Every Day Easy One Pot Review

Everyday Easy: One Pot
TITLE: Every Day Easy One-Pot
PUBLISHER: DK Publishing
PUB DATE: December 2009
PAGES: 224

Everyday Easy: One Pot is a one-stop cooking resource for delicious stews, soups, chilis, etc. Six “recipe choosers” at the start of the book act as an instant reference for cooks in a hurry. A useful techniques section covers all the preparation methods you may need step-by-step. Icons with each recipe indicate serving proportions, prep. time, cooking time, and – where relevant – low fat, low GI, special equipment, and freezability. Other handy extras include: “Prepare Ahead” information and “Good With …” tips.


I have to thank Chris from DK for sending me this great cookbook to read and review. I loved this cookbook and I know I will be using it alot in the very near future.

If you know DK you know that they make great books and this cookbook is no exception. I love a cookbook that has a photo to accompany it and this does as you can see in my picture:

As you can see on the recipe side of the page you have symbols which indicates the number of servings the recipe makes, how long it will take from prep to cooking, if you can freeze it, the equipement you will need to make it, some have a nutritional benefit and alerts.
Also include in the recipe book is useful information which talks about oven temperature, a freezer/refirgerator guide to let you know how long things can be kept for, volume and weight equialents.
Another featured I loved in the cookbook was the techniques section. They show you many things such as how to peel and chop garlic, seed and cut chilies, how to make stock, and more.
The cookbook is divided into five sections: budget, hearty, super quick, healthy and impress. All the recipes look very impressive and delicious when you see the photos with it. When looking at a cookbook you want to be able to make it cheap but yet still be hearty and healthy for us. I love super quick recipes because I hate spending alot of time making a meal and it was nice to see the vast selection of recipes in each section.
The first recipe I made from the book is called Chicken Paprikash which just happens to be a hearty Hungarian stew. I have always wanted to make this because my in laws are both Hungarian and my mother in law has made this on many occassions and we love it. This was good but just didn’t completely taste like my mother in laws. I would still make this recipe again.
As you can see in the above photo the ingredients are really simple and easy to find. The only thing that I did differently from the recipe was to substitute chicken thighs for chicken breast. If you wondering what that big bag of orange stuff is on  the left hand side, its Hungarian paprika. It came all the way from Hungary via my mother in law who goes back to Hungary every fall and brings back a huge amount for us.

I meant to take a picture of it once it was on our plates but we were so hungry that I forgot to snap a photo so this is actually taken when I was putting it away.

Chicken Paprikash can be served with potatoes, an egg noodle or any kind of pasta which is what my in laws use.

I am looking forward to discovering many new recipes from this book.

Thanks again Chris for sending this my way. I love it.

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