Glymm Box December Edition

I am super happy that I finally got my Glymm box for December. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen because it was sitting there for awhile.

The only down part about this was that Glymm is actually in Montreal and this is where the boxes are being shipped from and sadly I was in the last wave that got their boxes this week. I was really disappointed to see bloggers/reviewers in Ontario and else where get there boxes last week. Personally for me it doesn’t make sense because I would have thought local area would have been faster.

But anyways okay lets get onto what I got this month in my December Glymm box shall we. Here is a vlog I made and following that will be pictures for those that don’t want to watch the vlog.

What was inside the December 2011 Glymm Box:

In November I was missing the Annabelle Smudge paint and I emailed them right away and they told me they would make it up to me and well they send me the missing product. I must have read the email wrong when they promised they would make it up to. They didn’t.

Sadly this month again I am missing a product and they told me they would replace it. So I guess I will have to wait until January to find out.

In each and every Glymm box we got a little jar of jelly belly jellybeans and I love them. Not quite sure what flavors they are this month but they are really good. I just might have to check their site to find out what they are.

-Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

  • The sample size I got was 0.68fl oz and the full size product is 3.4 oz for $20

-Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum

  • the sample size I got was 1.5ml and it was only half filled. The full size is 50ml for $75

-Sula beauty Natural Lip gloss

  • I got a full size product. 0.5fl oz for $8

-Glymm sent us a $10 off gift card for their beauty boutique. I am hoping to use this one. ( I am hoping to try one of their nail polishes.)

So I guess my over all impression this month is that I am a little bummed after seeing what others got in their boxes in the first wave of shipping and this is the second month that I have had a missing product. I would have thought with Christmas that the boxes would have had some extra products or something special in it. Plus when you look at it they promise 4-5 deluxe samples and I only got three.

I am sure I will have some negative comments but honestly this is my opinion and how I feel and yes I can easily unscribe from this service but I will see it through another month to see what its like and hopefully it will get better.

I love the card they sent out this month. Isn’t it pretty?

The inside once I opened the tissue paper.

All the products out and in front of the tree.

I am loving the Jelly Beans. They are so good.

As for the products I am excited to try the Sula lip gloss and the Ahava mineral hand cream.

Check back later this month for my Glymm box review.

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