Loose Buttons Fall Edition Box

You might have been wondering why I haven’t posted a Loose Buttons Unboxing in a little while well they recently changed the way they did their boxes. So instead of it being monthly its now quarterly. So basically you can expect a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer box. Within that box you can expect to recieve 7-8 travel sized beauty and life style items each season.

The price for each seasonal membership plan is as follows:

The annual plan, you will pay $96 every 12 months, which equals to $24 per season and a total of 4 Luxe Boxes per plan cycle.

The semi-annual plan, you will pay $50 every 6 months, which equals to $25 per season and a total of 2 Luxe Boxes per plan cycle.

The pay-as-you-go plan, you will pay $26 per season and a total of 1 Luxe Box per plan cycle.

I am on the pay as you go just because if I ever feel the need to cancel I can.

I have to apologize for this post because it will be jammed packed with photos.

Since its now a seasonal box they have changed the packaging. The fall box came in a rectangular ivory colored box that is brown inside. On the outside they used a gold button and inside they used gold lettering for LUXEBOX. I thought this was an elegant touch.

The theme of the ivory and gold carry on into the envelope that holds the product card.

The same applies to the sticker although I am disappointed since I got a R stamp. Everyone’s stamp was personalized with the intial as you can see mine isn’t. Hopefully this is a one time occurance.

Its too bad that the product card isn’t like the rest of the packaging. If you have gotten Luxe box you will have noticed that they changed the card. You have to go online to the site to find out more about the products and how to use them. Although when I went to the product descriptions in my account they aren’t even the products I got.

When you open the lid you see this and I thought this was an elegant touch. It just wraps up the whole luxury theme of the box and I like how this cloth can be reused for something else again.

This is all the products inside the box. Looks like there is some goodies inside.

This is an exclusive and full size product. Its a exfoliating pad which is always nice to have since I didn’t have one and needed to get a new one. I love the brown packaging with gold button. Very nice.

Sorry this is upside down but I wanted to show how nice the packaging was.

I don’t think I have tried any Calvin Klein products before so this was something new and something I would love to try. Its from Calvin Klein’s Beauty line. I loved the perfume spray, the scent is very light  and floral. Plus the bottle is the kind I like with the pump spray and wish more samples would come like that. I got a 1.2ml sample of this.

I love the lotion. Its got a light scent and it went on smoothly and left my skin soft and not greasy. Plus its a perfect size to throw into a purse or bag. I got 30ml

This is a new to me product. Its the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. I have been looking for a eyeline and was excited that I got this one.

As you can see it goes on nicely and it was like using a thin paint brush. Its easy to use and control and you don’t have to worry about a huge mess. It dries quickly and its smudge proof as you can probably see from the mark I made on the back of my hand. This is labelled as a full size product and its exclusive to Luxebox.

Since getting the beauty boxes I am loving the discovery of new products within a line and I am falling for the Benefits products. This is the Stay Don’t Stray.

Its a stay put primer for concealers and eye shadows. I have used it on both and I noticed that they stayed put and didn’t fade away as the day went on. This is a perfect sample to try before you buy and I think I would buy the full size when I run out of this.

I didn’t get the China Glaze nail polish, which is a little bit of a bummer but in its place I got the Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips which has been something I have wanted to try but didn’t want to buy them. I am curious to see what they are like.

This is Kerastase Elixir K Ulitmate. I have seen these around and I don’t think I have ever tried it.  I will have to check this out on how to use it. If anyone has used this before please leave me a comment so I know what to do and not to do with it.

The last two products are brands I have gotten before The first one is a Thermo Active firming serum amd the second is Absolute Skin Recovery Cream.

So I have to say I am pretty impressed with the fall box and I am signed up for the winter box. I am excited to try out these products and its nice getting sample sizes so you have an idea of what the product is like before you buy.

Did you get a Loose Buttons box? What did you think of it?

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Loose Button/Luxe Box May Edition

Its that time in the month again when I get to unbox my Loose Button/Luxe Box. For some reason I am finding the time frame between the boxes long. Not sure why that is.

I try to avoid looking at the spoiler’s because I always want to be surprised when I open them. So I was super excited when I got my notification saying that the box was shipped and on it ways thankfully Canada Post said that my delivery date was today and it actually came today.

