Loose Buttons.Luxe Box March Edition

Its that time of the month when I get to share with you my contents of this months Loose Buttons/Luxe Box.

Before I share any of my comments I will just talk about the box and its contents.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got my box Wednesday because I was surprised when I got my notification saying it was shipped and that it actually came when it said it would. Shipping date was correct this time.

The box was very light when I picked it up. This is the card that always comes with the box. I love knowing about the products and how much it sells for. Don’t you?

I loved this little card they sent because you can plant it and flowers will grow. Hmm wonder what kind of flowers they will be?

Seeing as this is an anniversary box I have/had really high hopes for this box. Sadly I am a little disappointed because I thought since it was an anniversary box that there would be a huge WOW factor and for me there wasn’t.

I have to admit that I did watch some Youtube vlogs and it seemed like the ones I watch all contained something different. Here is what was in my box:

This Cargo eyeshadow was part of the First of the Line product offered to its members and you have a choice of what you would like in your box.

When I got the email saying this program was opened I have to admit that I got a little frustrated because it took me over an hour to get into the loose buttons site but finally I was able to get in and actually surprised I managed to snag this.

I love the shades. Its a pink and brown. Very nice. This is a full size product and retails for $16.

My only comment about the first of the line product is that this should be a bonus product to its members.

This is OPI Top Coat. Its a very tiny bottle. Its hard to tell from this picture. The full size is 15 ml for $15 and the sample size is 3.75ml for $3.75. From the look of it its just like a regular style nail polish brush. I didn’t realize that nail polish samples came this small.

I think it would have been nice had they put a nice spring/summer color in instead of a top coat. I can’t speak for others but I have quite a few bottles of top coat and perhaps having a new spring/summer shade would have been really nice.

This is a new product to me as I haven’t heard of this before. Its CHI Silk inFusion. Its a leave in reconstructing treatment.When I opened it, it was like the Morccain Oil. It smells okay but I wonder how many uses you can get out of this small bottle? Something that kind of put me off was the bottle was covered with black gunk. Was anyone elses like that? The full size is 180ml for $33 and I got 15ml for $2.75

As you know I love perfume and being able to try new scents is really nice. This time I got Vera Wang’s Lovestruck. This is pretty new scent because I have been seeing it advertised at my local drugstore. I love the scent its very nice and mild. I could see me wearing this in both the day and night time.

The only thing I hated about it was the bottle because its got an open top meaning when you open it you spill it. I wish there would have been a roll on top or a spritzer. I think I have seen bottles like that somewhere that I will look into getting. The full size is 50ml for $54 and I got a huge sample of 4ml for $4.32

So the price break down:
Vera Wang Lovestruck $4.32
Cargo Eyeshadow $16.00
OPI Top Coat $3.75
CHI Silk Infusion $2.75

Total $26.82

I paid $12 +tax  on this box. So looking at it the box did pay for itself.

My Thoughts:
Like I said above I guess since knowing it was an anniversary box I was expecting a little more of a WOW factor and just didn’t get it.

When I looked at some vlogs, I saw that some got 5 products. Which in my opinion isn’t really fair. I think if you are going to give some people 4 then everyone gets 4 and not half get 4 and the rest get 5. We are all paying the same price so it should be equal.

A little while ago I got a pouch filled with an assortment of perfume samples (my scent) and I thought at the time that I would get that all the time (well not every box) and that it was a program so I was disappointed to find out that some got that this time. So I am a little bummed over that.

Over all this isn’t my favorite box from Loose Buttons (of the month and since subscribing to Loose Buttons) which is too bad because I had high hopes for this one seeing it was an anniversary box.

I am expecting my Glossybox and hoping it comes later this week or early next week.

So as of right now here is my ranking of this months beauty sample boxes:

1. Topbox
2. LooseButtons
3. Glymm

What did you get in yours? What did you think?

Please note that I did not get compensated for this review. I paid for this box with my own money.

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