August 2016 Book Unhauling


Good Monday morning everyone. Its that time of the month where I show what books I am unhauling this month. Can  you believe that we are already at the end of August? Where is the time going?

I had so much success last year unhauling books that I thought I would continue this again for 2016.

I decided way back in January (2015) that I wanted to document how many books I was giving away each month to see if I was making any kind of dent in my book collection.

I know last year I probably brought in more then I was actually giving away so this year I am trying to be cautious with my book buying and I am giving myself a budget each time I go shopping in hopes that it will curb my spending.

So each month I will be posting about what books I am unhauling and then another monthly post will be what books I physically bought in the month.

Are you a constant book buyer? Can you resist buying books on a weekly bases? Please tell me I am not alone in this?

I am gradually going through the bookcases and the many boxes that I have stored in the basement and doing a purge because this summer with fingers crossed we will get the basement finally renovated and I can purchase new bookcases and set up a library down there. So over the next few months I am expecting larger unhaulings.

Take a look at what I unhauled this month:
(Unless otherwise noted these are books I have read and I am passing them along to another book loving home.)

  1. Let’s Play Make-Believe by James Patterson
  2. The Chase by James Patterson
  3. The Littlest Bigfoot by Jennifer Weiner

So for August  I am releasing only 3 books this month. As you can see I haven’t read much this past month with everything that has gone on.

  • Total for 2016 is 80
  • Total for 2015 is 211