Book Tour & Review: When Oceans Rise

Book Info:
When Oceans Rise by Robin Alvarez
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publishing Date: May 23, 2023

Submerged in a toxic relationship and disconnected from everyone, she turns to the sea to decide her fate. Its decision? Toss her to the sea witch.

Seventeen-year-old Malaya is cursed. In her family, every girl’s first love ends in death after falling for someone evil. Good thing Malaya’s dream guy isn’t monstrous.

Except the curse is real and preventing Malaya from noticing how much he has gaslit and isolated her until she can’t be saved. With no other options, the sea witch is the only one to help her. Bartering her voice for a new life where she and her abusive boyfriend never met, Malaya accidentally swaps places with an alternate timeline version of herself who didn’t make her mistakes. As she tries to undo the switch, the sea witch uses Malaya’s voice to unleash Filipino mythological creatures into the worlds.

Can a champion, an alternate timeline sister, and Malaya fight these beasts and stop the sea witch before she destroys both timelines?
Content Warning: gaslighting, one paragraph with physical abuse

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Before I begin my review I quickly have to thank TBR and Beyond Tours for allowing me to be a part of this book tour and for graciously providing me with an eArc of the book for my review today.

Speaking of the book isn’t the cover gorgeous? I absolutely love the cover.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really enjoyed this and that is only because I normally don’t read fantasy books. This was fairly a quick read and one that I really enjoyed. So much so that I ended up ordering a physical copy of the book because I really want to reread this one again. I tried not to speed through the book but at times it was hard. I definitely plan on picking up future books by Robin.

As I was reading I definitely could feel the vibes of The Little Mermaid and I have to say this version was really good. But there was also a little bit of a Filipino touch with monsters, mythology, and gods. Which I think really added to the story. I definitely need to read more retellings and I saw this every time I read one.

Our main character is Malaya a cursed seventeen-year-old girl.  In her family, every girl’s first love ends in death after falling for someone evil. Can you imagine carrying that burden with you?

But thankfully for Malaya, her boyfriend isn’t evil, or at least that’s what she thinks. We all know that he has to be right. This curse is real and it’s got a hold on Malaya. She can’t see that he is isolating her. Malaya looks to the ocean for answers and knows that the sea witch is probably the only one who can help her although it comes with a price, but is Malaya willing to give in for it?

One thing that is definitely different is the alternating timeline. I wasn’t sure how it would work within the story but it did work.

One thing I really enjoyed was the fact it felt like you were a part of the story if that makes sense. I think it’s because as a reader we knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling.

This wasn’t a happy-go-lucky kind of book. It tackled a tough issue. It was very realistic and very impactful.

If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid and are looking for a really good retelling then I have to recommend this. I think you would enjoy it.

About the Author:
Robin Alvarez is the author of the #1 New Release YA Ethnic Fairy Tale When Oceans Rise (May 2023). Strong female characters, mythological creatures, and mixed-race perspective are hallmarks of her work. While she’s spent the majority of her life in beach towns, having almost drowned several times, she currently resides in a desert where the waters are less likely to kill her.
Robin’s work has been featured on OwlCrate, ABC, and NBC news affiliates.

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Book Tour & Review: Lost in Taiwan

Book Info:
Lost in Taiwan by Mark Crilley
Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary
Publishing Date: May 23, 2023

A story about stepping out of your comfort zone—literally—on an unlikely journey to making new connections and learning to explore the big wide world around you, Lost In Taiwan is the latest from celebrated graphic novelist Mark Crilley.


The last thing he’s interested in is exploring new countries or experiencing anything that might be described as “cultural enrichment.” But like it or not, he’s stuck with his brother, Theo, for two weeks in Taiwan, a place that—while fascinating to Theo—holds no interest to Paul at all.

While on a short trip to a local electronics store, Paul becomes hopelessly lost in Taiwan’s twisting, narrow streets, and he has no choice but to explore this new environment in his quest to find his way back to Theo’s apartment.

In an unfamiliar place with no friends—and no GPS!—there’s no telling what adventures he could happen upon. And who knows? Maybe it turns out he has friends in Taiwan, after all.
Content Warning: Racial microaggressions

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Before I begin my review I quickly have to thank TBR and Beyond Tours for allowing me to be a part of this book tour and for graciously providing me with an eArc of the book to read for my review today.

