Beauty Box 5 September, October & November


Beauty Box 5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling program that delivers a box filled with 5 cosmetic samples to your door every month. Aimed at introducing women to new cosmetic products and educating them on best practices, Beauty Box 5 scours the market to find the best products for your lifestyle.

There is three subscription options: $12/monthly, $30 quarterly and $99 yearly.

I opted to pay monthly just in case there is any issues.

I believe I have been with Beauty Box 5 for over a year now and I am always on the fence about this one. Its like all beauty boxes there will always be hits and misses with them. Although looking at the last three months its been a lot of misses lately. What do you think?

I am combining the last three months of Beauty Box 5 in one post.



This months theme was Balancing Act and its suppose to be their fall favorites. I have to say that there really isn’t anything that wows me about this months box. Here is what I got:

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers (SRV $1.99). This is something I would never buy for myself so this is nice to have. They will be used.

Natural Style by FUBU Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash (SRV $9.99 for 12oz/ sample size is 2x .5fl. oz so roughly $1.00) I like trying hair care items so this will be used and tried.

Chrislie Formulations 3-in-1 Eye Bright (SRV $40.00 for 0.5 fl oz/ sample size of 0.17 oz about $13.60) this is used around your eyes to smooth, brighten and firm your eyes.


My Beauty Spot nailpolish (SRV $24.99 for a set of 6 $4.16/bottle) I have never heard of this brand before and looking at the polish its looks like a really nice color with glitter. I applied it and it went on really nice but once it dried it had a rough texture. Something I am not a fan of personally. I have no idea what color it is and honestly I don’t think I would spend $4.16 on a bottle of nail polish from a brand I didn’t know.



This is the Nicka K New York Eyelight Crayon. (SRV $4.49) This is another full size item and its in the shade Violet. I really liked the color although looking at the picture it comes off a different shade like a dusty rose. This is something I would use.

Total SRV of the box is about $25.25 The box did pay for itself but I guess I was thinking it would have been more fall item related.



This months theme was Effortless Allure. I always get a little confused with a theme and the products of some of these boxes and October’s box fell right into that slot.

Chapstick Hydrating Lock 24 hour care. (SRV $2.99 for 0.154oz)I have actually been waiting to try this and haven’t seen it yet in Canada. Its a duo. One end is a day time with sunscreen of SPF 12 and the other end is a night one. I love that idea and this is something that I will be using. There is a bit of a scent but nothing bad. I have been using it and its just like your regular chapstick.

Extend Your Beauty is a cosmetic tool that you can use to scrap up product you can reach or get to. (SRV $5.49) this will be used and I can finally stop using a coffee stir stick to get product out. I love that the tip is made of rubber so it will last awhile.

Lashem Picture Perfect. (SRV$3.95 for 0.5fl oz/ sample size is 0.17oz  $13.60). It seems like Lash Em is the biggest thing since we seem to be getting alot of things from them lately. It claims to be a nourishing serum that will reduce the fine lines for a goregous glow. Curious to see if it will live up that.


Nanacoco Nail Polish. (SRV $3.95 0.4fl oz in the shade Romantic Cruise.  For me this isn’t a fall color and more of a spring color. I am way to pale to wear this now and its a shame that they couldn’t have thought more about a fall/winter shade when sending out the polishes. I have to say that I really don’t like the formula of it. You really have to apply light coats to avoid streaking.



Bellapierre  Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stain in Pink (SRV 19.99 0.31oz / sample size 0.176oz $11.35) it  does seem like a really nice pink shade. Not sure if I will use it as a cheek stain or a lip stain but I do know it won’t be both.

Total SRV of the box this month is $37.38 There were a few things that I was excited about and will be using and thats the Chapstick and the tool.


The theme for the November box is Gracefully Grounded. I feel as though the items this month really have no connection with the theme with the exception of this is the box that might make be cancel Beauty Box 5.

Afterfeather Refillable Travel Bottles (SRV $8.95 for a set of 2  2fl oz bottles /1 bottle $4.48) When I opened the box I had to say I was like really you send one bottle to us. They aren’t that expensive and I think they could have sent us the full thing. Honestly when it comes to travelling I tend to go out and buy the samples we need so that I don’t have to lug anything back home with us or take what samples I have. The bottle is cute.

DenTek Floss Picks + case (SRV $2.49 for 4 and mine had a case with 6 pics in it SRV $0.62) I really wasn’t impressed with this and this is why I think at times these beauty boxes are just throwing what ever they have gotten in a box with no real thinking behind it.  Although to their deffence they did show a video showing how you could use this for dotting and stripping with nail polish.

HASK Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil (SRV 2.99 for 5/8fl oz) here is another beef I have with subscription boxes. I will probably use this since I love trying out different hair care items.

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash (SRV$ 6.49 for 22oz/ sample size 1.8 flo oz for roughly $0.48) I don’t mind body washes because they are perfect to have for traveling but I wish it would be something new and not something that I can readily buy at the Dollarstore, target or walmart.



Laura Ashley Body Butter (SRV $20.00 for a set of 6/1.75oz/ sample is 1 $3.33) Sadly my container was cracked and had to transfer to another bottle and when I opened it it looked like someone or someones tried it. I got Sweet Peony. I did like the scent of it and it would be a perfect spring scent. Not something I would wear now with the colder weather upon us. I tend to go towards lotions/body butters for drier skin.

Total SRV of this months box is $11.90. I have to say I was diappointed in the box and I seriously think that if Decembers is bad that this will be it. I have no choice but to cancel. There was really nothing that impressed me.

What do you think?