) and this is the season’s hottest shade.

This is an inside peek into the bag and as you can see not much there and sadly with this size of a make up bag I really don’t see us getting full size products anymore and that they are going to be little sample sized products. If this is the case I think that Glymm needs to re word their description of the products we will be getting because they aren’t deluxe sized.

So lets get into the bag shall we. As you can see not much and yea I am disappointed. I know I will be getting comments about this but honestly I am paying $10/month and I would love to get products that I can’t pick up at a pharmacy or Sears or Bay. Seriously would you pay $10 for an eyeshadow that didn’t have an eyeshadow in it?

Another change in the Glymm was the fact that they are no longer sending out product cards so now everything is online.

-La Fresh Acetone-free nail polish remover pads. I like the idea of this because its 100% biodegradable, it saves water, its natural ingredients and its cruelty free. I have never heard of this before  but I think its a great idea. Apparently one pad will remove and condition all 10 nails and they are scented with fresh Tuscan orange. The full size is 18 pads for $9.99 so I got to pads for $1.11 (roughly 0.56 cents each) This is an exclusive item in the box.

-ltls Dream fragrance. This is another exclusive item. The spray was filled and it said you could get about 35 sprays from it. I like the scent of it, its very fruity and floral. Just the scents I like. I would say this could be a day time scent as well as a night time one. The longer I wear it the more I am liking the smell. Full size is 60ml for $54 and I got perhaps 5ml for $4.50 *

-Perfect Skin Solutin. Its a vitamin & Sea serum its 100% natural blend of vitamin E and essiential oils.There is no chemicals in it (NO dyes/frangrances/synthetics/silfates/parabens/silicones or chemicals). I have never heard of this before getting it and curious to try it out. Full size is 45ml for $68 and I think I got a sample of 1.2ml for $1.81* There is enough to get about 5 uses from it.

The next items which I am excited to use and have been is the Duo Lipstick Harmony(Duo Lipstick: 2 in 1 refillable Lipstick and Balm). One end is a lipstick (soft pink) and its a very nice soft shade for me which I like because I am not big into the darker shades. The refills are $10 each.

The other end is a lip balm. Which I have used and its not sticky. There really wasn’t a taste to the balm and I really like how the tube works. Its great if you have other tubes as you can mix and match your colors for an evening out or a day out. Perhaps if you want a going from day to night look without going home you can slip in another shade. This would be perfect for vacations and you don’t have to lug tubes of lipstick with you. This is a full size product of 3.4g for $20 and it will last up to 16 months. The shades it comes in is Soft Pink, Natural Earth, Elegant Maroon and Intense Red.

-Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream. I have never heard of this before. Its an exfoliating and moisturizing cream. I liked the smell of this. Sadly with the price tag of $115 for 50ml is a little intimidating for me but on the upside a portion of the sales goes towards the Christopher Reeve Foundation. I got a small sanple of about 10 to 14 uses. Perhaps its about 5ml of product for about $11.50 (its hard to tell since it wasn’t marked)*

A rough total of this months box is:$ 50.92 (give or take since the ones with * are rough guesses) This basically paid for the bag but I still feel as though I’m not getting what I paid for. Are we being to picky?

What did you get? What did you think of yours? Mine?

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Glymm Box May Edition

Well Glymm has gotten a new look I see. I have to say that I am really liking the gold in the name.

With the new look there also came a price change. It use to be $10/month but starting in May its gone up to $12/month. Thankfully since I am a active member my membership will remain at $10/month.

Another indication that I change was coming was a mention on their facebook page in a post about a limited edition Nylon Collection item. You could see from the picture that it was a make up bag. Hmm will this be a one time item or will be it be a monthly item? I am curious to find this out.

With the price change also came a whole new Glymm box look. The first think I noticed was the outer packaging of the white box with the orangish letters and the box was sealed with a piece of black sticker with Glymm all over it.

This is the sticker. What do you think of it? I like it but it sort of seemed out of place on the white box. Perhaps if the box was black it might have stood out more.

I have to say that opening the box this month was much easier and I noticed right away at how very light the box was and for me that’s not a good sign in my opinion. Would I like this months box?

This is what I saw when I opened the box.

