Topbox July Edition

Today (Friday) I got my July Topbox. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my tracking info saying that my box was shipped and to expected it technically yesterday. (In case this confuses you, Topbox has asked that all reviews be held off until today, Wednesday.)

Now this is where I get a little confused because when ever I get the tracking info for Topbox I usually get it when they say I am going to get it unlike the other boxes I subscribe to and get each month. I have noticed that I never get tracking info until the box has been picked up by Canada Post unlike the other boxes which lately I have been finding annoying.

Anyways onto my topbox for July. I have opted to receive this style of box each month instead of the recyclable one. I just prefer this one much more since its decorative and looks nice sitting on top of shelf or on a dresser.

As I was opening the box I noticed that it was fairly light compared to past boxes and seeing as I was one of the first to get their box I had no idea what was in the box or rather tube.

This was going to be the element of surprise. I was excited to see what was in this months box.

Peeking in you can see there isn’t much inside. No full size products oh no this can’t be good, right?

So slowly I started to pull the cards out because for me I love reading them before seeing the products.

I know there are some who don’t like doing that until after its unboxed but to each their own right?

The first thing I pull out is something that is new to me, its called Pure + Simple. Its a calming cucumber mask. Its an all natural skin calmer. It includes all natural ingredients.

The full size is 50ml for $25.25 and the sample I got was 20ml for $10.10. (Isn’t that just weird?)

It comes out really nice and its a gel. I noticed a slight smell to it and the only thing that I don’t really like is that there is no instructions on how to use this product and had to go to the website to find out how to use this.

This is a product that I have had in a previous box and its the NuMe Hydro punch hydrating shampoo.

The full size is 250ml for $24.99 and I got 20ml for $2.00

I know I have said this numerous times and I wish that these beauty boxes would send out a conditioner to go with it so that you get the full effect of the product.
Along with the shampoo NuMe also included a $100 gift certificate to use online for styling tools or hair extensions. I am actually thinking of using that for hair extensions because in a previous box I had gotten the hair extensions to try and just before going to BEA I went and had them put in and I loved them, granted it took some time to get use them but I like being able to add a pop of color to my hair without the commitment of dye.

Another item that was new to me was the Sampar Essentials ultra hydrating fluid.  Its a moisturizer for all ages and skin types.

I currently don’t know what it looks like or what it smells like because they came in those little foil packs and from the looks of it its just a one day use which is a bummer since you would like to try the product out a few times before judging it.

The full size is 50ml for $80 and from the looks of the packs I am thinking about 1ml for each pack so that would be roughly $3.20 for both.

The final product is China Glaze and I am excited to try this brand of nail polish since I have been hearing people rave about it. I have looked at the stores around me and can’t seem to find any but just noticed on the card it says available in salons so that would be why I haven’t found it.

This is a full size product 14ml for $10 to $12.

They said on the card this is a personalized shade but when I put it on its very bright. Very neon. Its the color of the pink highlighters is the best I can describe it.

I just a little swatch on my nail and I have to say that this is a shade I would wear on my nails perhaps toe nails but not finger nails as its just too bright and note really age appropriate for me.

The shade I got was Pink Voltage. I would be curious to find out what other shades were mailed out to the other Topboxers.

Please let me know if you get topbox and what color you got.

So for this month I have to say that this hasn’t been a favorite box of mine from topbox but as of right now its still the cheapest box at $10 a month.

I have no plans to cancel my subscription yet since this is one of the reliable boxes out there. It promises a beginning of the month delivery and nothing has delayed them yet and since its summer and things are a little slow and quiet that Topbox does deserve to have an off month.

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