Topbox September Edition

If your new to my blog you might be wondering what Topbox is, well its a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service tube. Yea that’s right its shipped in a tube. Isn’t it pretty. It comes wrapped up in brown paper. These make perfect storage containers and look so pretty sitting on a shelf or dresser etc.

Its $10 a month and you can expect to receive at least 4 deluxe sized samples and you occasionally get a full size product as well. I have gotten more in the past but the least you will ever get is four products.

Before beginning my review I should let you know that I was in no way compensated for my review. This is a monthly subscription service that I pay for monthly.


This month I received my Topbox a little later the usually. Not sure what happened but its okay. The first thing I noticed right away was how light the tube was. Topbox was been pretty consistent with there boxes and I realize you can’t always have a great box and I think I can probably count on one hand how many times its been a lousy month. So that is a pretty good record.

Since starting topbox they have always been consistent like I said. They have remained with the same packaging with the exception of the tube you have the choice of what you want to receive, this pretty one or a plain recycled one and I love the printed ones and I think the only recyclable one I have (that was a special tube) is used to store change.

So lets get into this months tube shall we.

I am loving the Benefit line and always thrilled when I can get a product to try. This month I am lucky enough to try the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I have been using this pretty much every day and I really like it. I know I shouldn’t have opened it up since I have others to use before this one but I wanted to try something different.

The full size is 8.5 g for $29 (sadly as much as I like this, I don’t see me buying it when it runs out, I just can’t justify spending that on a tube of mascara.) The sample we got was 3.0g for $10

 This is something that is new to me, I have never heard of this perfume before. Balenciaga Paris: L’essence by Balenciaga Paris.  I wasn’t sure on the scent at first so I had to check it out. The card said that this is a sequel and a new beginning. A leathery violet fragrance, a new contemporary elegance. I found this to be a little strong at first but then as it wore on I loved it. I could see me wearing this day or evening. The only down part of this is the bottle I wish that it would have been a spray bottle instead

 The sample is 4ml for $9.00 and the full size 50ml for $110.00

I have been hearing amazing things about this and was almost tempted to go and buy it but thankfully Topbox almost read my mind and sent this Philosophy Purity made simple one step facial cleanser.

We got a sample size of 30ml bottle for $4.50 and the full sizes are 90ml for $13 or 240ml for $26 . I think that is a pretty good price and I could see me going out to buy this when I finished it.

This is something I have gotten in the past from a previous box (sadly I don’t remember which one) and its the M. Asam Perfect Teint. I haven’t tried this out yet (or the previous sample) but hopefully soon I will try this out and since I have two (on hand) I am thinking that perhaps I need to.

Also include in the Topbox is the product card which I love getting because not all the time is the computer on and alot of subscription services is doing away with it and I really hope that Topbox doesn’t.

On the flip side of the card was this:

I am hoping to grab this soon although I might pass this one to a friend since I don’t get downtown all that often and to make the trip to get this is a little crazy since I would be relying on public transportation.

So this month I have to say that this months box has a value of $27.70. That is a pretty good value considering I paid $10 for it and there is some stuff that I am excited to try and use.

Did you get Topbox? What did you think this month?

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