Glymm Box May Edition

Well Glymm has gotten a new look I see. I have to say that I am really liking the gold in the name.

With the new look there also came a price change. It use to be $10/month but starting in May its gone up to $12/month. Thankfully since I am a active member my membership will remain at $10/month.

Another indication that I change was coming was a mention on their facebook page in a post about a limited edition Nylon Collection item. You could see from the picture that it was a make up bag. Hmm will this be a one time item or will be it be a monthly item? I am curious to find this out.

With the price change also came a whole new Glymm box look. The first think I noticed was the outer packaging of the white box with the orangish letters and the box was sealed with a piece of black sticker with Glymm all over it.

This is the sticker. What do you think of it? I like it but it sort of seemed out of place on the white box. Perhaps if the box was black it might have stood out more.

I have to say that opening the box this month was much easier and I noticed right away at how very light the box was and for me that’s not a good sign in my opinion. Would I like this months box?

This is what I saw when I opened the box.

The card on the top was GLYMM GOES GREEN. We love packaging but hate waste, so say hello to your new eco friendly GLYMM bag.

So does that mean this is will be coming each month?

Behind the card was some interesting facts about recycling.

Underneath that was the new monthly Glymm card.

What I like:

  • The black really looks nice with the gold lettering of Glymm.
  • The new card is bigger then previous ones
  • Lists products in the box.
  • Value of the full size product should you choose to purchase it.

About the product.

How the product works

If you get perfume samples it lists Top, Mid and Base notes which I kind of like since there are times I wonder what the smell is

Sample Usage, giving you an idea of how many times you can use the sample

What I don’t like:

  • I think the only thing that I don’t like about the card is that it shows “or” items. For example I got a Mereadesso Lip Treats lip balm and the “OR” item was Mereadesso Lip Treats lip balm with tint. So that means other subscribers got that item. Do I really want to know what other items were in the box that I didn’t get?  NO at least not before hand LOL I would rather find that out afterwards.

So this is how the make up bag was wrapped. It was nice to see this and that there was time taken out to package this and it wasn’t just placed in the box.

I think this picture shows the true color of the bag. Its a bright pink . Its your standard size make up bag and I do like this.

My only concern is if this is a monthly thing that means we will be getting at least 12 of these a year (roughly) and how many make up bags do we really need and use? At least with the boxes I have been using them for other things and I have them stacked on a shelf. So it will be interesting to see if this is a one time item or if it will be monthly. What do you think and feel about it?

The inside of the make up bag. Honestly this is where I got a little disappointed. From just the peak inside.

What did you think of yours?

CK Shock for Her (pink) Its labelled as a new product but I recently got this in a previous box (I wish I could remember which one) I actually like the scent of this and have used it several times. It was Nice to see what kind of notes were used in this such as pink peony (which I love) Full size is 50ml for $45. I got a sample size of 1.2ml for $1.08

CK Shock for Him (green) This was a nice scent, very masculine scent. I loved the notes that were in this one. Full Size is 50ml for $45 and I got a sample size of 1.2ml for $1.08

Coola Mineral Matte Cucumber Face Sunscreen. I liked that this was an organic sunscreen and that proceeds of the sale of this goes to the cancer research. Now the down side of this for me is that its a small sample that I will get four uses out of it and for me its not enough of a sample to really get a good feel of the product. I wish that they would have included another sample  so then you can get at least a week’s worth to try. I have sensitive skin so I don’t know if I could fully commit to a full size. Full size is 50ml for $36 and I got 5ml for $3.60

NUME HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner. This is actually an exclusive product Launch. I am excited to try this because I like trying new hair care products. The only down part is that I wish they would have included a shampoo. For me personally I like to have both to sample to see how the product fully works. I see on the back of the tube it says for best results follow with a mask.  Full Size is 250ml for $24.99 and I got 20ml $2.00

Mereadesso Lip Treats lip balm. This is a clear product. There was no taste to the lip balm. It went on really nice, no greasy feeling or waxy feeling. You can use this as a primer to double the wear time of lipstick, gloss or lip liner. Its nice on its own as well. Full size is a pack of 2 for $28.00 so I am presuming that I got one tube since its marked on the card as full size, $14.00.

Caudalie (right hand side) Gentle Buffing Cream. This was an editor’s pick. It had a nice smell and with this size sample you are suppose to get 15 uses out of it. I tried this and I noticed a difference. My face felt clean and soft. I felt like this was picked for me because it was for sensitive skin which I have. Full size is 60ml for $35 and I got 15ml $8.75

Caudalie (left hand side) Vinexpert Anti aging Serum Eyes and Lips. I always wake up with puffiness and I tried this and I noticed a slight difference and the dark circles seemed to fade a little more. It went on really nice and smooth and there was no smell to it. Full size is 15ml for $33 and I got 7ml for $15.40

Total worth of samples in the box: $45.91 (that’s not including $10+tax I paid for it)

I know I have said this time and time again and I really need to cut my ties but I keep holding out that it will get better. I want to support a local Montreal company but once again I am not overly impressed with the box, well actually bag since I feel as most of the samples could have been picked up at a pharmacy or other means. These aren’t deluxe samples in my opinion..

What do you think? Did you get the same things?

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