If We Were Having Tea…… #1


I recently saw Jennifer from Mrs.Q Book Addict post this on her blog and I thought it was an interesting idea so I thought I might do this as well. I hope that is okay Jennifer?

If we were having tea….I would tell you that this has been a busy weekend. Yesterday Michael’s hockey team had their 6th game yesterday and they won 6-1. So we are now 2 wins and 4 loses. I would tell you that I love watching Michael skate. In a future post I will share a clip of a game.

If we were having tea….I would tell you that I am taking part in a Literary Tea today with my friend Jennifer who has author John Farrow/Trevor Ferguson coming to her house to speak to about 15-20 people about his books.

If we were having tea….I would tell you that I am so tired and once again this time change has kicked me in the butt. I am waking up at 5:30am every morning and by 8:30pm I am exhausted and I want to go to bed. I would ask if this is effecting you too?

If we were having tea….I would ask if you are doing any Christmas shopping yet? I want to start but I just don’t feel like I have the energy to do so. Its been a rough year with my father in law passing last December and then my mom this past August. We are already talking about a tree and you would think by now my family would know its not happening until after December 5th (my birthday)

If we were having tea….I would tell you that I feel like I am back to my regular reading again and enjoying it. I am slowly making head way through my BEA 2015 books and it feels good to slowly be going through them.

If we were having tea…. I would tell you that I enjoyed today and I look forward to next week in seeing you again.

2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Tea…… #1

    • Cindy says:

      I am hoping to start this week because I would really love to be done come the beginning of December. Thankfully for my niece and two nephews we give them cash because they are young adults and its hard to buy them things.

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