Review/ Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Abby Clements

After reading The Winter Wedding I couldn’t wait to dive into Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by Abby Clements. I was so happy that I found this at chapters and the added bonus was it was on the bargain table.

I have to start off by saying I love the cover. Its prettier in person.

This was Abby Clements debut novel and since then she has written six books in total and I have to say after reading two of them I really want to read her other books. One quick thing I should add is that in the back of this book there is a recipe for gingerbread stars and a DIY for a snow globe.

Rachel and Laurie were high school best friends and I think they always envisioned they would be but once out of high school the friends parted ways and grew apart which is normal with most friendships. For Rachel she got married young and had kids and they are living that life of being in a small city with the white picket fence living life and enjoying the simpler things. While Laurie is single. living in the city and has all she can have in life. She has the career in fashion and things are going good until she makes a mistake that could cost her her job. It almost does when she is asked to take a leave of absence.

Its almost a blessing in disguise when out of the blue Rachel contacts Laurie to see if it would be possible to stay with her in London while her mother in law is in the hospital. With things heading south fast Laurie suggests a house swap. This is the perfect thing Laurie need to get out of the city. Both quickly realize how the other lives. Each is a bit shocking to the other. How will each other survive in each others worlds?

The only thing I wish for the book was that there was more of an interaction between Rachel and Laurie. I would have loved to seem them rekindle their friendship. I think Laurie would have benefited from having that friendship back in her life again.

I should tell you that the book is told in Rachel and Laurie’s point of views and that each chapter is dated which I thought was find of fun.

As I was reading this I instantly thought of the movie The Holiday which sort of had the same premise behind it which I loved.

I really enjoyed reading this and I have to say it was the pefect book to read at this time of the year. It was just what I needed to read. It was light hearted and perfect. I have to admit that I didn’t want it to end.