In The Midst of it All Review

In the Midst of It AllTITLE: In the Midst of it All
AUTHOR: Tiffany L. Warren
PUB DATE: February 2010
PUBLISHER: Grand Central Publishing
PAGES: 320

All her life, Zenovia has struggled with the burden of caring for her schizophrenic mother, Audrey, alone. Until one day, God seems to offer support in the form of two members of a church called the Brethren of the Sacrifice, who knock at the women’s door preaching an unconventional version of the Gospel. Despite having questions, Zenovia agrees to join the church along with her mother. Soon afterward, Audrey stops taking her medication when fellow churchgoers deem her illness a demonic possession. Unable to watch her mother’s mental deterioration, Zenovia flees town, only to receive a fateful phone call several years later telling her of her mother’s suicide. Heartbroken, Zenovia must now make a soul-altering choice: accept “God’s will,” or return home to confront the demons she’s worked so hard to leave behind….


This is Tiffany’s fourth book. I got to read her third book last year called The Bishops Daughter and really enjoyed it so when I found out this was her newest book I knew I had to read this one. I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed reading it. It was a quick read once you started it. I had a hard time putting it down because it seemed like every time I tried something happened that left me wondering what would happen.

Zenovia otherwise known as Zee lives with her mother, Audrey. Audrey suffers from schrophrenia and is on medication to control it. Whenever they go out which isn’t very often because Zee is worried that her mother will have a hard time, so she keeps a close eye on her.

They haven’t been to church in awhile and are invited to attend a service at the Brethren. Its unlike any church service that Zee has been too. There are some strict rules at this church that are set up by the elders. Some of the things that they must obey after they are baptized into the church is that your not allowed to associated with a sinner, can’t attend university, etc. If you break these rules you will be shunned.

Zee quickly feels welcomed by the young people she meets and quickly forms bonds with then and even catching the eye of some of the guys in the church. She quickly forms a friendship with Tristian which devlops into a crush. She realizes that there will be nothing between them and he leads her to believe they are only best friends. When Emil catches her eye she is quickly mesmorized by him. He is the bad boy sorta. He is not baptized in to the Brethren.

Things quickly heat up between Zee and Emil. She realizes what she did was wrong and confesses her sins only to be an outcast. They break up and she has university to excape to in a few months. Away at univeristy she lives her life for her and its only until she accidently bumps into Justin (Tristian’s brother). She graduates from univeristy with only her cousin and Justin to watch her.

What will happen when Justin asks for a chance to be with her? When given the chance to return home how will Zee react? Will she be welcomed back?

Curious to know what happens? Then I suggest you pick up the book.

Thanks to Miriam at HBG for sending me a copy of In The Midst of it All to read and review.

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