Fab Fit Fun The Winter 2015 Edition


Good Morning everyone. Today I am going to talk about Fab Fit Fun. Its a quarterly subscription service that comes out just a little before each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) and its $49.99 and shipping is to the US and Canada. Certain areas will have to pay $8 for shipping.

What makes Fab Fit Fun a little different then the other subscription services is that they send you the latest in beauty and fashion, fitness, and wellness every season. The box is curated by Guilana Rancic and the FabFitFun team, and each season is guaranteed to have $120+ worth of full sized product!


This time around I noticed that they change up the product card and turned it into a little magazine that is about ten pages long and its got a few interesting things inside that I have been reading. Which I think makes a nice change and hopefully they will continue this format.

The cards that are shown is FabFitFun teamed up with the ASPCA and if you post a picture of your pet or favorite animal with the hashtags #FFFAnimallove #FabFitFun #ASPCA and tag @FabFitFun and @ASPCA and for every photo FabFitFun will donate $1 to the ASPCA (Up to $90,000). I think that is such a great idea.

The other card is from Sweet & Spark and they included a $40 gift card. I love this kind of card because 1) it doesn’t expire and 2) there is no min to spend in order to redeem it. Its just like cash. If you order less then $40 you don’t need a credit card and shipping is free! I can’t wait to shop with this card lets just hope they ship to Canada.


The Winter box has a value of $312 US so lets get in and check the box out so that you can be the judge and let me know if you think this is worth it.


The first item is Candlenut Body Creme by Juara. It retails for $35.00 This has been used for centuries in Indonesia and the candlenut oil  is perfect for dry hands. I love the there is a foil seal on the jar. Plus the jar is cute with the designs all over it. I think this is the perfect item to place in the box and it will be used. I should say that its a thick body creme but it blends into the skin very nicely. It wasn’t greasy but it felt hydrating to the skin. The scent was perfect and not strong.


The next item was the Wine Stopper & Charm Set. This retails for $15. This came in handy during the holiday season. The bigger guy is the wine stopper and it was perfect because we ended up breaking the cork so having this was a life saver was were the little charms. I love that this was dishwasher save and BPA free as well. Its made from silicone.


This is a Travel Set with Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner and a Skin Smoothing Cream by Dermalogica. This retails for $45. I have yet to try this line but I am excited to give it a try. This will be perfect for traveling when you want to keep things light.


Next up is Fingerless Gloves by Whitney eve X and they retail for $26. This is another item that is perfect for this box. These came in two different colors black and gray and as you can see I have the gray ones which is perfect for me. They are very well made and I love the button on them. These are perfect for the busy hockey mom like me who needs to have access to her fingers but not wanting the cold hands.


The gloves are from Whitney Ports collection.


This is a Diffuser by EJH Brand and it retails for $37. There was a few scents available Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie or Pomegranate. I have become obsessed with reed diffusers lately and this is the perfect one to play upstairs. As you can see I have the lavendar one. I have only got use to lavendar in the last year or so and since using it I have noticed that I am able to relax a little more.


Finally a subscription box that sends a appropriate nail polish in a box. This is Zoya in the shade Sasha. This retails for $10. I love Zoya polishes they are thick and creamy. There was four berry shades that were available.


This is The Donna Earbud by Frends and it sells for $80 This is the first time I have heard of this brand. I was in need of some ear buds because the ones I have right now seem to bother my ears and so far these have been pretty good. I love the sound quality from them. I love that there is a play/pause button on them so if you to pause you can do so without having to haul you ipod out.


Finally the last item is a $25 gift card from Shoptiques. It came packaged in this super cute box. One thing I love about this gift card is that you can spend $25 and not have to worry about a min order to redeem plus if its under $25 no credit card is needed which is another bonus. I really don’t like when they send out cards and there is a min to redeem it. Its like cash. Lets just hope they ship to Canada.

So thats what was in this seasons Fab Fit Fun box what did you think?

Review/ Tea Sparrow April Subscription Box


Tea Sparrow is North America’s first monthly tea club. They service both the tea industry and tea drinkers by hosting bi-weekly tea parties where local Vancouver members taste and score teas from around the world.

Each month, members receive the 4 highest rated loose-leaf teas: one each of black, green/oolong, rooibos and herbal and you can get roughly 35-40 cups of tea from this monthly subscription. All of their teas are free of artificial ingredients. They ship to Canada and the US and all shipping and taxes are included in the $20/month subscription fee for Canadian subscribers and its $30/ month for international subscribers. Members can pause or cancel their subscription at any time.