I was hoping it would come this week since I won’t be home next week.

When the mailman rang the bell I automatically noticed that bigger box and was super excited because this only means one thing and that is we are getting two boxes this month. *Insert dance of joy here*

As you can see I was right, its two boxes. The top box is the standard monthly Luxe Box and the pearly white one is the special box containing something that is Bath & Body related. Oh I wonder what it could be.

I wasn’t sure what to open first so I went with what was on top. I noticed that this months box was super light and honestly that is never a good sign in my opinion.

Sliding the box open I noticed that the May Edition card is still the same and it contains a list of the products in this months box. Along with a postcard from P&G (thank you post card?) and a card with a $20 discount off your purchase at http://pantybypost.com/ .

Panty By Post  is basically a monthly subscription service that you pay for to get a pair of panties each month for a fee of  $18 and up per month. It depends on what you choose. So I guess depending on what you choose you could get a free pair in the first month.

I love that they make this box feel as though it was picked for you.

Once the sticker was lifted and the tissue paper opened this is what I saw. Hmm, interesting.

What did you think of your box?

So the first thing I took out was the Paco Rabanne XS L’Exces for him and her. This is a brand new fragrance. The scent is a woody scent for him and for her its a floral woody oriental.  I have to say its a nice smell and I could possibly see me using it when I want something a little different.

Now I have to say I have some issues with this and the first thing is that they said that the one for him was a bonus item. I think had they put in a large sample I would have said okay yea but the sample was only labelled as 1.2ml and when you take them out of the packaging you can clearly see that this is not a 1.2ml sample. Both bottles were half filled and I know this for a fact because I compared it with my other 1.2 ml samples and they were full.

Full size for him is 50ml for $74 – sample size is 0.6ml (since its only half full) $0.88
Full size for her is 50ml for $78 – sample size is 0.6ml (since its only half full) $0.94

Next was Orlane Absolute skin recovery repairing night cream.  This is suppose to  erase the signs of aging and fatigue. I wish this would have been a bigger size too because honestly I will be lucky if I can get two uses out of this and honestly you need to try it out more before actually buying the product. I have to say with a price tag of $225 for 50ml I won’t be buying this anytime soon. Plus the tube isn’t filled its about half filled.

Full size is 50ml for $225 and the sample size was roughly 1.75ml  $7.88

This is something that is new to me its the Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche. I liked the smell of it and I could see me using this and there is enough of a sample that I could use this for a while. Plus its meant for my hair time color treated.

Full size is 200ml for $57 and the sample is 30ml for $8.55

One that I am excited about is the Essie nail polish. This is a great summer shade.

Its sort of like a minty green.

It came in the shade Navigate Her. How fitting for my trip next week eh? This is a full size product at 15ml and it sells for $8 + depending on where you buy it. I have seen Essie polishes selling for as much as $10.

So lets add up the box so far shall we:
Essie Nail Polish $8
Kerastase $8.55
Orlane $7.88
Black Xs (both) $1.82

Total: $26.25 + $20 off the pantie by post if I was to use it and honestly not sure.

Yea the box paid for itself but feeling wise, I’m not sure. I mean there is great samples but really why send a sample of perfume if they are half filled and if you want someone to try you skin care products you really need to send more of a sample. I feel as though some of these sample beauty boxes are going back on what they promise to send. I am sorry but these aren’t 4-5 deluxe sample sizes.

Please before you complain, I paid for this monthly service and I just think that they should send what they promised.

Now for the bonus box.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle revolution complex I looked this up online at walmartOlay is that its filled to the max and I will get several uses out of it. One nice thing is that you may have noticed I have gotten quite a few in the last little while so I can actually find out if its something I like and would use.

I went looking online for the Venus and Olay razor and all I could find is one that has this but with a shower hook for $14.99 and when I look at mine I don’t have the shower hook so even at that price this is a pretty good item. I love trying new things and this is new so I am looking forward to using this.

So the bonus items $ 19.66

Overall the box did pay for itself. What did you think of your box? Do you agree or disagree with me on my comments? 

