Glymm Bag October Edition


I am a little late in posting my Glymm Bag post as I usually try to post the day I get the bag but last week I had already planned my week out before hand so there was no room to post until this week.

Before I show you what I got in my Glymm Bag let me tell you a little bit about Glymm.

  • Its a Canadian monthly beauty box subscription service. Only available to Canadians.
  • Its $12 a month and its a recurring charge. You can pay monthly (like I do) or every 6 months or yearly.
  • They now offer a gift subscription.
  • There is no waiting list.
  • You can expect to receive 4-5 luxury samples (although they claim to offer deluxe sized samples)
  • Each month with Glymm you will recieve Glymm points (subscription, monthly product surveys, purchasing items in the Glymm store and referring friends) that you can in turn redeem when you are buying something in the Glymm Store.


With that being said lets get into this month’s October Glymm Bag shall we.

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we got a special edition bag called Pink Ribbon. The bag itself is valued at $12.00 and it came with this pink ribbon to wear.

You will also notice that Glymm listened to its subscribers and brought back the product cards. Can I just say that I love having this card again. It makes writing the posts so much easier instead of going between my blog and the Glymm site.

This is a sample size of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil. They sent this out to announce a special edition Mama Glymm Box coming out soon that is geared toward mothers and mothers to be. I have to say I am curious to find out more about this and who it will be geared towards.
This is a new to me company and products. Its Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme. Its a leave in hair treatment for dry hair. The card says you will get 5 uses out of it. I don’t hair dry hair thankfully so I might pass this on to someone who does.

Sample size: 2 oz for $9

Full Size: 59ml for $9, 237ml for $32 and 473ml for $58
When I did the conversion it worked out to be a full size sample at 59ml.
I have never  heard of this, Lash Card. This little card board card is suppose to prevent mascara from smudging and clumping. Sadly this isn’t something I could see me using as it looks to be just something that would be awkward to hold while I was putting on my mascara. What do you guys think? Apparently you will get four uses from this two pack Lash Card.

Sample is 2 Lash Cards for $1.40 (that’s for the two of them)

Full Size is  a box of 10 for $6.99
Another new to me brand is Femme Couture. They graciously sent us a full size of their Lightening Lash Mascara. It will build your lashes without the clumping and last all day and night. I haven’t opened this yet since open mascara only lasts 6 months. Hopefully I will get to it soon. I got the shade Blackest Black.
Full size is 11.3g for $14.00
In a previous box I received products from Cyberderm (they sent some skin care items in those syringe looking packaging).  This time they sent these little tubes of H2O Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip. You are suppose to use the Hydration before the Sun Whip.

Sample size: No idea what size these are (but they aren’t deluxe)

Full Size: Hydration: 50ml for $60.00 and Sun Whip 50ml for $38.00

With the hydration you are suppose to get 10 uses and the Sun Whip 2 uses

So my thoughts this month are so so. Its not one of my favorite beauty subscription services and the products did pay for the subscription. The bag is super cute and the mascara and baby oil will be used the most. I will give the Cyberderm a try but really don’t see me using the lash Card or the Baby Buttercreme.

What did you guys think of your Glymm bag this month?

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