Loose Button/Luxe Box May Edition

Its that time in the month again when I get to unbox my Loose Button/Luxe Box. For some reason I am finding the time frame between the boxes long. Not sure why that is.

I try to avoid looking at the spoiler’s because I always want to be surprised when I open them. So I was super excited when I got my notification saying that the box was shipped and on it ways thankfully Canada Post said that my delivery date was today and it actually came today.

I was hoping it would come this week since I won’t be home next week.

When the mailman rang the bell I automatically noticed that bigger box and was super excited because this only means one thing and that is we are getting two boxes this month. *Insert dance of joy here*

As you can see I was right, its two boxes. The top box is the standard monthly Luxe Box and the pearly white one is the special box containing something that is Bath & Body related. Oh I wonder what it could be.

I wasn’t sure what to open first so I went with what was on top. I noticed that this months box was super light and honestly that is never a good sign in my opinion.

Sliding the box open I noticed that the May Edition card is still the same and it contains a list of the products in this months box. Along with a postcard from P&G (thank you post card?) and a card with a $20 discount off your purchase at http://pantybypost.com/ .

Panty By Post  is basically a monthly subscription service that you pay for to get a pair of panties each month for a fee of  $18 and up per month. It depends on what you choose. So I guess depending on what you choose you could get a free pair in the first month.

I love that they make this box feel as though it was picked for you.

Once the sticker was lifted and the tissue paper opened this is what I saw. Hmm, interesting.

What did you think of your box?

So the first thing I took out was the Paco Rabanne XS L’Exces for him and her. This is a brand new fragrance. The scent is a woody scent for him and for her its a floral woody oriental.  I have to say its a nice smell and I could possibly see me using it when I want something a little different.

Now I have to say I have some issues with this and the first thing is that they said that the one for him was a bonus item. I think had they put in a large sample I would have said okay yea but the sample was only labelled as 1.2ml and when you take them out of the packaging you can clearly see that this is not a 1.2ml sample. Both bottles were half filled and I know this for a fact because I compared it with my other 1.2 ml samples and they were full.

Full size for him is 50ml for $74 – sample size is 0.6ml (since its only half full) $0.88
Full size for her is 50ml for $78 – sample size is 0.6ml (since its only half full) $0.94

Next was Orlane Absolute skin recovery repairing night cream.  This is suppose to  erase the signs of aging and fatigue. I wish this would have been a bigger size too because honestly I will be lucky if I can get two uses out of this and honestly you need to try it out more before actually buying the product. I have to say with a price tag of $225 for 50ml I won’t be buying this anytime soon. Plus the tube isn’t filled its about half filled.

Full size is 50ml for $225 and the sample size was roughly 1.75ml  $7.88

This is something that is new to me its the Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche. I liked the smell of it and I could see me using this and there is enough of a sample that I could use this for a while. Plus its meant for my hair time color treated.

Full size is 200ml for $57 and the sample is 30ml for $8.55

One that I am excited about is the Essie nail polish. This is a great summer shade.

Its sort of like a minty green.

It came in the shade Navigate Her. How fitting for my trip next week eh? This is a full size product at 15ml and it sells for $8 + depending on where you buy it. I have seen Essie polishes selling for as much as $10.

So lets add up the box so far shall we:
Essie Nail Polish $8
Kerastase $8.55
Orlane $7.88
Black Xs (both) $1.82

Total: $26.25 + $20 off the pantie by post if I was to use it and honestly not sure.

Yea the box paid for itself but feeling wise, I’m not sure. I mean there is great samples but really why send a sample of perfume if they are half filled and if you want someone to try you skin care products you really need to send more of a sample. I feel as though some of these sample beauty boxes are going back on what they promise to send. I am sorry but these aren’t 4-5 deluxe sample sizes.

Please before you complain, I paid for this monthly service and I just think that they should send what they promised.

Now for the bonus box.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle revolution complex I looked this up online at walmartOlay is that its filled to the max and I will get several uses out of it. One nice thing is that you may have noticed I have gotten quite a few in the last little while so I can actually find out if its something I like and would use.

I went looking online for the Venus and Olay razor and all I could find is one that has this but with a shower hook for $14.99 and when I look at mine I don’t have the shower hook so even at that price this is a pretty good item. I love trying new things and this is new so I am looking forward to using this.

So the bonus items $ 19.66

Overall the box did pay for itself. What did you think of your box? Do you agree or disagree with me on my comments? 

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