Glymm November Edition

I know I am a little late in getting this posted but here it is just the same.

I am a little disappointed in the bag this month and honestly since the made the switch to the make up bags its just isn’t the same. I feel that they probably could do so much with this but they seem to be keeping it safe.

This month we got a black printed bag with Glymm sewn onto the bag as you can see. Not a favorite of mine.
This is a new brand for me as I have never heard of them but on the upside its a Canadian company. Its called LYS Parisien Professionnel/ They sent samples of their shampoo and conditioner made with argan oil. They are suppose to counter the damaging affects of age and climate on your hair and scalp.

I started to use it and honestly I liked the smell but I thought it was making my hair dry while it was wet but once my hair dried it was soft and silky. Its only been a few days but I like it. Perha[s this would be something I would repurchase when I run out of my current stash.

The sample size is 60 ml for both of them and its $2.88 and the full size  for both is 500ml for $24.00

Dirt is something we have gotten before in a previous box and I still haven’t used it yet. This is an all natural sugar scrub that is sweet and spicy. It smells really nice and I am going to make an effort to use this.
The sample is 0.05 oz and the full size is 12oz for $45.00
This is an exclusive item and its another one I haven’t heard of before its The Beehive Scents. It comes in three scents Alice Blue, Honey Blossom and the one I got LuLu Lemondrop. I didn’t think I was going to like this but I did and its a perfect scent that reminds me of summer. One that I will be smelling when its -40 and dreaming of summer. The only downside is that I hate these kinds of bottles.You have to be careful when opening it.

The sample is 0.7ml for 0.25cents and the full size is 100ml for $35.00

 I have seen this around online and its The New Black nailpolish. I got the shade Gold Grenade. Hmm the name doesn’t really suit it since its not a gold color. As you can see its green. The above picture is taken in normal lighting.
This was taken near the window. So the full size is a package of 3 for $15.00 and a package of 5 for $24.00. Not sure what size those bottles are but my sample was 4ml.
So my impressions this month that is was just an okay bag. Nothing special or stand out about it but these are things I am curious about and will try them out.

What did you think of your bag?

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