The card on the top was GLYMM GOES GREEN. We love packaging but hate waste, so say hello to your new eco friendly GLYMM bag.

So does that mean this is will be coming each month?

Behind the card was some interesting facts about recycling.

Underneath that was the new monthly Glymm card.

What I like:

  • The black really looks nice with the gold lettering of Glymm.
  • The new card is bigger then previous ones
  • Lists products in the box.
  • Value of the full size product should you choose to purchase it.

About the product.

How the product works

If you get perfume samples it lists Top, Mid and Base notes which I kind of like since there are times I wonder what the smell is

Sample Usage, giving you an idea of how many times you can use the sample

What I don’t like:

  • I think the only thing that I don’t like about the card is that it shows “or” items. For example I got a Mereadesso Lip Treats lip balm and the “OR” item was Mereadesso Lip Treats lip balm with tint. So that means other subscribers got that item. Do I really want to know what other items were in the box that I didn’t get?  NO at least not before hand LOL I would rather find that out afterwards.

So this is how the make up bag was wrapped. It was nice to see this and that there was time taken out to package this and it wasn’t just placed in the box.

I think this picture shows the true color of the bag. Its a bright pink . Its your standard size make up bag and I do like this.

My only concern is if this is a monthly thing that means we will be getting at least 12 of these a year (roughly) and how many make up bags do we really need and use? At least with the boxes I have been using them for other things and I have them stacked on a shelf. So it will be interesting to see if this is a one time item or if it will be monthly. What do you think and feel about it?

The inside of the make up bag. Honestly this is where I got a little disappointed. From just the peak inside.

What did you think of yours?

CK Shock for Her (pink) Its labelled as a new product but I recently got this in a previous box (I wish I could remember which one) I actually like the scent of this and have used it several times. It was Nice to see what kind of notes were used in this such as pink peony (which I love) Full size is 50ml for $45. I got a sample size of 1.2ml for $1.08

CK Shock for Him (green) This was a nice scent, very masculine scent. I loved the notes that were in this one. Full Size is 50ml for $45 and I got a sample size of 1.2ml for $1.08

Coola Mineral Matte Cucumber Face Sunscreen. I liked that this was an organic sunscreen and that proceeds of the sale of this goes to the cancer research. Now the down side of this for me is that its a small sample that I will get four uses out of it and for me its not enough of a sample to really get a good feel of the product. I wish that they would have included another sample  so then you can get at least a week’s worth to try. I have sensitive skin so I don’t know if I could fully commit to a full size. Full size is 50ml for $36 and I got 5ml for $3.60

NUME HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner. This is actually an exclusive product Launch. I am excited to try this because I like trying new hair care products. The only down part is that I wish they would have included a shampoo. For me personally I like to have both to sample to see how the product fully works. I see on the back of the tube it says for best results follow with a mask.  Full Size is 250ml for $24.99 and I got 20ml $2.00

Mereadesso Lip Treats lip balm. This is a clear product. There was no taste to the lip balm. It went on really nice, no greasy feeling or waxy feeling. You can use this as a primer to double the wear time of lipstick, gloss or lip liner. Its nice on its own as well. Full size is a pack of 2 for $28.00 so I am presuming that I got one tube since its marked on the card as full size, $14.00.

Caudalie (right hand side) Gentle Buffing Cream. This was an editor’s pick. It had a nice smell and with this size sample you are suppose to get 15 uses out of it. I tried this and I noticed a difference. My face felt clean and soft. I felt like this was picked for me because it was for sensitive skin which I have. Full size is 60ml for $35 and I got 15ml $8.75

Caudalie (left hand side) Vinexpert Anti aging Serum Eyes and Lips. I always wake up with puffiness and I tried this and I noticed a slight difference and the dark circles seemed to fade a little more. It went on really nice and smooth and there was no smell to it. Full size is 15ml for $33 and I got 7ml for $15.40

Total worth of samples in the box: $45.91 (that’s not including $10+tax I paid for it)

I know I have said this time and time again and I really need to cut my ties but I keep holding out that it will get better. I want to support a local Montreal company but once again I am not overly impressed with the box, well actually bag since I feel as most of the samples could have been picked up at a pharmacy or other means. These aren’t deluxe samples in my opinion..

What do you think? Did you get the same things?

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