Q&A w/ Author Lyndi Allison – The Lines Between Our Stars

Having blogged for close to 13 years I still get excited when I speak to authors and even more so when I get the chance to do a Q & A with them. Today I am excited to have the wonderful Lyndi Allison on the blog today. She is the author of  The Line Between Our Stars with is the first book in the Summer Triangle trilogy. This is a debut novel.

About the book:

When a dragon-snake slithers into the lab where fifteen-year-old Jas volunteers, he and his artsy rival, Gloria, teleport to an exoplanet to rescue the life form’s son. Now, the Interplanetary Space Agency is determined to stop them.

With water scarce and few comforts of home, the teens find themselves up against a formidable foe. They’ll have to overcome obstacles together or be stranded on this dusty planet light-years from Earth.


Cindy: Hi Lyndi and welcome to the blog. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this for me. What inspired you to become a writer?

Lyndi: Writing helps me figure things out. I wondered if I could string a few words together to tell a good story that might help someone else figure things out.

Cindy: How long did it take to write The Lines Between Our Stars?

Lyndi: The idea behind this story came to me twenty-five years ago (see my inspiration below) and I began my early research and raw writing twenty years ago. A lot of life happened in these years and I read books and took courses to develop my writing craft. I practice wrote. Scrapped what I wrote. Re-wrote. It took me a long time to discover the story and I struggled to learn how best to share it. Perhaps starting with a trilogy wasn’t the easiest way for me to go. Two years ago, I realized I needed to draft book 2, The Bridges Between Us, and book 3, The Clashing of Our Worlds, in order to complete The Lines Between Our Stars, and the writing moved along quicker.

Cindy: That is really interesting Lyndi because since reading your answer I heard of other authors doing that same thing with their series. What are your writing must-haves?

Lyndi: Beyond basic tools like my laptop and internet access, I need people who listen to me blather about my research, characters, and plot; sustained quiet time to think and write; and trusted critiquers and beta readers to help me hone my writing and know when the story is ready to market. My current need is a connection with my readers. Now a retired teacher, I’ve lost my relationships with young people.

Cindy: What have been your favorite books to read? (from childhood to now)

Lyndi: My hot teen reads were Nancy Drew Mysteries. The way I remember them, Nancy Drew had agency, the smarts and courage to solve cases, and a boyfriend. I’m a fan of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Madelaine L’Engle’s, A Wrinkle in Time Quintet. The characters, images, and ideas of these writers influence my writing. I loved Rebecca Stead’s character Miranda Sinclair, in When You Reach Me. As a teacher, I shared Rick Riordan’s, Percy Jackson Series with junior readers and discussed books like Beth Revis’s Across the Universe Series with teens. Carl Sagan’s, Contact, and Robert Sawyer’s, Flashforward are favorite adult reads.

Cindy: I loved Nancy Drew when I was younger. I just started to recollect the series and I have been rereading them. What great memories it’s bringing back. I really need to read the Chronicles of Narnia as well as the Wrinkle in Time quintet. I have read and enjoyed When You Reach Me as well as Beth Revis’s series. What is your favorite under-appreciated book?

Lyndi: Though it was published in the late 1950s, I enjoyed Have Spacesuit – Will Travel, by Robert A. Heinlein. Just mentioning the story has me hankering to read it again.

Kip from midwest Centerville USA works the summer before college as a pharmacy soda jerk, and wins an authentic stripped-down spacesuit in a soap contest. He answers a distress radio call from Peewee, scrawny rag doll-clutching genius aged 11. With the comforting cop Mother Thing, three-eyed tripod Wormfaces kidnap them to the Moon and Pluto.

Cindy: Can you share with us something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

Lyndi: The Lines Between Our Stars is about how grief, Jas for his baby sister and Gloria for her dad, influences their decisions. They struggle to communicate “to a place of understanding” with each other, other life forms, and their parents. Gloria uses literature to interpret their circumstances so I played with allusions, everything from nursery rhymes to Shakespeare and Greek myth. In book 2, readers will see Jas’ mathematical perspective come more into play.

Cindy: Do you write listening to music? If so, what would be the playlist for the book?

Lyndi: I prefer quiet, although I am inspired by Roberto Hernandez and Les Fradkin’s words, music, and artistry.

Cindy: Are you currently working on anything new? If so are you able to share with us?

Lyndi: Book 2, The Bridges Between Us is close to release and I am re-writing book 3, The Clashing of Our Worlds, which will complete The Summer Triangle Series. I’ve begun the research for a second trilogy entitled The Winter Triangle though I haven’t decided for sure to write it. I am also honing flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and personal essays to compile in an anthology.

Cindy:  I can’t wait to read The Bridges Between Us. What book (s) are currently on your bedside table?

Lyndi: I recently discovered Rae Knightly’s middle-grade Alien Skill Series, Cristy Watson’s On Cue, and Barbara Baker’s newly released young adult debut novel Summer of Lies.

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Cindy: Those books sound really interesting I will definitely have to look those up.  When you’re not writing what do you like to do?

Lyndi: I offer writing workshops and retreats in Panama’s natural writing spaces. You’ll also find me hiking mountain trails to beautiful vistas and waterfalls, walking the beach collecting shells and sand dollars, and selling handmade products to support the Kuna people. I also enjoy travelling.

Cindy: If we were to look at your desk what would we be surprised to find or discover?

Lyndi: My desk is a folding table I set up on my back porch or in my bohio where I write listening to the wind blow through the palm fronds. Near my desk, a basket overflows with shells, coral, driftwood, and sea glass. Every day in Panama is another beautiful summer day regardless of whether it is dry or rainy season. If it gets too hot and humid, or I need a break, I hop in the pool and exercise.

Cindy: That’s one of the things that I miss about living in Northern New Brunswick is taking a walk along the beach and finding sea glass on the shore. What is the inspiration behind The Lines Between Our Stars?

Lyndi: While stargazing around a campfire, many children and teens shared the grief they carry. I was struck by how challenging it is to help youth who grieve and was inspired to write about teens who process it. I chose a novella-length story because my students were looking for good stories told in a few words.

Cindy: I am a fan of novella-length stories and I think a lot of teens love those kinds of books. Thanks so much for doing this. I look forward to sharing your next book with my readers.

Lyndi: Thank you so much for the opportunity.

About The Author:

As a tween, Lyndi walked miles to borrow books from the bookmobile and found quiet places to read them. Now she writes stories for young readers and helps other writers with their writing projects.

A retired high school teacher, mother of three adult children, and community youth volunteer, Lyndi moved with her husband to Panama where she hosts writing workshops, tours and retreats in nature and at Tranquilo Retreat. Often ideas come to her as she walks the beach and hikes in the mountains.

While stargazing around a campfire, many children and teens shared the grief they carried. Lyndi was struck by how challenging it is to help youth who grieve and was inspired to write the Summer Triangle Trilogy.




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