Please note that I was provided the April box for free for a honest and sincere review.

If your looking for a fantastic gift to give a mom for mother’s day or any special day or just because you think she would enjoy this then I highly recommend this subscription.


The teas arrive in a flat box so it will fit into a mailbox perfectly. Inside the box you will find a product card with a little note and on the flip side it tells you how to make the perfect cup of tea.

The teas in the April box are:

IMG_3108Clouds and Mist organic green tea, also known as ‘yunwu’, has a compelling aroma of smoky, citrus and vegetal. Its earthy taste, reminiscent of sweet, roasted artichokes, is well-rounded, with a slight note of toasted pecans.

I have to admit that I was a little unsure of this at first but after making it and trying it I have to say I really enjoyed it. I had a cup of it hot and then I made it into an ice tea. I think this is one of those teas that taste much better warm.



Organic Cheery Fruit Tea. Honey brings out the flavours of this original blend. Lovely natural sweetness with a hint of orange.

I have to say this was another one I wasn’t sure about of the fennel bitter dark and drinking it I could taste a bit of it but once I added a little more honey it was fine. I enjoyed this and for me I thought it made a nice ice tea.


Blood Orange Smoothie. This creamy blend of naturally caffeine–free South African red rooibos, orange, and vanilla is herbal bliss!

I think by far this was my favorite tea. It tasted much better with some additional honey to balance the taste out from the bitterness of the orange. My friend said that it smelled a little bit like a creamsicle. We tried them both as a hot tea and an ice tea and we both liked each one.


Finally the last tea is Chocolate Blueberry Organic. This blueberry chocolate tea combines the maltiness of Assam black tea, the sweet aroma of blueberries, and a creamy chocolate finish. Add a touch of honey and it makes a wonderful dessert!

I was a little worried about this one because I have a slight allergy to blueberries and I wasn’t sure how I would react and I am happy to say that there was no issue with this and this turned into my absolute favorite tea this month. It was like a dessert in a cup when you add some honey to this. This was the perfect hot tea. I haven’t tried it as an ice tea yet but I will be.

This month there was some fruity flavors but that is okay for me because this week the weather has been HOT and it makes you want to start drinking some of those ice teas out on the deck and that is exactly what I did.

Do you like herbal teas? Ice tea? Is this something you would want to try?


Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box Winter 2014 Edition



All subscription boxes will include 8 exclusive FCS products in adorable mini-sizes. You will also receive a $10 FCS gift code with each Soap Box, that can be redeemed online or in our retail store. Price includes shipping. 

Cost for the Soap Box is:

  • United States $19.99 and its billed every 3 months
  • Canada $28.00 and its billed every 3 months
  • International $34.00 and its billed every 3 months

This is a quarterly subscription service. You will get a new box each season. One of the great things about this is that you get a sneak peek at the upcoming scents and products before they are released online and in store.


The theme for the Winter box is Old Fashioned Family Christmas. I love how the box was packaged this month don’t you?


The white container is “Christmas Bonus” Deep Conditioner. This is their third annual mystery fragrance. Isn’t it fun to try and guess the scents of products? I love trying these kinds of products for my hair. Its nice to break up your regular routine with new things.  As for the scent I am getting a mint smell. I will let you know what it is when I do my monthly empties.

“Our new deep conditioning treatment leaves hair deeply nourished, improves elasticity and shine, and rejuvenates, rebuilds, and repairs dry, damaged hair. Infused with argan oil, for long lasting conditioning.”

The black container is “Moose Mug Cuticle butter” you gently massage this into your hands focusing on the cuticle area. With the colder season now on us I am in dire need of this. I knew right away when I opened this that it was eggnog scented. I am a huge eggnog lover.

“”Can I refill your eggnog…?”

Rich cream, egg, and a touch of nutmeg.””


“Squirrel Whipped Cream” One thing I love about FCS is the names they come up with for their products. I had no idea what I was about to smell when I opened this. It didn’t look like squirrel because it was pink in color and it sure doesn’t smell like squirrel. It has a really nice smell that I just can’t place my finger on.

“Handmade with a special low cholesterol recipe.

A festive blend of apples, sun ripened strawberries and plums dancing with zests of orange and a splash of lime.”


“Fried Pussycat Whipped Soap” see what I mean with another funny title? I have no idea what whipped soap is so this will be fun to try out. If anyone knows how to use this please let me know as I tried to find out on my own with no luck.

“Because who doesn’t want to smell like fried pussycat?!

Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in artisan bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms.”