I always loved reading a great middle-grade graphic novel. They are the perfect books to read to get you out of that reading slump and boy did that reading slump hit me a bit. I definitely have plans on picking this up the next time I am at the bookstore and adding it to my collection.

I love the illustrations.

This was a super quick and fun read. I am pretty sure I will be rereading this over and over again.

Our main character is Paul and the last thing he wants to do is travel anywhere. He is content doing what he is doing. He is not interested in seeing new things or doing things for the culture. He really wants no part of it. So imagine Paul’s surprise when he is stuck with his brother Theo for two weeks in Taiwan. Taiwan is Theo’s thing. He is completely fascinated with it.

Paul thinking he is okay ends up getting lost on the narrow twisting streets on the way back to Theo’s apartment. He doesn’t know anyone and he has no GPS. What is he to do? You can sit and wallow or you can take advantage and explore. That’s exactly what he does. What happens will make Paul realize a lot of things.

I definitely want to check out Mark’s other works.

About the Author:
Mark Crilley is an American comic book creator and children’s book author/illustrator. He is the creator of Miki Falls, Akiko, and Brody’s Ghost. He is also noted for his instructional videos for drawing in the manga-style. Crilley distributes drawing advice to artists via YouTube videos and his DeviantArt account. In August 2010, he starred in some how to draw videos for Funimation on demand. Mark Crilley’s wife is Miki Crilley who he named Miki Falls after. The two have a daughter, Mio, and a son, Matthew.

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Book Tour & Review: Picture Perfect Boyfriend by Becky Dean

Book Info:
Picture Perfect Boyfriend by Becky Dean
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publishing Date: May 23, 2023

Two strangers, one tropical island, and lots of lies in this funny beach romance from the author of Love & Other Great Expectations!

Aspiring nature photographer Kenzie Reed just can’t get her straitlaced family of optometrists to take her art seriously. She’s resigned to putting aside her dreams and accepting the depressing life that awaits her at the family business. She even makes up a fake, boring boyfriend—Jacob—to get her parents off her back.

But when the Reeds arrive in Hawaii for spring break, Kenzie is shocked that “Jacob” shows up at the airport—and joins their vacation. Kenzie can’t reveal him as a fraud without confessing her lie, so she’s stuck playing along while trying to find out who he is.

No way is she going to fall for him—because even though he’s funny, friendly, smart, and cute, he’s also a liar. Isn’t he?
Filled with warm summer breezes and salty sea air, Becky Dean’s Picture-Perfect Boyfriend will sweep you off your feet into a tropical paradise, sun on your shoulders—where love is just around a palm tree.

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Before I begin my review I quickly have to thank TBR and Beyond Tours for allowing me to be a part of this book tour and for graciously providing me with an eArc of the book for my review today.

It was almost this time last year when I read Becky Dean’s debut YA contemporary, Love & Other Great Expectations. So when I saw the email looking for people to be a part of this book tour I quickly had to apply and fingers were crossed that I would be picked and I was beyond excited that I was. Picture Perfect Boyfriend was just as good as her previous book. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. Becky is definitely an author that I will continue to read.

This definitely screams summer read (Hawaii) and is one that I highly recommend reading this summer.  Although the setting of the book is a spring break family getaway.

Our main character is MacKenzie, who is a high school senior. For the past year, she has followed what her parents wanted her to do and they want her to do what they think is best. But for MacKenzie, it’s not what she wants to do, she has different dreams and goals. MacKenzie wants to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. She has no desire to be a part of the family business. MacKenzie has the talent for it but her parents think that this is a viable career choice.

In order to get her parents off her back she comes up with this scheme of a fake boyfriend named Jacob. Now we all know it’s fun and games until Jacob is real and actually in Maui. Little does everyone know but there is more to Jacob than meets the eye. Can they pull this fake boyfriend thing off or will it all blow up?

I loved the interactions between MacKenzie and Jacob. Jacob was funny, cute, and definitely smart. Will MacKenzie really fall for Jacob?

This was such a fun book to read and I couldn’t help but laugh at times. I definitely had a hard time putting it down. But it was so worth it to read this in one day.

