Loose Button/Luxe Box October Edition

In September I got an email telling me about Loose Button . I quickly checked out the site and instantly signed up. I didn’t qualify for the September Luxe Box so I had to wait a whole month and let me just say it was so hard but today I got my very first Luxe Box.

What is Luxe Box?

Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty samples to your doorstep in a chic box. The samples range from skincare and makeup to fragrance, body, and haircare.

How much does it cost?

Monthly its $12 + sales tax (you pay per month)
Quarterly its $36 + sales tax (you pay every three months)
Yearly its $120 + sales tax (you pay once a year)

Currently its only available to Canada.

So please watch my vlog to see what I got this month in my Luxe Box.

The box has changed and honestly I kind of like the previous boxes. Although as I was watching this vlog I came up with an idea of what I can do with the boxes. Stay tuned for that.

What was inside the box:
-$25 off your $75 or more purchase from dealuxe.ca
-October edition info card. (Its a little introduction and welcome note along with the product info of the samples they sent)

The inside of the box is wrapped in black tissue paper with a little sticker that says Made For Cindy M. (yea they got my name wrong. I hope that this won’t happen the next time)

So once I opened the package I was greeted by 5 samples. The samples include:
-Lise Watier Flash lift Radiance Vial. I got a 1ml vial. The full size would be 7x1ml vials for $27
-Moroccan Oil Light . I got a 25ml glass bottle. The full size would be 100ml for $40
-Pur Minerals mineral glow. I got a 3.4g. The full size would be 12g for $24
-Olay Professional Pro-X eye restoration complex. I am not sure the size of my sample but the full size would be 15ml for $60
-Chloe eau de parfume. The size I got was 5ml and the full size would be 50ml for $90

These prices are in Canadian.

Of all the products that were sent I think I am excited to try the Pur Minerals and the Pro X. Check back for upcoming reviews on these products. I am thinking of posting them on the weekends.

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the samples and the only thing that I am not sure I will use would be the Moroccan Oil and thats because its meant for light colored hair and as you clearly see I am not light colored.

I will probably keep my subscription for a few more months to see what other different products they send. So check back next month for my review on the November Luxe Box.

Its a few days later and I thought I would post my thoughts on this months box. I think the first thing that kind of bothered me was the fact that they got my name wrong, as they put Cindy M. and its Cindy S. I would have loved it if they would have just used Cindy because its a little more personalized that the other way.

For my very first box I was a little disappointed because it appears as though they ship out different boxes and there is at least two that I have seen. I guess since seeing previous videos on youtube I had gotten my hopes up. But aways I am going to try for a few more months to see if it improves.

They also changed their boxes to the black ones. They use to have the regular boxes with the removable lid. Not sure I really like the new boxes but since doing this post I think if I use double sided tape I could tape a few boxes together and use it to store things in it.

So the first product is Lise Watier flash lift Radiance Vials. I have never tried a Lise Watier product before so it was nice to try something. I have to say I am not a fan of the vials with the snap tops and I think that if they put them into little bottles it would be so much easier. I was only able to get one use out of the bottle so I feel as though I can’t give it a full review or a proper review. I did feel as though my skin erased some early morning fatigue.

The full size is 7×1 ml vials for $27 and I got a 1ml vial for $3.86

Another product I have never heard of is the Moroccan Oil light and I wasn’t sure about using it at first because its meant for fine and light colored hair and I am the complete opposite with thick dark colored hair. I tried it and admit that I was a little nervous doing so because I had no idea what would happen but in the end I liked it. I felt it left my hair smelling good and soft. I don’t know if it would be something I would use daily but I would use it when needed.

The full size is 100ml for $40 and I got 25ml sample for $10

Another item I have never heard of is Pur Minerals Mineral Glow. I don’t know if I put too much on but I thought it was a little too dark for my skin. I meant to play with it again to see and just never got the chance to. Perhaps it will be something in the spring.

The full size is 12g for $24 and I got a sample of 3.4g for $6.80

I love fragrances so my first box contained  one and its by a brand I have never tried called Chloe. I thought the little bottle was super cute but didn’t like how you had to pry the top off and almost spill the fragrance out in the process. This is a scent I would wear every day. I loved it because it wasn’t very strong. Very nice I really liked this. I could see me running out of this much fast then the other fragrances I have.

The full size is 50ml for $90 and i got a sample of 5ml for $9

Then the last product is Olay Professional Pro-X Eye restoration complex. I love olay products and this is a brand new product. I was always told growing up that you need to protect yourself and I think this is a great product to protect yourself from crows feet. For me when I heard that it can reduce/diminish dark circles and puffiness I wanted to try this even more because there are mornings when I can feel and see the puffiness and the dark circles. Thankfully this little tube will provide so many uses because I don’t see me buying this product when I am done. I have noticed a slight difference and I am liking it.

The full size is 15ml for $60 and my sample was unknown.

There was also a card for $25 off a $75 purchase at dealuxe which is really nice but sadly I won’t use because I usually never order  that much online.

So if we break this box down:
Lise Watier flash lift radiance vials $3.86
Moroccanoil $10.00
Pur Minerals Mineral glow $ 6.80
Chloe $9.00
Olay Pro-X unknown

Total $29.66 + unknown

The box is $12 + tax/month and you could say that the box paid for itself. I got a bunch of products i have heard and haven’t heard of before that I am able to try and see if I like them.

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