“mele Kelekimaka OCD Hand Sanitizer” Isn’t this the color of a tropical beach somewhere? When I think of that this is the color that comes to mind. Oh how I wish I was on one right now…This is a little strong in scent at first but once you rub it into your hands its perfectly fine. This smells like a tropical island sunscreen to me. This will be used quite a bit this winter with the icky cold weather when I feel like I need to get away.

“With visions of swimming pools dancing in your head.

Tropical spiced rum, Tahitian vanilla, sprinkled with Jasmine petals and woods”


“”I Pledge Allegiance Amen Shower Steamer”. I have gotten these in the past and love them. What you do is place this in the tub at the back so that when you shower it will slowly disolves. Its an aromatherapy shower. It worked perfect last winter when I had that cold. It worked so well. I will be saving this for that kind of day. It has that herb smell that you know will do wonders for you.

“They want you to say the damn grace…!”

A brisk and outdoorsy blend of blue spruce and balsam fir, fresh mint and garden herbs.”


“Sparkly Hydrate Me” OMG  I love the smell of this its pumpkin scented another one of my favorite fall scents. Does anyone else love the smell of pumpkin baking? I was so new to the hydrate me bars a while ago and since discovering them I love them. So after you shower you run this under water and basically your massage this into your skin and air dry a bit as the butters work in leaving your skin hydrated and soft. You will notice right away how soft your skin feels.

“We dedicate this to the FCS family Christmas. Drumroll Please!

Scrumptious vanilla pumpkin waffles topped with brown sugar, pecans and sheets of fresh whipped cream.”


Finally the last item (which really should have been the first one) is the “Tis the Season to me Mary fortune cookie soap” A beautiful red soap that smells so good. Its a scent that I can’t describe in words, all i can say is that it smells so good. Its a nice unique scent.

My fortune said: “Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out in the middle of nowhere, leave your for dead?” Hmm okay that is a bit weird isn’t it LOL

“Buy this for your wife…God rest her soul.

Warm swirls of tobacco with a hint of almond.”



This was another amazing box from FCS that I just love. I will be using everything this month in my box and let you know how it went at the end of the month.

Happy Holidays Everyone/

Beauty Box 5 September, October & November


Beauty Box 5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling program that delivers a box filled with 5 cosmetic samples to your door every month. Aimed at introducing women to new cosmetic products and educating them on best practices, Beauty Box 5 scours the market to find the best products for your lifestyle.

There is three subscription options: $12/monthly, $30 quarterly and $99 yearly.

I opted to pay monthly just in case there is any issues.

I believe I have been with Beauty Box 5 for over a year now and I am always on the fence about this one. Its like all beauty boxes there will always be hits and misses with them. Although looking at the last three months its been a lot of misses lately. What do you think?

I am combining the last three months of Beauty Box 5 in one post.



This months theme was Balancing Act and its suppose to be their fall favorites. I have to say that there really isn’t anything that wows me about this months box. Here is what I got:

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers (SRV $1.99). This is something I would never buy for myself so this is nice to have. They will be used.

Natural Style by FUBU Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash (SRV $9.99 for 12oz/ sample size is 2x .5fl. oz so roughly $1.00) I like trying hair care items so this will be used and tried.

Chrislie Formulations 3-in-1 Eye Bright (SRV $40.00 for 0.5 fl oz/ sample size of 0.17 oz about $13.60) this is used around your eyes to smooth, brighten and firm your eyes.


My Beauty Spot nailpolish (SRV $24.99 for a set of 6 $4.16/bottle) I have never heard of this brand before and looking at the polish its looks like a really nice color with glitter. I applied it and it went on really nice but once it dried it had a rough texture. Something I am not a fan of personally. I have no idea what color it is and honestly I don’t think I would spend $4.16 on a bottle of nail polish from a brand I didn’t know.



This is the Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon. (SRV $4.49) This is another full size item and its in the shade Violet. I really liked the color although looking at the picture it comes off a different shade like a dusty rose. This is something I would use.

Total SRV of the box is about $25.25 The box did pay for itself but I guess I was thinking it would have been more fall item related.



This months theme was Effortless Allure. I always get a little confused with a theme and the products of some of these boxes and October’s box fell right into that slot.

Chapstick Hydrating Lock 24 hour care. (SRV $2.99 for 0.154oz)I have actually been waiting to try this and haven’t seen it yet in Canada. Its a duo. One end is a day time with sunscreen of SPF 12 and the other end is a night one. I love that idea and this is something that I will be using. There is a bit of a scent but nothing bad. I have been using it and its just like your regular chapstick.