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Loose Buttons.Luxe Box March Edition

Its that time of the month when I get to share with you my contents of this months Loose Buttons/Luxe Box.

Before I share any of my comments I will just talk about the box and its contents.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my box Wednesday because I was surprised when I got my notification saying it was shipped and that it actually came when it said it would. Shipping date was correct this time.

The box was very light when I picked it up. This is the card that always comes with the box. I love knowing about the products and how much it sells for. Don’t you?

I loved this little card they sent because you can plant it and flowers will grow. Hmm wonder what kind of flowers they will be?

Seeing as this is an anniversary box I have/had really high hopes for this box. Sadly I am a little disappointed because I thought since it was an anniversary box that there would be a huge WOW factor and for me there wasn’t.

I have to admit that I did watch some Youtube vlogs and it seemed like the ones I watch all contained something different. Here is what was in my box:

This Cargo eyeshadow was part of the First of the Line product offered to its members and you have a choice of what you would like in your box.

When I got the email saying this program was opened I have to admit that I got a little frustrated because it took me over an hour to get into the loose buttons site but finally I was able to get in and actually surprised I managed to snag this.

I love the shades. Its a pink and brown. Very nice. This is a full size product and retails for $16.

My only comment about the first of the line product is that this should be a bonus product to its members.

This is OPI Top Coat. Its a very tiny bottle. Its hard to tell from this picture. The full size is 15 ml for $15 and the sample size is 3.75ml for $3.75. From the look of it its just like a regular style nail polish brush. I didn’t realize that nail polish samples came this small.

I think it would have been nice had they put a nice spring/summer color in instead of a top coat. I can’t speak for others but I have quite a few bottles of top coat and perhaps having a new spring/summer shade would have been really nice.

This is a new product to me as I haven’t heard of this before. Its CHI Silk inFusion. Its a leave in reconstructing treatment.When I opened it, it was like the Morccain Oil. It smells okay but I wonder how many uses you can get out of this small bottle? Something that kind of put me off was the bottle was covered with black gunk. Was anyone elses like that? The full size is 180ml for $33 and I got 15ml for $2.75

As you know I love perfume and being able to try new scents is really nice. This time I got Vera Wang’s Lovestruck. This is pretty new scent because I have been seeing it advertised at my local drugstore. I love the scent its very nice and mild. I could see me wearing this in both the day and night time.

The only thing I hated about it was the bottle because its got an open top meaning when you open it you spill it. I wish there would have been a roll on top or a spritzer. I think I have seen bottles like that somewhere that I will look into getting. The full size is 50ml for $54 and I got a huge sample of 4ml for $4.32

So the price break down:
Vera Wang Lovestruck $4.32
Cargo Eyeshadow $16.00
OPI Top Coat $3.75
CHI Silk Infusion $2.75

Total $26.82

I paid $12 +tax  on this box. So looking at it the box did pay for itself.

My Thoughts:
Like I said above I guess since knowing it was an anniversary box I was expecting a little more of a WOW factor and just didn’t get it.

When I looked at some vlogs, I saw that some got 5 products. Which in my opinion isn’t really fair. I think if you are going to give some people 4 then everyone gets 4 and not half get 4 and the rest get 5. We are all paying the same price so it should be equal.

A little while ago I got a pouch filled with an assortment of perfume samples (my scent) and I thought at the time that I would get that all the time (well not every box) and that it was a program so I was disappointed to find out that some got that this time. So I am a little bummed over that.

Over all this isn’t my favorite box from Loose Buttons (of the month and since subscribing to Loose Buttons) which is too bad because I had high hopes for this one seeing it was an anniversary box.

I am expecting my Glossybox and hoping it comes later this week or early next week.

So as of right now here is my ranking of this months beauty sample boxes:

1. Topbox
2. LooseButtons
3. Glymm

What did you get in yours? What did you think?

Please note that I did not get compensated for this review. I paid for this box with my own money.

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Loose Button/Luxe Box December Edition

I finally got my December Luxe Box.

According to their face book page I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t really happy with their box this month as you will see why after the vlog I did.

I will add some photos for those who don’t like to watch vlogs.

