Review/ The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements

One of the things I truly love about being a book blogger and working with publishers is that I get to discover new books and new authors. This was the case for The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements. I was contacted by Simon & Schuster UK asking if I would be interested in reading this and I was. I have to say that I am so happy that I did because I absolutely loved the book and since reading this I managed to find two of her books on the bargain table at Chapters that I had picked up and one will be reviewed tomorrow on my blog.

She has five previous books and they are all stand alones so you don’t have to worry about this being a series of books.

I just have to say this before beginning my review, all of Abby’s books have the cutest covers and I love them all. I tend to find that all the books coming out if the UK always have the best covers. Is that just me?

This month I am trying to post as many Christmas book reviews as I can (to give you some stocking stuffer ideas for the book lover in your life)  so I have to say this is sort of a Christmasy read but I would say its more of a winter read. Its the perfect read for this month in my opinion. I love reading light, heart warming, magical kind of books this time of the year. Its a quick and easy read.

Hazel and her twin sister, Lila are living and working in London. It has always been Hazel and Lila and then Lila meets Ollie and they fall in love and are getting married. So with that Lila is moving out of the flat leaving Hazel to wonder about her own life. She is trying to have it all and she is trying to make it work. She wants things to stay like they are but she realizes that they aren’t. So the first step she makes is finding a roommate and thankfully someone at her work (Amber) is looking for a place.

I think Hazel and Amber make the perfect team and they seem to compliment each other.

Things getting interesting when Lila asks Hazel to help with the wedding planning because she is busy with her dancing. Lila takes her up on it because her real life job is the pits and she is tired of being tried like crap and busting her butt off for nothing really. She works hard and someone else takes the credit with no chance and advnancing.

Hazel quickly realizes how much she is enjoying the wedding planning and seeing her sister’s wedding turn into a success she is quickly snatched by friends of Lila and Ollie’s to plan their weddings. Hazel has to decide does she risk it all and go out on her own or does she stay with what she knows?

I loved this book and the characters and I can’t wait to read more of Abby’s books.