Topbox February Edition/Guest Post

In January I believe Topbox announced that they were going to be doing something a little different with their montly boxes. Its called the Prive Boxes. In January you got to select one of the following three: Benefit, Lippy Girl or the Miracle 10. If none of those appeal to you then you would get the normal regular box.

I think the prive boxes were sent fairly early compared to the regular boxes although I can’t be 100%  sure of that.

I didn’t receive any tracking info until my box (aka tube) was delivered. I had no idea what I would be getting because no one was notified. Do I like the idea of the prive box, I guess it would depend on what they were offering.

This month I am thrilled with the box becauseI was chosen to receive the Benefit tube and I am absolutely thrilled I actually didn’t think I was going to get one. I am so happy with what I got and there is a few new items for me to try that I have always been wanting to try.

The Benefit box has a Chinese New Year theme and I think one of the reasons it was sent early is because various Sephoras and Shopper Drug Marts are doing promos in the store. Oh how I wish there was one closer to me that is taking part.

Its the year of the Snake and now I’m one who generally shows away from reptiles but this one is super cute. I am actually going to display this tube on my dresser because its that cute.

I was thrilled when I opened the tube and saw all these amazing goodies tumble out.

Inside the tube was a product card like in previous boxes, along with a card from Benefit informing us Topboxers where events were taking place, and a envelope with a sample of Fine One One. I have been hearing so many things about this that I actually want to purchase it. Its basically just a very small sample that you can use to brighten your cheeks and your lips giving you an instant lift, shape and pop. I am really curious about this and I think the next time I am in Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart I am going to ask about this and how does it work. I like multipurpose items. The fill size is 8g for $36.

Other items in the box are:
~POREfessional in a 7.5ml tube. The full size is 22ml for $34. This is suppose to minimize the appearance of pores. It can be worn under and over make up which I love and looking forward to trying this out.
~Total Moisture Facial Cream in a 8.9g jar and the full size is 48.2g for $42. The jar is super cute and it smells really nice. I am excited to try this as I have another Benefit facial sampler from a previous box that I would like use with this.
~Benetint in a 2.5ml sample and the full size is 12.5ml for $36. I have seen this but never purchase it because honestly the red scares the heck out of me. Its a lip and cheek stain.
~Finally the last item is the Dandelion Gloss and Powder pack. First thing I will talk about is the gloss. Its a sample size of 6.5ml and the full size is 15ml for $18. I actually already have this one because I bought the Benefit lip Gloss collection last year and I love it so having this one is really nice and I can throw it in my purse to use during the day.
Something I have honestly been eyeing is the Brightening face powder. It looks like a pretty shade and I am so excited to try it out. The sample size is 3.0g and the full size is 7g for $36
So what did you think of the February box? Was it worth the $14 fee? I am really pleased and thrilled I got it but I am wondering what will be February’s pick and if I will get what I want again or will it be a regular box.
Thanks Cindy for allowing me to be a part of your blog and allowing me to share what I got this month in my Topbox.
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Top Box January Edition/Guest Post

I just want to thank Cindy for allowing me to share with her and her readers what I get in my monthly Top Box. Please check back monthly to see what I got and let me know what you think.

This month, Top Box has started something new that I am really excited about. Starting in February the monthly subscribers will get to choose if they want to receive the regular Top Box or a limited edition box called the Prive Box.

There will be a limited amount of Prive Boxes available and its done in a draw like format where you would say that yes I would like to receive the Prive box. You will have no idea what you get until you receive your Top Box.

This month I believe all the subscribers got this Clinique Beauty Box. There was a few different boxes being sent out and I got the Repair Wear Laser Focus.

As you can see the tube is different this month as well and you can’t really tell in the picture but its a very light purple.

