Glymm January Edition

I finally got my Glymm bag for Janaury.

Glymm had announced earlier this month that the bag would be delayed because of a product not coming in. I was excited and really hoping that this bag would wow me because quite honestly since they switched to the bag last summer I have yet to be wowed.

I was excited when the bag came because I was curious to see what this product would be that held up the bag.

Well let me say I was truly disappointed. I have decided to cut my ties with Glymm and February will be my last bag. I have truly tried to support Glymm and gave them the benefit of the doubt so many times but with the price increases happening so frequently I just can’t justify spending the money on this subscription any longer.

In the bag this month was:

A sample of Burt’s Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey body lotion. It was a 7ml sample.

A sample of Lash-M double trouble Mascara. Sadly this went into the trash because it was tried up.

A two pouch sample of LA Fresh Travel Lite FAcial Cleansing Wipes. They contain one whip each. This is something I will use. I just hope it doesn’t smell like the other wipes from this brand.

Something I never heard about is the DMAE Firming Serum from  360 Skin Care. I ‘m not sure I will be using this because ever since my last break out from a unknown product from a unknown company I am really hesitate to try things.

Finally the last item is Cool Way boost. Not quite sure what it is exactly since this is another new to me item.

So that was my bag this month. Nothing to special in it for me. I have noticed that since they switched to the bags we no longer get full size items which is a let down because I really don’t think that this bag warrents the price they are charging for it.

What do you think?

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