Ask Me Anything Review

TITLE: Ask Me Anything: Every Fact you Ever Wanted to Know
AUTHOR: DK Publishing
PUB DATE: August 2009


An inventive and informative collection of lists, Q-and-As, and trivia, “Ask Me Anything “offers hilarious, hip, and hysterical facts in an ultra-accessible format. Want to know who the cuddliest carnivores are? Need to find the opening lines to a myriad of national anthems? Find the answers to these and thousands of other off-the-wall questions quickly and effortlessly with “Ask Me Anything.” It’s the wackiest and most wonderful collection of trivia ever.


As a parent with a child I am sure you must get asked:

How come the stars aren’t all the same?

Why does the moon change its shape?

Why does the wind blow?

Why are all dinosaurs different?

What do our bodies look like under the skin?

Plus so many other questions which I could go on asking. Sometimes you can answer your child with simple answers that you know and sometimes you get that hmm I don’t know. Well this book covers all the above and then some.

This is such a great book for Michael’s age and higher. He has asked me all kinds of questions and its nice to have Ask Me Anything to refer too. With simple answers and great photos. This is easily one of my favorite books.

We love DK books. They make the best books for children. We always borrow different kinds of DK books from the library and I think one of our favorites is one they do on trains.

So if you are looking for a gift to pick up the child who is always asking questions about everything and anything then this is the book for you.

Thanks to Chris from DK for sending us this great book.

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