Glymm Bag July Edition

When I look at all the beauty box subscription services that I pay for monthly it always seems like there is two that is always consistent with shipping out when they say they will ship out and that is Topbox (which I posted last week) and Glymm (which I just got today).

A just in case your wondering what happened to my Loose Button edition posts well recently they changed their subscription service and they are now only going to be shipping out four times a year instead of monthly. I believe I will be getting that box in August some time.

Okay lets get back to Glymm shall we. Well I got my box today and I was excited because I got notification on Friday that it was getting ready to ship and that my estimated delivery date  was today well low and behold when I checked my status I saw that it was out for delivery.

I have to say that I find that Topbox and Glymm seem to be consistent in shipping as well, I always get them when it says I get them. Which I can never figure out from Glossybox. Can anyone else figure that out?

As you can see there is no longer a box. Which I have to admit that I really miss. What do you think?

This month the make up bag is orange. Which is a nice summer color. I actually like the color as its bright and summery and perfect for the pool bag. Since getting this I have put it in our pool bag and its perfect for sun screen, a comb, wipes and some change to buy stuff at the canteen.

The bag sells for $12

Here is a sneak peek into this months Glymm bag. Oh I am so excited can’t wait to see what is inside.

I should also note that this month again there was no product card. So an FYI you should keep last months card handy to remember where to get your card. I mistakenly thought that it was on my Glymm profile and after looking for almost half an hour I went in search of last months contents and found the card.

The first item I pulled out was a product I have never heard of before called Social Butterfly Hair Perfume. It freshens up your hair. It smells really good. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but when I looked online its vanilla infused. I can see me using this especially in the summer. The full size is 50ml for $34 and the sample is 8ml for $5.44 and it says I should get about 50 sprays out of the sample.

Another new to me item is K-Pak Revitaluxe. This is suppose to restore and hydrate dry and damage hair. It smells really good  and I can see over the course of the summer using this alot. The full size is 150ml for $25 and I got a sample size of 50ml for $8.33. They said I should get 3 uses of this but I am possibly thinking you could get more then that.

When I was looking at the products online they said that this Dirt was suppose to be a sugar scrub but I got a salt scrub. So not sure if its the same thing or not. This is another new to me product. This is suppose to exfoliate your skin and give it a glow.

As you can see its all natural ingredients which I love. The full size is 12oz for $45 and I got 0.05oz for $1.90 This smells really good and I am excited to use it. There is only about two uses in this so I am curious to see how it will work.

I wasn’t sure what to make of this when I saw this in my bag. This is a new to me item and at first glance its from a sunscreen company. Its from Cyberderm a Canadian company. When I checked it out I found out that one tube is H2O Hydration (50ml for $125) and the other tube is PM Anti-Age. (50ml for $125). I have to say its very interesting packaging. You are suppose to get 10 uses from both of these. I am thinking there is about 5ml per tube $12.50 (give or take)

Also included was a little coupon for 25% off all nail polish on Glymm.

So this is what I got in my glymm bag this month. As you can see that it did pay for itself and this month is all new to me products that I am excited to try.

What did you get this month? What did you like? Didn’t like?

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