About the Author:
Becky Dean is a fan of adventures both real and fictional. When she’s not writing or traveling, she can be found drinking tea, watching science fiction shows or Jane Austen adaptations, or quoting The Lord of the Rings. Though she’s a proud Baylor grad and lives in Texas with her husband, she remains a Southern California girl at heart.

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Book Blitz: Pity Date by Whitney Dineen

Pity Date
Whitney Dineen
(Pity Series, #1)
Publication date: May 18th 2023
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance
I should’ve known it wouldn’t work out.

In all my twenty-nine years, life has never been smooth sailing when a man was involved. Astor Hill was everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner—handsome, successful, and interested in me. Until he started cheating. The cherry on the sundae is finding out the truth less than two weeks before we’re supposed to stand up for our best friends at their wedding.

When a staggeringly good-looking and kind stranger comes to town and offers to take me to the wedding, I jump at his proposal. Who cares if he’s gay? Astor doesn’t need to know that.

She thinks I’m gay?!

I’m taking a vacation from Hollywood and going back to Elk Lake. My grandfather hasn’t been doing well after Gram died and he needs my support. Luckily, I’m between blockbuster movies so I can make the time.

My first stop is Rosemary’s Bakery for one of the gingersnaps I remember so fondly from my childhood. The only problem is that the girl at the counter has eaten them all. After spilling my tea on me, she bursts into tears and tells me her troubles. I should be annoyed but I’m oddly charmed.

I know what it’s like to be dumped by a cheater, so I do the only thing I can think of: I offer to take her to the wedding to make her ex jealous. Unfortunately, with the help of the tabloids, things quickly spiral out of control…

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I’ve had an invisible target painted on me that only members of the opposite sex can see. And boy are they determined to shoot me through the heart.

It started with Bobby McEntire in the first grade. My best friend, Anna, used to help me chase him around the playground as a way of declaring my undying devotion. He missed the point entirely and tripped me so that I fell face first into a mud puddle. That single act of war ended any love I’d once felt for him.

In the fourth grade, Kenny Franks caught my eye. He wasn’t the typical boy girls pined for, which made me think he could possibly share my feelings. He had moderately bucked teeth, a nose that turned up just enough to appear porcine, and he wore glasses. Surely, I was enough to catch the heart of one such as him.

Alas, when I asked him to be my boyfriend on Sadie Hawkins Day that same year, he laughed in my face. Laughed. At me. The disdain I felt lasted through our senior year in high school. When he approached me at a friend’s graduation party and asked why I hated him so much, I reverted to childish ways and threw my drink on him before walking away. How dare he forget his transgression?

Then there was that tourist I kissed—my first!—at a beach party the summer before my freshman year. I never got his name, nor did I see him any summers after that. I can’t really say what I felt for him was love, but a definite hormonal reaction took place. Also, I may have pretended that he was my long-distance boyfriend at Katie Ramsey’s big back to school sleepover the week before we entered the hallowed halls of Elk Creek High School. Go, Crappies!—as in the fish, not the poop emoji.

In high school, I was all about Adam Sanchez. Adam was so far out of my league, I knew nothing could ever come of us, but that didn’t stop my fantasies. I spent the whole four years imagining scenarios where he would claim me for his own. My favorite was the one where he strode into the lunchroom like a rock star taking center stage. He stopped right in front of me before loudly declaring my perfection to one and all. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to homecoming/prom/the spring formal—basically, whichever dance was on the horizon. None of that ever happened.


Junior year in college, I thought I’d found my life partner in Trevor Blake. Trevor was your typical tall, dark, and handsome specimen. He was sporty and studious. But more important than both of those things, he had a sense of humor that kept me laughing. The only problem was that after a year of dating, Trevor still hadn’t put any serious moves on me. When confronted with why, he claimed it was because he wanted us to save ourselves until we were married.

He saw us getting married, so, yay! But also, we did not live in Victorian times, so it was kind of hard to trust that was the real reason. In retrospect, I’m hugely grateful I didn’t believe him. A happenstance that was firmly cemented when I caught him making out with his roommate at a kegger their fraternity was throwing. As far as gaydar goes, I didn’t have any.

I dated a few different guys in my twenties, but none of them sent my heart into atrial fibrillation. I simply enjoyed going out with them while I was waiting for “the one.”

