Book Blitz & Review: Harrowing Roses

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This is my post during the book blitz for Harrowing Roses by Barbara Cooper. In this suspenseful paranormal thriller book, Dana tries to save a missing girl, but her own life is in danger too.

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Harrowing Roses

Harrowing Roses
By Barbara Cooper
Genre: Paranormal Suspense Thriller
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 16 December 2021

Lyrical novella, set in surreal marshes.
Illustrations by author.

Can our heroine save the missing girl’s life … and her own?

Dana feels the atmosphere of the marsh seeping into her skin with each day she spends in the cold unwelcoming mansion of her father’s estranged family.

When her young cousin, Debra Lee, mysteriously vanishes, Dana turns to Henry – an attractive neighbor in the isolated cabin nearby, to help her search for her.

Is her cousin dead? What are these strange visions and dreams that her new friend is having … could they be connected to the missing girl?

Despite the hint of something unnatural and strange, Dana is inexplicably drawn to the surrounding woods and to Henry himself.

Does he know more about Debra Lee’s disappearance than he’s revealing… and is it the right time for Dana to start being afraid?



Before I begin my review I quickly want to thank Lola’s Blog Tour and Barbara Cooper who graciously sent me a copy of her book to read for my stop today. It was a nice surprise getting it in the mail so quickly.

I was instantly hooked and read this in one sitting. I have to admit that I never read the synopsis before I begin a book because I want to go into the book blindly.

Our main character Dana and her mother have returned to her father’s family home because her father has run off and left them with nothing. They are trying to get into the family’s good books so to speak. The family does open the doors to them but it’s not very welcoming, to say the least.

While they are there Dana’s cousin goes missing without a trace. This was the point I was curious as to why she would leave? Dana is determined to find her cousin because she knows if anything will bring her closer to her family hopefully. But will she find her in time?

She enlists the help of Henry who lives very close to her because he is supposedly a clairvoyant. If anyone can help it would be him.  Dana is taken in by the supernatural aspects of the book. There is something about the woods that draws her in. You can also see that she is interested in Henry. They have interesting chemistry.

Will they be able to find her cousin alive or is she already dead?

This definitely was filled with mystery and one you wanted to know the ending to. I know I wasn’t expecting that ending or even the last 1/4 of the book to happen. I definitely want to read more of Barbara’s work moving forward.

I just found out that there is a new cover for the book. What do you think of it? I think I actually like the new cover more.

Harrowing Roses (New Edition) by [Barbara Cooper]


You can watch the book trailer here on Youtube

Harrowing Roses contains 10 illustrations by the author.
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Harrowing Roses illustration
Barabar Cooper

About the Author:
Barbara Cooper believes there is more to life — and to love —than meets the eye.

A lifelong fan of beautiful writing, she educated herself in law at university, earning a doctorate degree, and making a name with her works on legal history.

Yet she could not escape the siren song of her imagination. When Harrowing Roses came to her in a dream, she picked up her pen and got to work. Barbara lives in a lake-house surrounded by a landscape imbued with history and magic. She often walks along the nearby water, accompanied by her cats, when they are in the mood.

She enjoys contemplating the unknown through the medium of stories.

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