I will now let you know what I got in my December Luxe box now:

  1. DDF Advanced Firming Cream. The sample size I got was 14g and they said this was worth $41. Wow and the full size is 48g for $140. That is one expensive product.
  2.  Yves Rocher Italian Mandarin Shower Gel. The sample size I got was 50ml and the full size is 400ml for $12 (This one I am actually excited to try out as I love Yves Rocher products)
  3. Paco Rabanne Lady Million. The sample I got was 1.2 oz and the full size is 50ml $80
  4. Paco Rabanne 1 Million for me. The sample I got was 1.2oz and the full size is 50ml for $58
  5. NYX Slim Eye Pencil. Full size product is 1g for $4

Okay so my impression of the December box is quite honestly I am not really impressed especially after watching what others got in there box and I feel as though the last ones to get their boxes (like me) got what ever was left.

This is my third month of getting perfume samples and honestly this was a bummer because they aren’t even full sized samples. The bottles were half filled. Compared to what I have gotten in the past with perfume samples alone it says alot.

Then after when I was reading the card they said “This season is all about giving. As a thanks, all our existing customers are receiving a full size product this month.” Well that product was a eye liner pencil for me.

I have to say I feel as though this month they didn’t really live up to there promise of sending deluxe sized samples.

I really wish that Luxe Box and Glymm would switch up the lists of customers because I am starting to get a little discouraged when I see the same bloggers/reviewers getting the better products each month and the others getting the bottom of the barrel.

So as of right now I probably won’t continue with this for much longer because honestly I am paying $12 + tax to get the chance to try 4 to 5 deluxe samples each month and that’s not what I am getting. Perhaps they need to re-evaluate their system and work something out. I really think that we should all be getting the same boxes and if they don’t have enough to go around perhaps they should switch up the lists and let the bottom people get some good products.

I was on their face book page and I was starting to get annoyed with the ones who gotten the great boxes criticizing the others who crappy boxes and saying we shouldn’t be complaining. I am sorry but perhaps if they were the ones we were constantly getting the crappy boxes perhaps they would feel differently about it.

I understand that they are fairly new (Feb 2011) and that over 200,000 beauty products have been sampled but if you want to WOW us each month like you claim you do then I think you have to step up to the plate and do so.

I will be trying January to see what its like and if I am not completely blown away I will be unsubscribe. I just found out that there is another Canadian sample box that is out and I will be getting my first box in February and there is one from the US that ships to Canada that I am currently waiting on as I got confirmation its been mailed. So we will see what they are like.

The opening of the box. The traditional card this time its the Holiday Edition.

This month they are using a silver Made for Cindy sticker with sky blue crinkle paper and white tissue.

What I got this month.

So I have to say that I am excited to try the Yves Rocher shower gel and the DDF cream. The chocolate was good and I have to say I am surprised it lasted that long. As for the perfumes I am finding them rather strong and the eye pencil has been passed on to my niece because its something I don’t use.

Check back later this month when I will do a review of the products received.

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Loose Button/Luxe Box November Edition

I am super excited because I got my Loose Button/Luxe Box today. I was very curious to see what I got even though I have been checking YouTube to see what others. It was great to see what I could possibly get.

So I have include my vlog as well as pictures that I hope you will enjoy but first I have to tell you a little bit about Loose Button’s in case you are wondering what it is exactly. Unfortunetly its only available to Canada but the US has the same thing called Birch Box. Its a monthly subscription service were you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly and you will receive 4 to 5 deluxe sized samples in the mail.

I have a montly subscription and I pay $12 + tax. Its easy to cancel and you can cancel without any problems.

This is only my second Loose Button’s box and I have to say that they did listen to me when I complained that they got my name wrong so that was nice and I have to say I am pleased with what I got and excited to try some of the samples out.

So I hope you will check out my vlog and please feel free to comment. I love hearing from you.

