Review Policy

If you would like me to review your book(s) on my blog,  or if you would like me to host a book giveaway, guest post, or author interview then I invite you to please fill in the Contact form.

Books I Review:

  • most fiction (adult)
  • contemporary
  • young adult
  • dystopian
  • children’s
  • middle grade
  • cookbooks
  • some romance
  • some paranormal
  • chick lit
  • some mystery/thrillers

Books I Do Not Review

  • Non-Fiction
  • horror
  • erotica
  • history
  • biography
  • self-help
  • self-published (actually depending on the book I might accept)
  • historical fiction

Review Schedule: I do have a schedule that I try to keep in regards to the blog. I try to post at least 5-7 posts a week. I will be willing to adjust it should you require a review sooner.

Reviews of ARCs/Galleys: I have to say upfront that I don’t post any reviews of ARCs/Galleys until the book is published unless otherwise stated by the author or publicists.

Review Timeline: If you are sending me an ARC/Galley of a soon-to-be-released book my review will only be posted once the book is published either that day or within that month. As for everything else I try to get my reviews up as soon as possible.

Compensation: I do not receive compensation for reviewing books. If you would like to advertise on my blog then please feel free to contact me at the above contact form.

Book Formats: I will read finish copies, Advance Readers Copies, Galleys, eArcs, and eGalleys. Depending on the ebook  I might be willing to review ebooks.

What happens to the ARCs/Galleys once I have finished reading them?  I do not sell the ARCs/Galleys that are sent to me for review, but I do pass them on to fellow bloggers or I keep them in my own personal library.

Blog Tours: I currently take part in  RockStar Book Tours, Xpresso Book Tours, Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours, and tours arranged by publishers.

Guest Posts & Author Interviews: If it’s something of interest I do allow this on my blog. I prefer unique guest posts.

I have noticed lately books seem to be getting lost in the mail (either within Canada Post or coming across the border) if you have sent a book and haven’t seen me post a review or showcased it in an In My Mailbox post then please contact me to see if I have received it yet.

That I also accept products to test as well. If it’s something that I am interested in or I think my readers will be interested in then I will agree to take part. Please feel free to contact me at the above address with “Product Testing” in the subject line.

FTC Guidelines for Blogging and Endorsements:
In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Cindy’s Love of Books would like everyone to know that I purchase a majority of the books that I review, but you should know that some of the books reviewed here at Cindy’s Love of Books were provided by the publisher or the author for free and is mentioned in the reviews.

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