Loose Button/Luxe Box December Edition

I finally got my December Luxe Box.

According to their face book page I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t really happy with their box this month as you will see why after the vlog I did.

I will add some photos for those who don’t like to watch vlogs.

I will now let you know what I got in my December Luxe box now:

  1. DDF Advanced Firming Cream. The sample size I got was 14g and they said this was worth $41. Wow and the full size is 48g for $140. That is one expensive product.
  2.  Yves Rocher Italian Mandarin Shower Gel. The sample size I got was 50ml and the full size is 400ml for $12 (This one I am actually excited to try out as I love Yves Rocher products)
  3. Paco Rabanne Lady Million. The sample I got was 1.2 oz and the full size is 50ml $80
  4. Paco Rabanne 1 Million for me. The sample I got was 1.2oz and the full size is 50ml for $58
  5. NYX Slim Eye Pencil. Full size product is 1g for $4

Okay so my impression of the December box is quite honestly I am not really impressed especially after watching what others got in there box and I feel as though the last ones to get their boxes (like me) got what ever was left.

This is my third month of getting perfume samples and honestly this was a bummer because they aren’t even full sized samples. The bottles were half filled. Compared to what I have gotten in the past with perfume samples alone it says alot.

Then after when I was reading the card they said “This season is all about giving. As a thanks, all our existing customers are receiving a full size product this month.” Well that product was a eye liner pencil for me.

I have to say I feel as though this month they didn’t really live up to there promise of sending deluxe sized samples.

I really wish that Luxe Box and Glymm would switch up the lists of customers because I am starting to get a little discouraged when I see the same bloggers/reviewers getting the better products each month and the others getting the bottom of the barrel.

So as of right now I probably won’t continue with this for much longer because honestly I am paying $12 + tax to get the chance to try 4 to 5 deluxe samples each month and that’s not what I am getting. Perhaps they need to re-evaluate their system and work something out. I really think that we should all be getting the same boxes and if they don’t have enough to go around perhaps they should switch up the lists and let the bottom people get some good products.

I was on their face book page and I was starting to get annoyed with the ones who gotten the great boxes criticizing the others who crappy boxes and saying we shouldn’t be complaining. I am sorry but perhaps if they were the ones we were constantly getting the crappy boxes perhaps they would feel differently about it.

I understand that they are fairly new (Feb 2011) and that over 200,000 beauty products have been sampled but if you want to WOW us each month like you claim you do then I think you have to step up to the plate and do so.

I will be trying January to see what its like and if I am not completely blown away I will be unsubscribe. I just found out that there is another Canadian sample box that is out and I will be getting my first box in February and there is one from the US that ships to Canada that I am currently waiting on as I got confirmation its been mailed. So we will see what they are like.

The opening of the box. The traditional card this time its the Holiday Edition.

This month they are using a silver Made for Cindy sticker with sky blue crinkle paper and white tissue.

What I got this month.

So I have to say that I am excited to try the Yves Rocher shower gel and the DDF cream. The chocolate was good and I have to say I am surprised it lasted that long. As for the perfumes I am finding them rather strong and the eye pencil has been passed on to my niece because its something I don’t use.

Check back later this month when I will do a review of the products received.

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