What was included in my box (for those who didn’t watch the vlog.)
-from Teaopia a card for 20% off purchases made in store and on line
-a card from Olay saying I have been selected to do feedback for them. I am so excited
-November Edition card

Products I received:
-Lise Watier Plumpissimo le Gloss in the shade of Nude (sample size is 1.5ml) full size is 6.2ml for $20
-Paco Rabanne Black Xs for her (sample size is unknown) full size is 50ml $65/80ml $78
-Paco Rabanne Black Xs for him (sample size is unknown) full size is 50ml $56/ 80ml $68
-Lise Watier Couleur folle mineral loose powder eyeshadow in the shade of Folie Soleil (sample size is 1g) full size is 2g for $18
-Benefit Cosmetics B. Right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (sample size is 8.9ml) full size is 177.4ml for $29

Bonus Item:
-Teaopia Cactus Fig tea kit (sample size is unknown) full size 50g for $7

Item in the box that wasn’t mentioned on the card was:
-Olay Regenerist  wrinkle revolution complex (sample size is7ml)

 I have to admit that I am kinda of liking the box now that I have seen ways to reuse the box and I will probably put some of those ideas to use very soon. I like that its black and simple. I actually have a few reuse ideas and will eventually make a post about them when I get a few more boxes.

 Upon sliding the box open I am greeted with the November Edition card. There is a brief introduction and the list of items included in this months box with product descriptions along with full size prices.

 Yea they got my sticker right. This is black but for some reason it doesn’t look like this in the picture. I think having this little touch makes the box feel more personalized so I love this idea.

 This is what I saw when I opened the tissue paper.I love the design on the side of the box.

This is what my box looked like once I took everything out.

I am excited to try out these products and hoping to make my weekend posts product review posts. Looking forward to the December box and hoping it will come in before Xmas as it will be a nice little box to open up during the hustle and busle of the holiday season.

I am updating this post so that I can offer my thoughts on the box. I am updating this a week later from receiving my box.

I love how they manage to do the stickers each month. It makes it feel as though the box is made for just me.

So one of the products I was excited to get and try was the Lise Watier Plumpissimo Le Gloss.

Instantly makes you lips look fuller, sexier, ‘poutier’. Dehydrated Hyaluronic Filling Spheres penetrate small vertical lines and instantly expand upon contact with the natural water in your skin.

The full size is 6.2ml for $20 and the sample size is 1.5ml $4.84

I loved the color. Its a nice tan shade. It looked like I wasn’t really wearing anything apart from the look of a little shimmer. I could feel a little tingling happening a few moments later and noticed a slight plumpness in my bottom lip. It didn’t feel greasy and there was a slight taste to it which I really liked. I don’t think I would rush out to buy this product because of the price but being able to sample it was really nice.

The next products I got were Paco Rabanne Black XS for her and Black XS.

Blacks XS for Her: An ultra feminine and sensual fragrance for her. Black XS for her is an elixir of seduction wrethed in mystery. A scent of contrasts with an exciting ambiguity.

Full size is 50 $65 or 80ml for $78. I am unsure of the sample size I got but I think it was a pretty good amount.

I love the packaging of this. On the bottom of the bottle there is a clip that you can hook onto something. I don’t think I would clip it onto something for fear of spraying it around. I love the purplish bottle. I love the scent of it. I would probably wear this if I was going out at night.

Black XS: A woody, virile and powerful fragrance for him. Black XS is a fragrance for a new generation of men. An audacious and provocative scent, for tough guys with a tender heart. Give this to that special man in your life.

Full size is 50ml for $56 or 80ml for $68. I am unsure of the sample size for this one also.

I also love the packaging of this one as well. This also has a clip on the bottom to clip onto something. When you open it, it looks like a lighter and I am sure guys would love that. I really liked the scent of this. I sprayed a bit on my arm and I have to say that I really liked the smell of it. Almost tempted to wear this one myself.

Next up is Lise Watier Couluer Folle Mineral Loose Powder Eyeshadow.

We know that the words Mineral Loose Powder Eyeshadow don’t exactly roll off the tongue. Then again, its application is the complete opposite. Get a soft, natural finsih, or a richer more glamourous look by just playing with the intensity of the color. Whatever works best for you. Best part is its paraben free!

Full size is 2g for $18 and the sample size is 1g for $9.

I was unsure of the color at first (it was a goldish color) but once I played around with it I ended up liking it. I ended up using an eye primer first and then applied the shade it was nice just done lightly and would be perfect for the day time and I tried it for an evening look with a bit more applications and it looked really nice. I don’t think I would spend this much though on eyeshadow but it was nice to try it out and the sample size allows me to use it alot of time which is perfect because I don’t wear alot of make up.

