The Children’s Baking Book Review

The Children's Baking Book
TITLE: The Children’s Baking Book
AUTHOR: Densie Smart
PUB DATE: February 2010
PAGES: 128

With easy-to-follow step by step instructions sure to inspire children to bake up brownies, breads, pastries, muffins, cookies, cakes, and more, the Children’s Baking Book features more than fifty fabulous recipes guaranteed to stir any baker. Full-color photos of each tasty dish help kids understand what to do, and make it even easier to follow the fun recipes. With twists on old favorites and delicious new ideas, tips and advice on preparation and cooking, the Children’s Baking Book will help budding chefs become brilliant bakers!


This is a great cookbook for kids if they want to help you in the kitchen. We found the recipes to be easy and quick when looking that them. Plus from Michael’s reaction I am sure they are all stuff kinds want to eat.

We loved how the book was laid out with tons of pictures to accompany the recipe. Each recipe gives you the level of difficulty (easy, medium and hard), the quantity, prep and cooking times. Besides the title there is a little info about the recipe. Also very helpful was pictures of the ingredients and tools that you needed to  prepare kids for the recipe so that everything will be right here instead of havig to stop to get things. Plus there was Chef tips and variations with the recipes. The chef tips offer useful cooking advise and the variations so that you can mix it up some. With the variations tip if the recipe happens to call for an example of this is the Scones we plan to make for Easter. Instead of making plain scones we can make fruit ones just by adding raisins, currants etc.

The recipe  we decided to make was:

 We decided on this recipe to use up the apples we had sitting on the table. Michael helped to get all the ingredients together and the tools that we needed.

The only bad thing while we were preparing everything was the it called for 1oz (25g) of butter and 3oz (75g) of butter and I had to figure it out. I might have been a little off in my calculations. I checked the book to see if there was a conversion chart and there was nothing.

I peeled the apples and Michael chopped them up and put them in the casserole dish. In the bottom is the butterscotch mixture.

Michael loved making the crumble for the top.



This is what it looks like all assembled and getting ready to be baked.
Funny enough once this was done and in the oven my little helper vanished leaving me to clean up. Which I have to say I didn’t mind at all because not alot of stuff was used in making this.
Here is what it looked like once it was baked with vanilla ice cream. Made a great dessert after supper.

We are really looking forward to making many more recipes from this book so check back often when I share what we made.

If your looking for a cookbook to use with your kids then I highly recommend this to you.

Thanks to Chris at DK for sending this great cookbook our way. Michael is already planning what he wants to make next.

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