Inside the box was filled with a few Clinique products such as:

  • Clarifying Lotion #2 for Dry Combination Skin. When I saw the bottle I was thinking a lotion since it says that but it wasn’t. It was a liquid. I got a sample size of 60ml. The full size is 200ml for $16 and 400ml for $27.
  • Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent.  Is it just me or does anyone else freak when they see the word solvent on a label? I will try it just the same. I got a sample size of 60ml and the full size is 125ml for $25
  • Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector. This is a new to me item and I am curious about it although I am hoping not to like it because its so expensive. I got a sample size of 7ml and the full size is 30ml for $57 and 50ml for $80
  • Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo. I was super excited about this and more so with the colour I got, Strawberry Fudge. When I saw some unboxings of this months box and the colours that were sent I was like I want that Strawberry Fudge one. So I am thrilled that I got it. The sample I got was 1.6g and the full size is 2.5g for $25 so its about half the size of the full size item.

When I swatched the colors I was impressed. The pink is more of a sheer color and the brown is really nice color as well. These will look great together. I love the packaging of the box which will be perfect to use as a mirror.

Overall I thought this was an okay box nothing special in my mind since its items I haven’t used before but will try. The one item I am thrilled about is the eye shadow duo.

What do you think of this month’s box?

I am off to get some Napoleon ice cream since this reminds me of that. Until next month have a great month and stay pretty.

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Topbox December Edition

I got my December Topbox and honestly I am not impressed at all and I am not the only one who wasn’t impressed this month.

If you are reading this and feel completely different about it please don’t leave any negative comments because they will be deleted. I am fed up with the pm’s and snide comments I have been getting on facebook about this.

We are all entitled to our own opinions and this is mine. Topbox is now $12/month and we are suppose to get 4 deluxe beauty samples with the possibility of full size items.

Now on to the December box. This month the box was in a red printed paper which I thought was rather nice.
Now onto the items. From previous boxes (not specific to topbox but from the various others) I got: ~Chloe eau to parfum sample (full size is $ 90 for 50ml or $115 for 75ml / sample size is $9.00 for 5ml) Its got a nice powdery scent but its not a favorite so its not something I would reuse.
~Another item I have gotten in a previous box is the Ferro Cosmetics blush x3 mineral pigments (meaning 3 in 1 color for lips, cheeks and eyes. I got it in the shade Bashful. What annoys me is that its suppose to be an exclusive item for Topbox but I have gotten in a previous beauty box. As you can see its a nice shade and I can see me using it for eyes and perhaps cheeks. The packaging was awful because its a loose powder it goes every where especially when you open it. (sorry I don’t have pricing info on this and honestly I am too annoyed to go and look online for it)
~An item I am not familiar with is Goldwell. They sent a Hot Form Spray. I don’t use hot tools on my hair because its thick and I tend to wear a pony tail or bun and it hair dries to avoid the frizz.  The full size is $20.95 for 150ml and the sample is $4.19 for 30mls
~At least one thing I am excited for and its the China Glaze Purr-Fect Plum which I have to say is very holiday-ish in color and its something I am currently wearing and like. The color is very nice and it goes on very nice and I didn’t notice any chipping for at least a day or two and currently I have had it on for almost a week and the only chipping I see is on the very tips on some of my fingers. This is a full size item at $10-$12 for 14ml
This is the Ferro Cosmetics 3 in 1.
For me getting two items I have gotten in a previous box isn’t much fun  and an item that I have no desire in using because I am finicky on what I put in my hair. I honestly thought that there was no rhyme or reason to this box and they basically were clearing out their stock and trying to get rid of stuff.

I was hoping for a better holiday box and thought that they would have gone all out but since increasing the monthly fee and adding way to many subscribers they are slowly going down hill. This has never been my favorite box and I was always holding out but I think its time that I finally cut the apron strings and let this little guy go.

What did you think of your box? Any plans on canceling? What do you think?
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Topbox November Edition

Just a heads up that this will probably end up being a rant post and I really hope that this won’t be the trend for the rest of the beauty boxes this month.
I am really not happy with this months box. I was kind of expecting a box with a little more to it since Christmas is coming and I am hoping that December’s will be filled with all kinds of goodies. Otherwise I am probably going to cancel it.
This month I stuck with the standard box that is printed cause I personally like them more and it looks so nice sitting on a shelf.
This month we once again got samples from B. Karmins. They are a Canadian company. They sent  Nia-Stem Moistirizer Kx. Its an anti-aging moisturizer. The full size is 50ml for $125
Also included was Nia-Stem Serum Kx and its an anti-aging serum. The full size is 30ml for $135.

