The Children’s Baking Book Review

The Children's Baking Book
TITLE: The Children’s Baking Book
AUTHOR: Densie Smart
PUB DATE: February 2010
PAGES: 128

With easy-to-follow step by step instructions sure to inspire children to bake up brownies, breads, pastries, muffins, cookies, cakes, and more, the Children’s Baking Book features more than fifty fabulous recipes guaranteed to stir any baker. Full-color photos of each tasty dish help kids understand what to do, and make it even easier to follow the fun recipes. With twists on old favorites and delicious new ideas, tips and advice on preparation and cooking, the Children’s Baking Book will help budding chefs become brilliant bakers!


This is a great cookbook for kids if they want to help you in the kitchen. We found the recipes to be easy and quick when looking that them. Plus from Michael’s reaction I am sure they are all stuff kinds want to eat.

We loved how the book was laid out with tons of pictures to accompany the recipe. Each recipe gives you the level of difficulty (easy, medium and hard), the quantity, prep and cooking times. Besides the title there is a little info about the recipe. Also very helpful was pictures of the ingredients and tools that you needed to  prepare kids for the recipe so that everything will be right here instead of havig to stop to get things. Plus there was Chef tips and variations with the recipes. The chef tips offer useful cooking advise and the variations so that you can mix it up some. With the variations tip if the recipe happens to call for an example of this is the Scones we plan to make for Easter. Instead of making plain scones we can make fruit ones just by adding raisins, currants etc.

The recipe  we decided to make was:

 We decided on this recipe to use up the apples we had sitting on the table. Michael helped to get all the ingredients together and the tools that we needed.

The only bad thing while we were preparing everything was the it called for 1oz (25g) of butter and 3oz (75g) of butter and I had to figure it out. I might have been a little off in my calculations. I checked the book to see if there was a conversion chart and there was nothing.

I peeled the apples and Michael chopped them up and put them in the casserole dish. In the bottom is the butterscotch mixture.

Michael loved making the crumble for the top.



This is what it looks like all assembled and getting ready to be baked.
Funny enough once this was done and in the oven my little helper vanished leaving me to clean up. Which I have to say I didn’t mind at all because not alot of stuff was used in making this.
Here is what it looked like once it was baked with vanilla ice cream. Made a great dessert after supper.

We are really looking forward to making many more recipes from this book so check back often when I share what we made.

If your looking for a cookbook to use with your kids then I highly recommend this to you.

Thanks to Chris at DK for sending this great cookbook our way. Michael is already planning what he wants to make next.

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Every Day Easy One Pot Review

Everyday Easy: One Pot
TITLE: Every Day Easy One-Pot
PUBLISHER: DK Publishing
PUB DATE: December 2009
PAGES: 224

Everyday Easy: One Pot is a one-stop cooking resource for delicious stews, soups, chilis, etc. Six “recipe choosers” at the start of the book act as an instant reference for cooks in a hurry. A useful techniques section covers all the preparation methods you may need step-by-step. Icons with each recipe indicate serving proportions, prep. time, cooking time, and – where relevant – low fat, low GI, special equipment, and freezability. Other handy extras include: “Prepare Ahead” information and “Good With …” tips.


I have to thank Chris from DK for sending me this great cookbook to read and review. I loved this cookbook and I know I will be using it alot in the very near future.

If you know DK you know that they make great books and this cookbook is no exception. I love a cookbook that has a photo to accompany it and this does as you can see in my picture:

As you can see on the recipe side of the page you have symbols which indicates the number of servings the recipe makes, how long it will take from prep to cooking, if you can freeze it, the equipement you will need to make it, some have a nutritional benefit and alerts.
Also include in the recipe book is useful information which talks about oven temperature, a freezer/refirgerator guide to let you know how long things can be kept for, volume and weight equialents.
Another featured I loved in the cookbook was the techniques section. They show you many things such as how to peel and chop garlic, seed and cut chilies, how to make stock, and more.
The cookbook is divided into five sections: budget, hearty, super quick, healthy and impress. All the recipes look very impressive and delicious when you see the photos with it. When looking at a cookbook you want to be able to make it cheap but yet still be hearty and healthy for us. I love super quick recipes because I hate spending alot of time making a meal and it was nice to see the vast selection of recipes in each section.
The first recipe I made from the book is called Chicken Paprikash which just happens to be a hearty Hungarian stew. I have always wanted to make this because my in laws are both Hungarian and my mother in law has made this on many occassions and we love it. This was good but just didn’t completely taste like my mother in laws. I would still make this recipe again.
As you can see in the above photo the ingredients are really simple and easy to find. The only thing that I did differently from the recipe was to substitute chicken thighs for chicken breast. If you wondering what that big bag of orange stuff is on  the left hand side, its Hungarian paprika. It came all the way from Hungary via my mother in law who goes back to Hungary every fall and brings back a huge amount for us.