Finally the last product that I got is Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Moisture Prep Toning Lotion

The special step for extra radiant skin that smooths & revitalizes, allowing skin to fully optimize benefits of your moisturizer. Contains vitamin E acetate, natural oat & meadow-sweet, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth while reducing fine lines. This specialized formula contains a blend of aloe leaf & yeast extract, known to clarify & soothe the skin.

The full size is 177.4 for $29 and the sample size is 8.9ml $1.45

I love the little glass bottle. It is super cute. I have never tried a benefits product so it was really nice to try one. I already have my own skin care products that I love to use. This had a nice consistancy to it and I liked the scent of it. I probably could see me using this line when my regular stuff runs out or I want to switch things up a bit. I think it would have been nice if they would have sent a moisturizer with the box so that you could sample the whole product.

Then this month they included a bonus item and it was Cactus Fig tea kit from Teaopia.

Naturally flavoured blend of Organic Sencha Green Tea, fig pieces, aloe vera, sandalwood and orange flowers. The combination provides an earthy yet sweet taste and aroma that is perfect any time of the day. Green tea has a plethora of health benefits that’s sure to leave you glowing.

The full size is 50g for $7 and the sample size is unknown.

I love the packaging of this. The orange tin really stands out and can be used for other things when you are done with the tea. I love that they even included some tea filters. I got three filters to get you started. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the tea. I love tea and trying new kinds. I have to say that I am really happy that there isn’t a Teaopia here in Montreal or else I would be in trouble.

Then I was selected to provide feedback for Olay Regenerist wrinkle revolution complex.

See results in an instant. Wathc as advanced micro-fillers and light diffusing particles smooth the look of fine lines right before your eyes. This wrinkle treatment’s formula also hydrates to reduce the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days.

I checked online at walmart and they sell it, 50ml for $33 and the sample size is 7ml for $4.62. This is if I use the walmart figures.

I thought it was a good size sample and I probably could get quite a few uses out of it although probably not enough for 14 days. I noticed a slight difference around my eyes but not enough that I would buy this product.

So lets break down the dollar value of this months box:
Lise Watier Plumpissimo le gloss $4.84
Paco Rabanne Black XS for her: Unknown
Paco Rabanne Black Xs for him: unknown
Lise Watier Mineral Loose powder: $9
Benefits B.Right moisture prep $ 1.45
Teaopia tea: unknown

Olay regenerist wrinkle revolution complex: $4.62
Total: $19.91 + unknown items

Cost of the box is $12 + tax/month. So if you look at it from the pricing stand point this box paid for itself but if you look at it from the product stand point then I think I did really well because I got products I haven’t tried before today. I love being able to try things that I haven’t tried or heard of before. Granted these are products I don’t see me buying when they are finished.

Please note that I was in no way compensated from a review of this and I purchased this box with my own money.

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Loose Button/Luxe Box October Edition

In September I got an email telling me about Loose Button . I quickly checked out the site and instantly signed up. I didn’t qualify for the September Luxe Box so I had to wait a whole month and let me just say it was so hard but today I got my very first Luxe Box.

What is Luxe Box?

Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples to your doorstep in a chic box. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare.

How much does it cost?

Monthly its $12 + sales tax (you pay per month)
Quarterly its $36 + sales tax (you pay every three months)
Yearly its $120 + sales tax (you pay once a year)

Currently its only available to Canada.

So please watch my vlog to see what I got this month in my Luxe Box.

The box has changed and honestly I kind of like the previous boxes. Although as I was watching this vlog I came up with an idea of what I can do with the boxes. Stay tuned for that.