The samples are rather small and not sure how many uses you can actually get out of this and I honestly probably won’t try them because I am worried about trying brands I am unfamiliar with on my face since I had that allergic reaction to another skin care product.

An item I was happy to try was the Cuccuo Naturale butter Blend.  Its a moisturizing lotion and I liked this. It left my skin silky and smooth. It wasn’t greasy. It was a nice smell. The full size is 240 g for $18.95. I got it in the scent of pomefranate & Fig
Now here is where my rant will begin. Topbox had mentioned that we were going to get holiday shades and can someone honestly tell me that this is a holiday shade? Its describe on the site as:


 I find this to be more of a summer shade is it not? Anyways I went on their facebook page to voice my opinion and bascially they weren’t reading what I was saying and would reply back with try it you will love it and I said I would love it had it been sent to me in the spring, this isn’t a holiday shade in my opinion.

I wore it for a day to get some opinions and basically I was told the same thing that they would wear this in the summer and not winter. Its far to bright for my white hands in the winter.

The set is called Pandora’s Polish and Perfume and its a new product. As for the perfume as you can see it looks like nail polish in the very first picture. I put some on and hated the scent right away and as time went on the scent become aweful. This would be something I would never wear again.
Its described as:

For me this box wasn’t worth the money I paid for it since they did a price increase Iit was $10 and they increased it to $12). Sadly if the December box isn’t any better this will be one box I will end up canceling. I am a little turned off by not only the box but the response I got on facebook from them in regards to my concern.

What did you guys think of it?

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Topbox September Edition

If your new to my blog you might be wondering what Topbox is, well its a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service tube. Yea that’s right its shipped in a tube. Isn’t it pretty. It comes wrapped up in brown paper. These make perfect storage containers and look so pretty sitting on a shelf or dresser etc.

Its $10 a month and you can expect to receive at least 4 deluxe sized samples and you occasionally get a full size product as well. I have gotten more in the past but the least you will ever get is four products.

Before beginning my review I should let you know that I was in no way compensated for my review. This is a monthly subscription service that I pay for monthly.


This month I received my Topbox a little later the usually. Not sure what happened but its okay. The first thing I noticed right away was how light the tube was. Topbox was been pretty consistent with there boxes and I realize you can’t always have a great box and I think I can probably count on one hand how many times its been a lousy month. So that is a pretty good record.

Since starting topbox they have always been consistent like I said. They have remained with the same packaging with the exception of the tube you have the choice of what you want to receive, this pretty one or a plain recycled one and I love the printed ones and I think the only recyclable one I have (that was a special tube) is used to store change.

So lets get into this months tube shall we.

I am loving the Benefit line and always thrilled when I can get a product to try. This month I am lucky enough to try the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I have been using this pretty much every day and I really like it. I know I shouldn’t have opened it up since I have others to use before this one but I wanted to try something different.

The full size is 8.5 g for $29 (sadly as much as I like this, I don’t see me buying it when it runs out, I just can’t justify spending that on a tube of mascara.) The sample we got was 3.0g for $10

 This is something that is new to me, I have never heard of this perfume before. Balenciaga Paris: L’essence by Balenciaga Paris.  I wasn’t sure on the scent at first so I had to check it out. The card said that this is a sequel and a new beginning. A leathery violet fragrance, a new contemporary elegance. I found this to be a little strong at first but then as it wore on I loved it. I could see me wearing this day or evening. The only down part of this is the bottle I wish that it would have been a spray bottle instead

 The sample is 4ml for $9.00 and the full size 50ml for $110.00

I have been hearing amazing things about this and was almost tempted to go and buy it but thankfully Topbox almost read my mind and sent this Philosophy Purity made simple one step facial cleanser.