Extend Your Beauty is a cosmetic tool that you can use to scrap up product you can reach or get to. (SRV $5.49) this will be used and I can finally stop using a coffee stir stick to get product out. I love that the tip is made of rubber so it will last awhile.

Lashem Picture Perfect. (SRV$3.95 for 0.5fl oz/ sample size is 0.17oz  $13.60). It seems like Lash Em is the biggest thing since we seem to be getting alot of things from them lately. It claims to be a nourishing serum that will reduce the fine lines for a goregous glow. Curious to see if it will live up that.


Nanacoco Nail Polish. (SRV $3.95 0.4fl oz in the shade Romantic Cruise.  For me this isn’t a fall color and more of a spring color. I am way to pale to wear this now and its a shame that they couldn’t have thought more about a fall/winter shade when sending out the polishes. I have to say that I really don’t like the formula of it. You really have to apply light coats to avoid streaking.



Bellapierre  Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stain in Pink (SRV 19.99 0.31oz / sample size 0.176oz $11.35) it  does seem like a really nice pink shade. Not sure if I will use it as a cheek stain or a lip stain but I do know it won’t be both.

Total SRV of the box this month is $37.38 There were a few things that I was excited about and will be using and thats the Chapstick and the tool.


The theme for the November box is Gracefully Grounded. I feel as though the items this month really have no connection with the theme with the exception of this is the box that might make be cancel Beauty Box 5.

Afterfeather Refillable Travel Bottles (SRV $8.95 for a set of 2  2fl oz bottles /1 bottle $4.48) When I opened the box I had to say I was like really you send one bottle to us. They aren’t that expensive and I think they could have sent us the full thing. Honestly when it comes to travelling I tend to go out and buy the samples we need so that I don’t have to lug anything back home with us or take what samples I have. The bottle is cute.

DenTek Floss Picks + case (SRV $2.49 for 4 and mine had a case with 6 pics in it SRV $0.62) I really wasn’t impressed with this and this is why I think at times these beauty boxes are just throwing what ever they have gotten in a box with no real thinking behind it.  Although to their deffence they did show a video showing how you could use this for dotting and stripping with nail polish.

HASK Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil (SRV 2.99 for 5/8fl oz) here is another beef I have with subscription boxes. I will probably use this since I love trying out different hair care items.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash (SRV$ 6.49 for 22oz/ sample size 1.8 flo oz for roughly $0.48) I don’t mind body washes because they are perfect to have for traveling but I wish it would be something new and not something that I can readily buy at the Dollarstore, target or walmart.



Laura Ashley Body Butter (SRV $20.00 for a set of 6/1.75oz/ sample is 1 $3.33) Sadly my container was cracked and had to transfer to another bottle and when I opened it it looked like someone or someones tried it. I got Sweet Peony. I did like the scent of it and it would be a perfect spring scent. Not something I would wear now with the colder weather upon us. I tend to go towards lotions/body butters for drier skin.

Total SRV of this months box is $11.90. I have to say I was diappointed in the box and I seriously think that if Decembers is bad that this will be it. I have no choice but to cancel. There was really nothing that impressed me.

What do you think?

Fortune Cookie Soap The Soap Box Fall 2014 Edition



All subscription boxes will include 8 exclusive FCS products in adorable mini-sizes. You will also receive a $10 FCS gift code with each Soap Box, that can be redeemed online or in our retail store. Price includes shipping. 

Cost for the Soap Box is:

  • United States $19.99 and its billed every 3 months
  • Canada $28.00 and its billed every 3 months
  • International $34.00 and its billed every 3 months

This is a quarterly subscription service. You will get a new box each season. One of the great things about this is that you get a sneak peek at the upcoming scents and products before they are released online and in store.



The theme for the fall box is Witch Please.




Whenever my box arrives I have to admit the first thing I always reach for is the cute little fortune cookie soap. This one is “There’s No Place Like Home” Its a beautiful ruby red color. Instantly upon opening the package you can smell apple and cinnamon which are the perfect fall items to have.

This is described as “Curled Macintosh apple peels lovingly kissed with a hint of cinnamon, allspice and clove, make this fragrance warm and cozy, just like home…”

Inside every fortune cookie soap you get a fortune and mine said “Whoever said nothing was impossible never tried slamming a revolving door.”


“Miss Popular Bubble Bath Powder”. I think this is enough for one bath but I was able to split it into two because I loved the scent of this. I was trying to figure out what it was (I always try to figure out what the scents are before looking at the card) and I just couldn’t place it.  I have smelled this before and I actually love the scent.

