Glymm June Edition

Last week I got my Glymm box and noticed instantly that it was fairly light which I have to say is never a good sign. Its like those acceptance letters into university.Thick ones are good news and thin ones are bad news. Right?

Upon opening the box I realize that the Glymm boxes are a thing of the past and sadly I really miss those boxes because I was able to reuse them for so many things especially on my dresser where I put my daily make up in and one under my desk to hold my signed bookmarks.

So instead of the box we are now getting make up bags. I really like this blue one and its the same as the one I got last month with the excpetion that its a bright pink to match the box. I have to say that I am not a fan of the make up bags because really how many make up bags does one person need? I know I said this last month and it will really suck if this will be the new trend instead of the boxes.

Actually I am happy that this months is blue because I have accidentally lost my pink one from last month. Not sure if I left it in NYC or what but I can’t find it and I know I used it while I was there to put some stuff in it.

The bag has a value of $12 (just the bag alone) and this is the season’s hottest shade.

This is an inside peek into the bag and as you can see not much there and sadly with this size of a make up bag I really don’t see us getting full size products anymore and that they are going to be little sample sized products. If this is the case I think that Glymm needs to re word their description of the products we will be getting because they aren’t deluxe sized.

So lets get into the bag shall we. As you can see not much and yea I am disappointed. I know I will be getting comments about this but honestly I am paying $10/month and I would love to get products that I can’t pick up at a pharmacy or Sears or Bay. Seriously would you pay $10 for an eyeshadow that didn’t have an eyeshadow in it?

Another change in the Glymm was the fact that they are no longer sending out product cards so now everything is online.

-La Fresh Acetone-free nail polish remover pads. I like the idea of this because its 100% biodegradable, it saves water, its natural ingredients and its cruelty free. I have never heard of this before  but I think its a great idea. Apparently one pad will remove and condition all 10 nails and they are scented with fresh Tuscan orange. The full size is 18 pads for $9.99 so I got to pads for $1.11 (roughly 0.56 cents each) This is an exclusive item in the box.

-ltls Dream fragrance. This is another exclusive item. The spray was filled and it said you could get about 35 sprays from it. I like the scent of it, its very fruity and floral. Just the scents I like. I would say this could be a day time scent as well as a night time one. The longer I wear it the more I am liking the smell. Full size is 60ml for $54 and I got perhaps 5ml for $4.50 *

-Perfect Skin Solutin. Its a vitamin & Sea serum its 100% natural blend of vitamin E and essiential oils.There is no chemicals in it (NO dyes/frangrances/synthetics/silfates/parabens/silicones or chemicals). I have never heard of this before getting it and curious to try it out. Full size is 45ml for $68 and I think I got a sample of 1.2ml for $1.81* There is enough to get about 5 uses from it.

The next items which I am excited to use and have been is the Duo Lipstick Harmony(Duo Lipstick: 2 in 1 refillable Lipstick and Balm). One end is a lipstick (soft pink) and its a very nice soft shade for me which I like because I am not big into the darker shades. The refills are $10 each.

The other end is a lip balm. Which I have used and its not sticky. There really wasn’t a taste to the balm and I really like how the tube works. Its great if you have other tubes as you can mix and match your colors for an evening out or a day out. Perhaps if you want a going from day to night look without going home you can slip in another shade. This would be perfect for vacations and you don’t have to lug tubes of lipstick with you. This is a full size product of 3.4g for $20 and it will last up to 16 months. The shades it comes in is Soft Pink, Natural Earth, Elegant Maroon and Intense Red.

-Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream. I have never heard of this before. Its an exfoliating and moisturizing cream. I liked the smell of this. Sadly with the price tag of $115 for 50ml is a little intimidating for me but on the upside a portion of the sales goes towards the Christopher Reeve Foundation. I got a small sanple of about 10 to 14 uses. Perhaps its about 5ml of product for about $11.50 (its hard to tell since it wasn’t marked)*

A rough total of this months box is:$ 50.92 (give or take since the ones with * are rough guesses) This basically paid for the bag but I still feel as though I’m not getting what I paid for. Are we being to picky?

What did you get? What did you think of yours? Mine?

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