Eyewitness Travel Guide New York City Review

TITLE: Eyewitness Travel: New York City
AUTHOR: Eleanor Berman (main contributor)
PAGES: 448
PUB DATE: January 2010
SOURCE: This book was sent to me from DK Publishing.


DK Eyewitness Travel’s full-color guidebooks to hundreds of destinations around the world truly show you what others only tell you. They have become renowned for their visual excellence, which includes unparalleled photography, 3-D mapping, and specially commissioned cutaway illustrations.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides are the only guides that work equally well for inspiration, as a planning tool, a practical resource while traveling, and a keepsake following any trip.

Each guide is packed with the up-to-date, reliable destination information every traveler needs, including extensive hotel and restaurant listings, themed itineraries, lush photography, and numerous maps.


A more detailed review will be appearing in June as I will be using this book when I go to New York City at the end of May.

I have to say right away how much I love DK books they are all so well done and put together. You can see this in all the books they make.

When I found out I was going to New York City I automatically went to my local library to borrow some travel guides to look and the one I ended up borrowing the most (and renewing)was Eyewitness Travel New York City. That edition was a 2006 edition. You can imagine the excitement when I received a package from DK and the 2010 edition was there. Yea you can say I did the happy dance.

This has become my travel bible for New York City. I have read it from cover to cover and used post its making things I would love to see and do, all of which won’t get done this time I am sure. I will be lucky if I can a mere 1/8 of the sites.

I loved that each section of New York is color coded by area. There are tons of color photographs in the book all of which are up to date and current. They have even include at the beginning of the book a how to use this guide so that you can get the most out of your trip.

In each section you will see Sights at a Glance (which can include historic streets & buildings, churches, modern architecture, monuments, parks & squares, landmark hotels, restaurants and stores), a mini map of the section you are in (which is well labelled) and a section on how to get there via the subway.

Another section which I like is Traveler’s Needs which includes places to stay (within any budget range), places to eat (also within any budget range), of course something near and dear to my heart shopping, where to find some entertainment ( how to get tickets, addresses for theaters, etc) and taking children to NYC (what to see and do).

For someone who has never been to New York City the Survival Guide was interesting to read. It was filled with practical information how getting around NYC, emergency numbers if you need them, using public transit (buses and subways) and so much more.

A huge Thank You to DK Publishing for sending me this travel guide. Looking forward to using it in May.

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