Enter Astor Hill. I knew he was it for me the night we met. One look at his sandy-haired Leonardo de Caprio (from Titanic) savoir faire, and my heart rate took off like a particularly vigorous Fourth of July fireworks display. Boom, boom, boom! Everything about him shouted he was destined to be Mr. Faith Reynolds. Although, I’m sure I would have taken his last name instead. I mean, Faith Hill worked so well for, you know … Faith Hill, that I was sure to have equal success. Even though I was no singer …

But then Astor showed his true colors and once again I was left behind. That’s when I should have probably converted to Catholicism and committed my life to God, a la the convent life.

I might have actually done that too, had it not been for the pity date …

Author Bio:

Whitney loves to laugh, play with her kids, bake, and eat french fries — not always in that order.

Whitney is a multi-award-winning author of romcoms, non-fiction humor, and middle reader fiction. Basically, she writes whatever the voices in her head tell her to.

She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, Jimmy, where they raise children, chickens, and organic vegetables.

Gold Medal winner at the International Readers’ Favorite Awards, 2017.

Silver medal winner at the International Readers’ Favorite Awards, 2015, 2016.

Finalist RONE Awards, 2016.

Finalist at the IRFA 2016, 2017.

Finalist at the Book Excellence Awards, 2017

Finalist Top Shelf Indie Book Awards, 2017

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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Book Blitz: Dirty Billionaires

Dirty Billionaires: A Dark Romance Anthology
Publication date: May 16th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Taking what they want… these Billionaires don’t play by anyone’s rules—consequences be damned.
Get ready to be owned, dominated, and consumed by these DARK and DIRTY alpha-holes…

In a world where money is no object, Dirty Billionaires will test your boundaries by blurring the lines between right and wrong. Living in shades of gray, they exude the right combination of sex and sin to drive you out of your mind with desire.

If you can’t handle being spanked or a kinky side that pushes your limits, this anthology may be more than you’re ready for. These Billionaires might be rough around the edges, but when they find someone they want—they’ll show them exactly what being loved by them means.

Owning them body and soul… forever.

Grab this Dark Romance Anthology including Stories By:

USA Today Bestselling Author Dori Pulitano
USA Today Bestselling Author Sahara Roberts
USA Today Bestselling Author Lux Miller writing as Paedon Sims
USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Stephens
Bestselling Author Simone Leigh
Author Ivy Nelson
Author Isabel Jolie
Author Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Author Eve Pendle writing as Evie Rose
Author Finley Brown
Author Sass Green
Author Fiona Allen

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


Deal with the Devil by Dori Pulitano

“Miss Stone. We’re not calling the police… yet. But I need you to tell me why you’ve been selling photos of people’s private business to the tabloids. It’s going to create a fucked-up situation for my club and now for Mr. Winston.”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Dalton.” I glance over my shoulder at him. “Go to Mr. Winston and his manager. Tell them I’ll be there shortly. Then we can decide what to do with Miss Stone.”

“Dom?” His tone is filled with worry. “Shouldn’t we call alert the authorities?”

“No. Do what I asked.”

“Are you sure about that, sir?” Danny questions my reaction. “There’s no telling what she’s done.”

“Danny, return to the floor and do your job. I’ll take care of this matter. Please keep this between the three of us for now.”

“Yes, sir.”

The sound of the door clicking tells me they’ve left me alone with Miss Stone. “Now. What do you suppose I should do with you, Miss Stone? You’ve ignored every policy I have in place here at the club to violate a client’s privacy and are likely responsible for the recent spotlight aimed at Mr. Winston’s reputation.”

My cock throbs at the way she bows her head and stares at her feet. “I’ll do anything. Please.” Her voice is barely a whisper.

The mere notion this girl is submissive has my dick threatening to split open the zipper on my pants. “How old are you, Miss Stone?”

She twists her fingers in her lap. “Twenty-three.”

The lie rolls off her tongue, making me wonder if she’s even legal. “Twenty-three, huh? Are you married? Have a boyfriend?”

“Nn—nno.” She stutters her answer, her eyes lifting slightly to look at me. “Why?”

“What about family? I assume you live in the area?”

Her back stiffens as she looks me in the eye. “It’s just me and I live close to here.”