I meant to take a picture of it once it was on our plates but we were so hungry that I forgot to snap a photo so this is actually taken when I was putting it away.

Chicken Paprikash can be served with potatoes, an egg noodle or any kind of pasta which is what my in laws use.

I am looking forward to discovering many new recipes from this book.

Thanks again Chris for sending this my way. I love it.

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The Rough Guide to New York City Review

TITLE: The Rough Guide to New York City
PUBLISHER: DK Publishing
PUB DATE: January 2009


The Rough Guide to New York City covers all five boroughs of this exhilarating city. The full-colour introduction showcases the city’s many highlights, from the art-deco masterpiece The Chrysler Building, to the acres of green at Central Park. Special features include ‘Ethnic New York’, a look at the city’s cultural past, and ‘New York Architecture’ detailing the world’s most famous skyline. This fully updated edition explores New York’s history and culture, includes detailed listings on everything from the city’s best shopping areas to its free summer activities, gives practical information on getting there and around, and reviews all the best accommodation and restaurants for every budget. With new and expanded maps, more photos than ever and that practical grittiness you’d expect from a Rough Guide, this is the must have companion to the cultural melting pot of New York City.Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to New York City.


Another huge Thank You goes out to DK Publishing for sending me this guide book to review. Please check back in June to see my review for this book.

I have to say first off that I really like the cover.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this book “The Rough Guide to New York City”. Hmm what does that mean?

When I first opened the book was a page with a map saying about this book. The book is divided up in sections called:
– Color Section-This will give you a feel of NYC suggesting when to go, what to see and what not to miss. Plus a list of contents and some basic info to read before arriving in the city.
-City Chapters- each area of NYC is covered with a list of attractions plus a listing of where to stay, eat, shop and more.
-Contexts- Will fill you in on the history, films, books. Then within it you will find color inserts which talk about the ethnic diversity of the city.

What I really enjoyd was they included a list of 19 things you must see when you get there. Such as: (these are things I want to see from their list)
-Empire State Building
-Central Park
-Statue of Liberty
-Grand Central Station
-Staten Island Ferry

I was looking into the city section and there is a map that is well labelled, a little history about the area, a write up of things to see and do.

I really enjoyed going through this book and looking forward to bringing it to NYC with me. This isn’t like the guide book I reviewed yesterday because its not covered with tons of colored photos but enough so that you get the feel of it. I thought it was well written and included the info that I needed.

Thanks again DK for sending me this. I think by the time I get to NYC I will be well prepared.

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Eyewitness Travel Guide New York City Review

TITLE: Eyewitness Travel: New York City
AUTHOR: Eleanor Berman (main contributor)
PAGES: 448
PUB DATE: January 2010
SOURCE: This book was sent to me from DK Publishing.


DK Eyewitness Travel’s full-color guidebooks to hundreds of destinations around the world truly show you what others only tell you. They have become renowned for their visual excellence, which includes unparalleled photography, 3-D mapping, and specially commissioned cutaway illustrations.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides are the only guides that work equally well for inspiration, as a planning tool, a practical resource while traveling, and a keepsake following any trip.

Each guide is packed with the up-to-date, reliable destination information every traveler needs, including extensive hotel and restaurant listings, themed itineraries, lush photography, and numerous maps.


A more detailed review will be appearing in June as I will be using this book when I go to New York City at the end of May.

I have to say right away how much I love DK books they are all so well done and put together. You can see this in all the books they make.

