In Bed With A Book #1/ Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

My awesome friend Kate from Midnight Book Girl has introduced a new blog hop/meme to her blog called In Bed With a Book. This was a Sunday feature on her blog (and I believe she is still doing it on Sundays) and its basically a meme that you share what book you are reading today/this week.
There will be a link on her blog every Sunday so you can put your book there no matter what day of the week it is.
I was doing so good with my posts on Sunday but then things in life got in the way so I am thinking that this could be a good way to get back into doing this meme.
Since this is a blog hop you have to check out what everyone else is reading. Now this is a catch 22 because you will discover new blogs but you will always be adding books to your every growing wishlists.
I think for right now I am going to be making this my regular Wednesday posting.
So currently I am reading this:

I am about 5 chapters into the book and so far so good. I am enjoying it. I picked this up at BEA earlier this year.
Have you read this one yet?
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