I snort, knowing damn well the apartments close by are shit holes. It’s the only negative about the club’s location. But trying to get an upscale community to let me put in a club with the specialty Vibe caters to wasn’t going to happen. Doesn’t matter—the clients here would not care less if I put Vibe on a desert island. They’d still show up and pay the hefty membership fee.

“What are you going to do with me?”

Mistaking Stone by Amy Stephens

“Oh, my, what have we here,” I whisper into her hair and run one of my fingers along her fold. She’s so slick, it’s easy to add a second one. Up and down, she begins to squirm and moan.

Hmm, I wonder if I can make her scream?

Placing her hand on top of mine, she guides my fingers to her sweet spot. I rub the delicate tissue, gently and effortlessly, all the while imagining what it would feel like against my tongue. Dear brother, you didn’t realize a good thing when you had it.

The back of the seat begins to lower, opening up the area for me to visit.

“Does this seat have a massager?” she giggles.

“Does the car have four wheels?”

“You’re such a tease, Stone Arlington.”

We’ll see who’s a tease when I get done with you, my princess.

With my right hand on her tit, roughly kneading it, and my left hand shoved between her legs, I thrust one finger inside her soaking wet pussy. It goes in easily and I quickly add a second finger.

I nod my head when I hear the seat massager come to life. Her hips begin to raise then lower as the massager goes from the middle of the seat to the bottom.

“You must be left-handed,” she says barely above a whisper.

“Baby, there’s talent in both of these hands, but yes, I’m a lefty. Don’t worry, though. You haven’t felt anything yet.” And with that, I drive a third finger inside, spreading her even wider.


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Book Blitz: To Love A Thief by Delta James

To Love a Thief
Delta James
(Relentless Pursuit, #1)
Publication date: May 19th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
When the thief he is chasing becomes more than just a job, will the distraction be his undoing or her death sentence?

Claire Mitchell is a master jewel thief, who has a secret. Although the thrill of the heist is exciting there is a reason behind her choice of profession. Family honor above all else. It was the perfect plan… until he interfered.

Ryland Fletcher is the investigator determined to catch her. As he tracks Claire and gets to know her he finds there are more questions than answers. He doesn’t trust the beautiful thief in his bed but it doesn’t stop him from wanting her. The risk is life or death but the rewards are too great to resist.

What begins as a heist of the century turns into a game of cat and mouse. When their game of cat and mouse turns deadly it’s time to bring her in.

Goodreads / Amazon


“I swear you’re going to be the death of me,” said Mia as Claire slipped into the nondescript van.

“Only if you plan to die having too much fun.”

With a wry grin, Mia shook her head. “We’ve got a glitch in the Grenadine Necklace job.”

“What kind of glitch?”

“The insurance company has asked that at the close of tonight’s fundraising event that the necklace be pulled from public display and returned to Paris. They plan to have armed guards remove it from the case and walk it out to the armed elevator down to the secure parking lot, into an armored truck and then to a private airport to be taken back to Paris via a private plane.”

“Shit. I want that necklace.”

“It’s worth a small fortune and the insurance company was iffy about allowing the Petacci family to exhibit it at all.”

“Rightfully so. It doesn’t belong to them.”

“No one has ever been able to prove that the Grenadine Necklace didn’t find its way into the family long before Clara.”

“Knowing and being able to prove are entirely two different things, which is why no one has ever been able to wrest it from their greedy grasp until now.”

“You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that you don’t so much as keep a dime from these heists, I would have left you twisting in the wind in Dusseldorf. But like it or not, you, my friend, are on the side of the angels. I think you’re going to have to chalk the Grenadine Necklace up to a loss.”

“No. We’ve put in too much time…”

“And if we get caught?”

“We won’t. Let me think a minute.” Claire brought her fist up toward her face, bouncing the back of her thumb on her lips.

“While you’re coming up with something, you should know, I think someone may be on to us.”

“Why do you say that?”

“When I was running my routine this afternoon, the program found two clandestine hits against our firewall at specific enough times that I don’t believe they were random. The first one was the day before the last job in Milan; I might have written that one off to an anomaly. But the second one was just this morning. I think someone is phishing.”

Claire looked at Mia and smiled. “It’s not like you to just dump a big problem in my lap. What are you thinking?”