When I found out I was going to New York City I automatically went to my local library to borrow some travel guides to look and the one I ended up borrowing the most (and renewing)was Eyewitness Travel New York City. That edition was a 2006 edition. You can imagine the excitement when I received a package from DK and the 2010 edition was there. Yea you can say I did the happy dance.

This has become my travel bible for New York City. I have read it from cover to cover and used post its making things I would love to see and do, all of which won’t get done this time I am sure. I will be lucky if I can a mere 1/8 of the sites.

I loved that each section of New York is color coded by area. There are tons of color photographs in the book all of which are up to date and current. They have even include at the beginning of the book a how to use this guide so that you can get the most out of your trip.

In each section you will see Sights at a Glance (which can include historic streets & buildings, churches, modern architecture, monuments, parks & squares, landmark hotels, restaurants and stores), a mini map of the section you are in (which is well labelled) and a section on how to get there via the subway.

Another section which I like is Traveler’s Needs which includes places to stay (within any budget range), places to eat (also within any budget range), of course something near and dear to my heart shopping, where to find some entertainment ( how to get tickets, addresses for theaters, etc) and taking children to NYC (what to see and do).

For someone who has never been to New York City the Survival Guide was interesting to read. It was filled with practical information how getting around NYC, emergency numbers if you need them, using public transit (buses and subways) and so much more.

A huge Thank You to DK Publishing for sending me this travel guide. Looking forward to using it in May.

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New York Pocket Map & Guide Review

TITLE: New York: Pocket Map & Guide
PUB DATE: 2007
PAGES: 96 & Detailed pull out map


From the Rockefeller Centre to the Staten Island Ferry – the guide covers up to 200 sights and recommendations and slips easily into your pocket or bag.

Perfect for on-the-go navigation, discover New York’s best restaurants, bars and shops, opening times and transport information. Use the guide to decide your itinerary then plot your route using the fold-out map.

Everything you need to make the most of your city break or stopover.


Check back in May for a more detailed review of New York: Pocket Map & Guide. I am going to New York in May and that is when I plan on using my travel guide.

This is a great little travel guide that you can shove in your purse, pocket or back pack and not worry about it taking up alot of space.

When you first open the guide you notice a map of Manhattan and each area is broken down by colors and the page numbers of where to look in the book. Then within each section you will see a little map of the area that is labelled pretty well. You will also find sights at a glance and a brief description of the sites, places to eat and places to shop.

Also include with the book is a map. What I love about the map is that each area is color coded to match the book so you know what is where. The map is also a great size roughly a little bigger then 8×10. Nothing worse then being in the middle of a street with a huge map.

There is also a map if the Manhattan Subway should you need to use it instead of taxi’s all the time. Looking at it, it seems pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

Thanks to DK Pusblishing for sending me this great travel book and I am really looking forward to using it in May.

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Ask Me Anything Review

TITLE: Ask Me Anything: Every Fact you Ever Wanted to Know
AUTHOR: DK Publishing
PUB DATE: August 2009


An inventive and informative collection of lists, Q-and-As, and trivia, “Ask Me Anything “offers hilarious, hip, and hysterical facts in an ultra-accessible format. Want to know who the cuddliest carnivores are? Need to find the opening lines to a myriad of national anthems? Find the answers to these and thousands of other off-the-wall questions quickly and effortlessly with “Ask Me Anything.” It’s the wackiest and most wonderful collection of trivia ever.


As a parent with a child I am sure you must get asked:

How come the stars aren’t all the same?

Why does the moon change its shape?

Why does the wind blow?

Why are all dinosaurs different?

What do our bodies look like under the skin?

Plus so many other questions which I could go on asking. Sometimes you can answer your child with simple answers that you know and sometimes you get that hmm I don’t know. Well this book covers all the above and then some.

This is such a great book for Michael’s age and higher. He has asked me all kinds of questions and its nice to have Ask Me Anything to refer too. With simple answers and great photos. This is easily one of my favorite books.

We love DK books. They make the best books for children. We always borrow different kinds of DK books from the library and I think one of our favorites is one they do on trains.

So if you are looking for a gift to pick up the child who is always asking questions about everything and anything then this is the book for you.

Thanks to Chris from DK for sending us this great book.

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