Book Blitz: Her Bodyguard in Bliss by Freda Ann

Her Bodyguard in Bliss
Freda Ann
(A Bliss Cay Novella, #5)
Publication date: May 16th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Chance McNally is a former Navy Seal and a hot-headed Irishman who’s at the end of his rope trying to balance a new job while raising a difficult teenage daughter alone.

Along comes Riley Cole, a feisty event planner running a successful business, whose carefully curated life is changed by the constant threat of a dangerous stalker. Afraid for her life, she hires the best bodyguard in Bliss Cay…who happens to be Chance.

With Chance assigned to protect Riley, he must assume the role of her boyfriend in order to keep her safe from danger at all times—a feat easier said than done. When the two are together they’re oil and water, leading to explosive situations as they are forced to tolerate each other’s presence.

With Riley’s world turned upside down over the ever-constant threat of danger, the safety this fake relationship offers is something she realizes she’s been missing in her life. For Chance, Riley may be the spark of fire he needs to finally heal from past traumas.

Will the one person Chance never wanted in his life be the one to persuade him to face a tortured past, and will this relationship stay fiction—or can their growing feelings turn it into fact?

(Book 5 of a standalone series; can be read in any order.)

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“For appearance’s sake, and to give you better access to Riley, I strongly suggest the two of you pretend to be a couple—nothing too serious since she’s here on business.”

“Are you kidding me?” Riley exclaims.

“I don’t know about that, Sloane. No one would believe we’re a couple, we clearly have nothing in common, and not an ounce of chemistry to pull it off.” I rest my hands on my hips, looking at my big sister whose eyes widen.

“Well, at least we agree on something.” Riley responds with a smirk.

“Like I said, Riley, it’s just a suggestion, though it’s one I’m confident can only help to assure your safety. The two of you have been in relationships before so I’m sure you can fake it.”

My sister stands and pulls Riley away from the table to talk to her. I walk over to the window, watching the cars drive by while thinking of the utter torture it would be pretending to be Ms. High and Mighty’s boyfriend, but refrain from expressing my feelings.

After much deliberation, Sloane steps closer and tells me, “It’s settled, Chance.” I join them in the middle of the room, when she adds, “You’re now Riley’s new boyfriend.”

I stifle my reaction, as she continues, “You’ve joined her in Bliss Cay for the summer to get to know each other better. That means you’ll need to study the intel I sent you to make your relationship believable. I trust you’ll fill Riley in on the details she’ll need to know about you to pull this off?”

Looking away, I grit my teeth thinking of this woman being privy to my personal life, but push my feelings aside—at least for now.

“Of course,” I glance at Sloane before facing Riley. “Shall we get you settled into your rental house, Ms. Cole?”

“Yes, that would be perfect, but if we’re supposed to be involved,” she rolls her eyes, “you might as well call me Riley.”

“Fine, as long as you don’t ask me to call you honey,” I glare at her, unable to resist.

Sloane looks at me, flicking her head at the door. “Walk with me for a minute?”

“Sure,” I follow her to the hallway knowing what’s coming.

She faces me crossing her arms and wearing her boss face again. “The tension between you two better not escalate any further Chance, so find a way to civilly deal with our client. If you’ve lost your ability to be professional, despite your personal feelings, then let me know now and I’ll take the job.”

“I admit, the woman knows how to push my buttons, but I can handle her. Everything will smooth over before the day is done. Have faith in me, okay?”


Author Bio:

Freda was born in southern New Jersey but grew up in Florida. She has loved writing her entire life. After retiring from a career in law enforcement, she knew it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a published author.

She’s the author of The Hawaii Series, proudly named from her love of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. It’s a three-book series with all of them written as standalone books.

Freda loves her large family, horses, dogs, cat, and close friends. She hosts monthly family dinners at her home in the country, which she shares with her husband.

She loves baking (she owned and operated a cupcake business for years), cooking, yoga, crocheting, nature and traveling with the love of her life.

What helps her write? Music makes her happy! If music doesn’t give her the right motivation, she puts on a romantic movie, usually from the Hallmark Channel, which she can’t get enough of!

Freda speaks her mind and pushes perfection to its limit. She strives to be her best, most positive self she can be in life. With time, determination, and practice, she believes anything is possible.

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