We got a sample size of 30ml bottle for $4.50 and the full sizes are 90ml for $13 or 240ml for $26 . I think that is a pretty good price and I could see me going out to buy this when I finished it.

This is something I have gotten in the past from a previous box (sadly I don’t remember which one) and its the M. Asam Perfect Teint. I haven’t tried this out yet (or the previous sample) but hopefully soon I will try this out and since I have two (on hand) I am thinking that perhaps I need to.

Also include in the Topbox is the product card which I love getting because not all the time is the computer on and alot of subscription services is doing away with it and I really hope that Topbox doesn’t.

On the flip side of the card was this:

I am hoping to grab this soon although I might pass this one to a friend since I don’t get downtown all that often and to make the trip to get this is a little crazy since I would be relying on public transportation.

So this month I have to say that this months box has a value of $27.70. That is a pretty good value considering I paid $10 for it and there is some stuff that I am excited to try and use.

Did you get Topbox? What did you think this month?

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Topbox August Edition

I am super excited for the August Topbox because I have been stalking looking at their facebook page and I was seeing alot of comments of people loving their box this month so I was excited to find out what I got.

Sadly this was another month where Canada Post messed up and I ended up getting my box much later then expected. You are probably noticing that I am posting this later then normal as well but that was because Topbox was a few days late in sending them out (which I believe is a first for them) because they were waiting for a sample.

As you can see I went with the traditional box just because I like it much more then the recycled one and it looks much prettier sitting on my shelf. These make great containers to put little things in on your dresser or shelf.

I noticed right away when I picked up this tube that it was heavier then normal. I have to say that as soon as I brought it in I tore into this box because I was so curious to see what I got.

This is what greeted me right away. Isn’t this great? I have heard of Nexxus before but never used it so I was curious to see what they sent.

The bonus item was this shampoo and conditioner from Nexxus (I love when companies send both because this way you truly get a feel for what the product will do to your hair.) The shampoo is Therappe luxurious hydrating (89ml) and the conditioner is Humectress ultimate hydrating (89ml). I really like the smell of these and can’t wait to try them out.

Cost of Sample: Shampoo $2.22 (full size is 400ml for $9.99)  Conditioner is $3.34 (full size is 400ml for $14.99) = $5.56

I recently had the chance to try a Chloe perfume and I really liked it and I think this is a great alternative to perfume. I really like this light scent and I can see me wearing on days I don’t want to wear a perfume. When I put some on I instantly thought this is a great summer scent and I am sure it will come in handy when its -40 and you need that list boost of summer feeling.

Cost of Sample: $9 for 30ml (full size is 200ml for $60)

I am slowly building up my brush collection and its nice to get another one. This one is from Expression and its a round crease brush. I like the feel of it, it was soft and it seems well made and will be quite useful. I know this will be used alot and can’t wait to start using this.

Cost of Sample: $16 This is actually a full size product.

This is a new to me product its called Pink Wipes and its biodegradable, paraben free and hypoallergenic pH balanced feminine wipe. Hmm not sure how I feel about this but I will try it out just the same.

Cost of Sample: $0.80 (full size is $12 for 15 wipes)

Another new to me product is this Kellett Skincare and its an clarifying acne treatment. I have a tendency to break out (around the chin area) so this is perfect and I actually have a little bit starting so I have started to use it. I will keep you posted on this and let you know how it works. I like the packaging of this.

Cost of Sample: $15 (full size is $75 for 50ml)

I have to say at first I was like oh no another perfume sample but once I opened the box I was like this is too cute. I love the bottle. Isn’t that butterfly bottle topper to cute? I love the smell of this and I know I will be wearing this all the time. Its made with jasmine and juicy red berries.

This is actually the full size bottle on the left isn’t it too cute? I have actually put it on my wishlist for Christmas. I love the scent. This could possibly be my next favorite perfume.