What was inside the box:
-$25 off your $75 or more purchase from dealuxe.ca
-October edition info card. (Its a little introduction and welcome note along with the product info of the samples they sent)

The inside of the box is wrapped in black tissue paper with a little sticker that says Made For Cindy M. (yea they got my name wrong. I hope that this won’t happen the next time)

So once I opened the package I was greeted by 5 samples. The samples include:
-Lise Watier Flash lift Radiance Vial. I got a 1ml vial. The full size would be 7x1ml vials for $27
-Moroccan Oil Light . I got a 25ml glass bottle. The full size would be 100ml for $40
-Pur Minerals mineral glow. I got a 3.4g. The full size would be 12g for $24
-Olay Professional Pro-X eye restoration complex. I am not sure the size of my sample but the full size would be 15ml for $60
-Chloe eau de parfume. The size I got was 5ml and the full size would be 50ml for $90

These prices are in Canadian.

Of all the products that were sent I think I am excited to try the Pur Minerals and the Pro X. Check back for upcoming reviews on these products. I am thinking of posting them on the weekends.

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the samples and the only thing that I am not sure I will use would be the Moroccan Oil and thats because its meant for light colored hair and as you clearly see I am not light colored.

I will probably keep my subscription for a few more months to see what other different products they send. So check back next month for my review on the November Luxe Box.

Its a few days later and I thought I would post my thoughts on this months box. I think the first thing that kind of bothered me was the fact that they got my name wrong, as they put Cindy M. and its Cindy S. I would have loved it if they would have just used Cindy because its a little more personalized that the other way.

For my very first box I was a little disappointed because it appears as though they ship out different boxes and there is at least two that I have seen. I guess since seeing previous videos on youtube I had gotten my hopes up. But aways I am going to try for a few more months to see if it improves.

They also changed their boxes to the black ones. They use to have the regular boxes with the removable lid. Not sure I really like the new boxes but since doing this post I think if I use double sided tape I could tape a few boxes together and use it to store things in it.

So the first product is Lise Watier flash lift Radiance Vials. I have never tried a Lise Watier product before so it was nice to try something. I have to say I am not a fan of the vials with the snap tops and I think that if they put them into little bottles it would be so much easier. I was only able to get one use out of the bottle so I feel as though I can’t give it a full review or a proper review. I did feel as though my skin erased some early morning fatigue.

The full size is 7×1 ml vials for $27 and I got a 1ml vial for $3.86

Another product I have never heard of is the Moroccan Oil light and I wasn’t sure about using it at first because its meant for fine and light colored hair and I am the complete opposite with thick dark colored hair. I tried it and admit that I was a little nervous doing so because I had no idea what would happen but in the end I liked it. I felt it left my hair smelling good and soft. I don’t know if it would be something I would use daily but I would use it when needed.

The full size is 100ml for $40 and I got 25ml sample for $10

Another item I have never heard of is Pur Minerals Mineral Glow. I don’t know if I put too much on but I thought it was a little too dark for my skin. I meant to play with it again to see and just never got the chance to. Perhaps it will be something in the spring.

The full size is 12g for $24 and I got a sample of 3.4g for $6.80

I love fragrances so my first box contained  one and its by a brand I have never tried called Chloe. I thought the little bottle was super cute but didn’t like how you had to pry the top off and almost spill the fragrance out in the process. This is a scent I would wear every day. I loved it because it wasn’t very strong. Very nice I really liked this. I could see me running out of this much fast then the other fragrances I have.

The full size is 50ml for $90 and i got a sample of 5ml for $9

Then the last product is Olay Professional Pro-X Eye restoration complex. I love olay products and this is a brand new product. I was always told growing up that you need to protect yourself and I think this is a great product to protect yourself from crows feet. For me when I heard that it can reduce/diminish dark circles and puffiness I wanted to try this even more because there are mornings when I can feel and see the puffiness and the dark circles. Thankfully this little tube will provide so many uses because I don’t see me buying this product when I am done. I have noticed a slight difference and I am liking it.

The full size is 15ml for $60 and my sample was unknown.

There was also a card for $25 off a $75 purchase at dealuxe which is really nice but sadly I won’t use because I usually never order  that much online.

So if we break this box down:
Lise Watier flash lift radiance vials $3.86
Moroccanoil $10.00
Pur Minerals Mineral glow $ 6.80
Chloe $9.00
Olay Pro-X unknown

Total $29.66 + unknown

The box is $12 + tax/month and you could say that the box paid for itself. I got a bunch of products i have heard and haven’t heard of before that I am able to try and see if I like them.

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