Glymm Bag September Edition

In case you are new to my blog I thought I would tell you want Glymm is. Glymm is a monthly beauty subscription box that is currently only available to Canadians. Their office is here in Montreal, Quebec.

You will receive 4-5 deluxe sample sized beauty products from the best brands. They have now switched to putting your products in a make up bag which is suppose to reduce waste and be more eco friendly. Its $12 a month and its a recurring charge. I think if you subscribe to the year its cheaper but I prefer paying monthly just in case I ever want to cancel it. You also collect loyalty points that can be redeemed for products on the site.
Please note that all my Glymm boxes are purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with them and my posts are my honest and sincere opinion. I was in no way compensate for my thoughts.
I got my Glymm back on Tuesday (18th) and I had no knowledge of when it was coming because I never received any email confirmation. I have to admit that I did see some sneak peaks before getting my bag this month and I was a little disappointed.
I tried to do a vlog but my camera kept shutting off on me so it will be pictures this time around again. In all honestly I think this is better because in the vlogs you could see my disappointment and I don’t want to be a downer in them.

As you can see this months Glymm bag is white and its like the black one I got last month. I am not to thrilled with the white bag and I thought they would have gone with a more fall like bag. The retail value of the bag is supposedly $12.00 Canadian. You could say that this technically pays for the box (since I have been a subscriber before the price change I only pay $10/month) but in all honesty I don’t go out to purchase a new make up bag monthly and I am pretty loyal to the ones I have now so to get a new one each and every month is a bit of a waste for me.

This is the contents of the bag. Sorry its a little blurry.

Waterproof Makeup Remover from LA Fresh. This is something I will  try out and I love that is biodegradable, alcohol and cruelty free. This is perfect to toss in your make up bag if your going away for a weekend and don’t want to pack alot.

Full Size: 24 wipes for $9.99
Sample : 2 wipes for $0.83

EVOLVh Ultra Shine  Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. One of the things I noticed right away was that its sulfate free, paraban free, sodium chloride free, keratin safe, color safe, its not tested on animals and its vegan.

I have never heard of this before so it might be fun to try a new shampoo and conditioner. Plus I love it that they are listening to us and including both a shampoo and conditioner. Nothing worse then getting a sample to try when you only get one. I love having both to get a feel of the product. Plus I think I could get at least two weeks worth of washing my hair with them.

Full Size: Shampoo 8.5oz for $24.00 and Conditioner 8.5oz for $25.00 (seriously whats up with the price difference?)
Sample : Shampoo 2 oz for $5.68 and Conditioner 2oz for $5.88

This is an exclusive item in this month’s bag. Its the Super Moisturizing Face Cream for Girls. This is a  high-quality super moisturizing face cream for girls and its made from 100% natural active ingredients: apple, prickly pear, strawberry, kiwi, kigelia africana and macadamia oil. I am curious to try this out. On the website they said I could get 7 uses from it although I’m not quite sure.

Full Size: 30ml for $19.99
Sample: 3ml for $2.00

Another new to me product is Dulce En Fuego Whipped Body Crème. I have never heard of them before but I have to say I am excited to try this out more. I loved the smell of it and it smells like fall baking.

This is what the site says:

Musky bitter chocolate sweetened with vanilla and touches of citrus then positively inflamed with black pepper and nutmeg will always leave you wanting more.

Doesn’t that sound good? I will probably use this on my hands and any rough dry spots. They said you can get up to three uses from this and its recommended you use up within two months.

Full Size: 177ml for $15.75
Sample: I would think roughly 10ml $0.89. Its not marked on the jar but its not alot.

Total Value of the box: $ 27.28 (roughly) You could say that the box did pay for itself.


I am still on the fence with Glymm but sadly I am thinking the time is getting limited with our relationship and I think I will have to cut the strings soon.

Some of the reasons I am thinking of ending it:

  • I have had a few awesome packages but sadly they were few and fair between.
  • I felt as though they never really lived up to the deluxe sized samples and more so when they switched from the box to the make up bags.
  • The monthly make up bags, I liked it at first but really how many make up bags do you need?
  • Since switching to the bag we no longer get full sized products.
  • Not enough make up.
  • No monthly product card, they email you to let you know when its up online

Do you get the Glymm bag? If so what do you think?

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