Book Review: The Lines Between Our Stars

Book Review: The Lines Between Our StarsThe Lines Between Our Stars (The Summer Triangle Trilogy, #1) by Lyndi Allison
Published by Word Tour Press on March 31, 2021

When a dragon-snake slithers into the lab where fifteen-year-old Jas volunteers, he and his artsy rival, Gloria, teleport to an exoplanet to rescue the life form’s son. Now, the Interplanetary Space Agency is determined to stop them.
With water scarce and few comforts of home, the teens find themselves up against a formidable foe. They’ll have to overcome obstacles together or be stranded on this dusty planet light-years from Earth.

I know I probably say this all the time but one of the best things about book blogging is getting to discover new books and authors that I don’t hear about and I love sharing them because perhaps the book review or author will pique your interest. So, I was thrilled when Lyndi Allison reached out to me about her debut novel The Lines Between Our Stars, and if I would be interested in reading and reviewing it.

As you sit reading this you are probably saying to yourself that this isn’t a book Cindy normally reads and you would be right but there comes a point where you need to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, what do you have to lose right?

I am so happy that I said yes to read and review the book. It’s a super quick read that I pretty much read in one sitting. It’s a novella-length story. Perfect for teens and adults. This is the first book in a trilogy.

I have always wanted to dapple in science fiction and tried before with book recommendations but could never get into the book so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was able to get into this and instantly upon finishing said I need to finish this trilogy. It’s really good.

The Lines Between Our Stars follows Jas (Jason) and Gloria (who is the daughter of his mentor) and it’s set in the future. One thing that was really interesting where they live there is a curfew and as I was reading it we were in a curfew as well so that made the book seem so much more believable. One night while Jas is in the lab a dragon-like snake enters causing havoc. He needs their help to rescue the son who just happens to live on Rhea.

Rhea is a distant planet. Without hesitation Jas agrees to help and will teleport themselves to Rhea to help. The only problem is, is that the Interplanetary Space Agency wants to control and stop all kinds of communications. What will happen when they find out there was communication between the two planets and that Jas and Gloria are there? Rhea is not exactly like they thought it would be. It’s dry, dusty, and barren. Will Jas and Gloria be able to survive this unforgiving environment?

You know it won’t be a smooth rescue because that will be too easy right? I don’t want to say too much because I have been known to give away details. So, if you are curious about the book I highly recommend you pick it up to read.

Right from the get-go it’s twist and turns that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. I am excited to see where this storyline goes.

Thanks once again Lyndi for reaching out.