Cost of Sample: $2.53 (full size is $79 for 50ml or $105 for 100ml)

Total Sample Value: $48.89  and I paid $10 + tax for this box so as you can see value wise,  the box paid for itself and these are actually products I will be using and are using and I do consider these deluxe samples.

I am always impressed with Topbox and enjoy this box. What did you get this month?

I also wanted to mention that starting September I will be making vlogs of my beauty box unboxings. So these posts will include the vlog, pictures and the basic above post. Let me know what you think about that.

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Topbox July Edition

Today (Friday) I got my July Topbox. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my tracking info saying that my box was shipped and to expected it technically yesterday. (In case this confuses you, Topbox has asked that all reviews be held off until today, Wednesday.)

Now this is where I get a little confused because when ever I get the tracking info for Topbox I usually get it when they say I am going to get it unlike the other boxes I subscribe to and get each month. I have noticed that I never get tracking info until the box has been picked up by Canada Post unlike the other boxes which lately I have been finding annoying.

Anyways onto my topbox for July. I have opted to receive this style of box each month instead of the recyclable one. I just prefer this one much more since its decorative and looks nice sitting on top of shelf or on a dresser.

As I was opening the box I noticed that it was fairly light compared to past boxes and seeing as I was one of the first to get their box I had no idea what was in the box or rather tube.

This was going to be the element of surprise. I was excited to see what was in this months box.

Peeking in you can see there isn’t much inside. No full size products oh no this can’t be good, right?

So slowly I started to pull the cards out because for me I love reading them before seeing the products.

I know there are some who don’t like doing that until after its unboxed but to each their own right?

The first thing I pull out is something that is new to me, its called Pure + Simple. Its a calming cucumber mask. Its an all natural skin calmer. It includes all natural ingredients.

The full size is 50ml for $25.25 and the sample I got was 20ml for $10.10. (Isn’t that just weird?)

It comes out really nice and its a gel. I noticed a slight smell to it and the only thing that I don’t really like is that there is no instructions on how to use this product and had to go to the website to find out how to use this.

This is a product that I have had in a previous box and its the NuMe Hydro punch hydrating shampoo.

The full size is 250ml for $24.99 and I got 20ml for $2.00

I know I have said this numerous times and I wish that these beauty boxes would send out a conditioner to go with it so that you get the full effect of the product.
Along with the shampoo NuMe also included a $100 gift certificate to use online for styling tools or hair extensions. I am actually thinking of using that for hair extensions because in a previous box I had gotten the hair extensions to try and just before going to BEA I went and had them put in and I loved them, granted it took some time to get use them but I like being able to add a pop of color to my hair without the commitment of dye.

Another item that was new to me was the Sampar Essentials ultra hydrating fluid.  Its a moisturizer for all ages and skin types.

I currently don’t know what it looks like or what it smells like because they came in those little foil packs and from the looks of it its just a one day use which is a bummer since you would like to try the product out a few times before judging it.

The full size is 50ml for $80 and from the looks of the packs I am thinking about 1ml for each pack so that would be roughly $3.20 for both.

The final product is China Glaze and I am excited to try this brand of nail polish since I have been hearing people rave about it. I have looked at the stores around me and can’t seem to find any but just noticed on the card it says available in salons so that would be why I haven’t found it.

This is a full size product 14ml for $10 to $12.

They said on the card this is a personalized shade but when I put it on its very bright. Very neon. Its the color of the pink highlighters is the best I can describe it.

I just a little swatch on my nail and I have to say that this is a shade I would wear on my nails perhaps toe nails but not finger nails as its just too bright and note really age appropriate for me.

The shade I got was Pink Voltage. I would be curious to find out what other shades were mailed out to the other Topboxers.

Please let me know if you get topbox and what color you got.

So for this month I have to say that this hasn’t been a favorite box of mine from topbox but as of right now its still the cheapest box at $10 a month.

I have no plans to cancel my subscription yet since this is one of the reliable boxes out there. It promises a beginning of the month delivery and nothing has delayed them yet and since its summer and things are a little slow and quiet that Topbox does deserve to have an off month.

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