“You know me too well,” she said with an impish grin. “There is a small—a very small—chance that you still might be able to snatch the necklace. Their plan is to send it out with armed guards who will exit via the still under construction new gallery. Their thinking is that it’s wide open, and no one can sneak up on them…”

“But you know better.” Despite what Mia liked to tell herself, she got just as much of a buzz out of pulling off these capers as Claire.

“I do. There’s a small piece of ducting that runs from the women’s loo. We take a canister with knock-out gas and roll it down to them. The loo is right around the corner from the new gallery. Once their down, you slip in, grab the thing and then walk out with the rest of the people at the fundraiser.”

Claire returned Mia’s wicked smile. “I like it. Simple, elegant, and no one gets hurt. And who will I be this evening?”

“Luckily, it wasn’t invitation only. Tickets were offered exclusively to those who made the right donation…”

“I take it you made the right donation?”


Author Bio:

As a USA Today bestselling romance author, Delta James aims to captivate readers with stories about complex,curvy heroines and the dominant alpha males who adore them. For Delta, romance is more than just a love story; it’s a journey with challenges and thrills along the way.

After creating a second chapter for herself that was dramatically different than the first, Delta now resides in Florida where she relaxes on warm summer evenings with her loveable pack of basset hounds as they watch the birds, squirrels and lizards. When not crafting fast-paced tales, she enjoys horseback riding, walks on the beach, and white-water rafting.

More about Delta, including a full list of her books and audiobooks, can be found at

Her readers mean the world to her, and Delta tries to interact personally to as many messages as she can. If you’d like to chat or discuss books, you can find Delta on Instagram, Facebook, and in her private reader group

If you’re looking for your next bingeable series, you can get a FREE story by joining her newsletter

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram


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Review: Sing, Nightingale by Marie Hélène Poitras

Review: Sing, Nightingale by Marie Hélène PoitrasSing, Nightingale by Marie Hélène Poitras, Rhonda Mullins
Published by Coach House Books on February 14, 2023
Pages: 176

Peter Greenaway meets Angela Carter: a Gothic tale of secrets and revenge

Beneath the bright sky of Noirax lies a long tradition of secrets. Generations of men on the Malmaison estate have fathered countless children, both legitimate and not. The women all meet tragic ends or live in the shadows of the estate, and the illegitimate offspring are cared for by nursemaids or sent off to orphanages.

Right now the estate is quiet. But the son is returning home, and the father, worried that the land has been less generous with its sumptuous offerings, decides to bring in a whisperer to make the plants and animals grow. But this whisperer awakens the past. The generations of silenced women will begin to make their voices heard, and the violence lurking under the lush perfumes of the forest will make itself known. The hunters will be hunted and the wolves will howl an announcement of a new reign.

Before I begin my review I quickly have to thank Coach House Books for providing me with an eBook for my review today.

I have to say that the cover is stunning.

This was definitely outside my usual reading genre and I have to say that I definitely want to pick up a physical copy and do a reread of this. I am not going to lie but quite a few times I was saying, what did I just read? I mean that in a good way. It was written beautifully. I loved the poetry and lyrical inserts to it. It’s a rather dark and gothic tale of this mansion’s history in the town of Noirax.

I should mention numerous trigger warnings in the book so be sure to check those out before reading this.

One of the reasons I want to do another reread of this when I get a physical copy is because I read it as an eBook and it was kind of hard to flip back and forth. It was a bit rough trying to figure out if the timeline was present or past. Was this perhaps done for a reason? I think if I was to do a reread I might get more out of the book and understand it a lot more. I definitely will be updating this or redoing another post.

This was originally written in French and was translated into English. Marie Helene is a French Canadian author and Rhonda Mullins who translated the book is also Canadian.


About the Author

Marie Helene Poitras was born in Ottawa and lives in Montreal. She received the Prix Anne-Hebert for her first novel, Soudain le Minotaure (2002, reissued by Alto in 2022; Suddenly the Minotaur, DC Books, 2006). Her short story collection La mort de Mignonne et autres histoires (Alto, 2017) was a finalist for the Prix des libraires du Quebec. While Griffintown (Prix France-Quebec and finalist for the Prix Ringuet) was inspired by her experience as a carriage driver in Old Montreal, Sing, Nightingale, an ode to creation, draws on her travels in the French countryside.