This is described as ” As bubbly and sticky sweet as they come, but maybe not quite what you’d expect, such as a depth of scent that is both unexpected and enchanting. The most  delectable, sweet, honey nectar shamelessly flirting with touches of star anise, star jasmine, sweet orange and blushing violet.”


The little brown bottle is “The Shiz Perfume Oil” I first have to comment on how cute this little bottle is and its nice because its completely filled with perfume oil. I basically use the perfume oil like a perfume. For me this is the perfect fall scent you can smell a bit of musk with the smell of tree. At first I thought it was a little strong (remember alot goes a long way) but as I was wearing I started to enjoy it and I think this would also be perfect to wear in the winter as well.

Its described as “Normally you wouldn’t want to smell like shiz, but get ready to eat those words! What? It wouldn’t be FCS without an inappropriate remark or two! A woodland hike through damp balsam woods, with top notes of maple leaves blowing through new dawn blossom, laurel and sweet clove.

Handcrafted pure perfume oil, not cut or diluted.”

The White bottle is “Hair Flip Hair oil”. When I smelled this I instantly thought of yummy baked goodies. This is delicious. You can smell the hazelnut in this. I use roughly 4-5 drops after drying my hair and I have been using it almost every other day. I should let you know that this is a new item being introduced into the collection.

Its described as “The beauty of what we do here at FCS, is that if we decide we want something new, we just go ahead and make it! *flip flip!*

Please give a round of applause for our new custom blend of oils, formulated to nourish and repair dry, damaged hair.
1-2 drops is all you need for ultimate shine without greasy residue. Strands of sweet hazelnut woven throughout rich, buttery vanilla cream.”


“Swankified Walnut Facial Scrub” This is a new item that is being introduced into the skin care line. Smelling this you can tell this is a walnut item. One of the things I like about this is its a dual item that can be used on the face to exfoliate or a body scrub. I did try this on my face and since I have sensitive skin I found it a little rough but as a body scrub its fantastic. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Its described as “As we continue to expand our skincare line, we’d like to introduce you to our new, daily scrub! We had your face in mind, but feel free to “swankify”?all your parts! Bunches of ripe bananas mashed into sweet, sugary cake batter, then topped with walnuts and baked to a golden brown.

Our Walnut Body Scrub is a luxuriously thick and creamy textured body scrub that is designed to help detox and exfoliate the face, revealing a new layer of smooth, shiny, healthy skin.”


“Green is the New Black whipped cream”  I love their whipped creams. I think I have gotten to the point that I can no longer smell what the scents are in this box but I am able to tell you that this smells like something baking. Its  thick but not heavy or oily on the skin. Its a perfect cream.

“Because orange would have been too obvious! Top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple and cherries lured into autumn by pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, all rounded out with warm vanilla-infused sugar.”



Finally the last two items of the box.

“Roy C. Biv OCD Hand Sanitizer. I am always carrying around a hand sanitizer in my purse especially getting into the fall season. I have tried other brands but I have to say that the FCS ones are the best. I love the smell of them and over the years they have perfected the bottle which is nice. Michael has said in that other brands either smell strong or they burn when he uses them. Since trying the FCS ones he tells me that isn’t a issue. He loves that its not thick and gooey and that they smell good. Which I have to agree they aren’t strong and they smell so good. I love the smell of this, it smells like a fresh clean citrus smell.

“A full spectrum of bright citrus notes and florals against a cool fall background. Dusky breezes and bonfires, wind-blown leaves and charred woods brightened by notes of lemon, mandarin, cotton blossom and soft vanilla.”

“Flying Monkey’s Personal Space Spray” This is another item I love in the FCS collection. They always have the best air freshener sprays. They last quite a long time too. I have this one in my down stairs bathroom and I always find myself spraying it. This isn’t really a fall scent but I love it just the same.  I noticed that I have been using this alot lately because its getting cold and icky out.

“Mischief’s in the air! A fruity, breezy blend of peach, watermelon, neroli and jasmine with air and aquatic notes. But the real star of this fragrance? Fresh, ripe bananas!”

As you can see you do get 8 items in the box that are all deluxe sample sized. You are probably thinking that this box is expensive for what you get but let me just say that yes its deluxe sized samples but they are completely full no half empty bottles or containers. They are all hand made and I think that says alot about this company and they have the best customer service. Plus don’t forget you do get a $10 off future order coupon in each and every box. Plus you know you will get many uses out of the items and that its not all one use only.

For me I love this kind of subscription so I will always continue to subscribe. Its nice to get to try out the new scents of the season.

Have you tried this yet?