Fortune Cookie Soap Box Christmas Unboxing

This is one of my all time favorite quarterly subscription boxes that I am currently subscribed to. I have been subscribed now to this for a year and I love it. I use everything I get from the box.
I am never disappointed in the box and you get what you subscribe to.
  • This comes out four times a year.
  • They ship international.
  • You will receive 8 exclusive FCS items in mini sizes (all new scents and new products)
  • a $10 gift code that you can use toward future purchases (does not apply to purchasing a soap box/ gift cards or shipping)
  • You can cancel at anytime
The theme for this box is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I have yet to see this movie and I think I really need to see it very soon. Has anyone seen the movie?
This box smelled so good when I got it and I couldn’t wait to open it up. I did see a sneak peak vlog about it (Rachel is one of my favorite youtubers to do FCS unboxings click here to see her vlog ) so I knew what was in the box but I was still excited to open it and smell all the goodies.
Here is what I got in my box:
The first item is “Jack” Bath Fizzy. The full size sells for $5.99. This is sold out. This smells so good. I got the smell of the woodland moss more then anything. Its a nice smell and I am sure once I put this in the bath it will smell even nicer.

If we had a nickel for every time we called each other a “Jack Head” while we were making this fizzy, we’d be rich! Ha! With notes of iced lemon and airy menthol, warmed by woodland moss and smashed cranberries.


Next up is the “Sally” Fortune Cookie Soap. The full size retails for $3.49. This is sold out. When I opened this up I instantly feel in love with the scent and new right away it was the smell of fresh clean cotton. It looks to cute to use. I love that these items are hand made. Alot of work goes into these.

For our favorite rag doll, we wanted to create a fragrance that just screamed Sally!
Fresh breezes fluttering white cotton, dry cracking leaves, held together by twine.

“Oogie Boogie: OCD Hand Sanitizer. The full size retails for $2.89. There is actually a plastic bug in this. I love their hand sanitizers. They always have the best selection in scents. The only thing I don’t like is the bottles. You can’t really squeeze the product out. I have noticed that the only hand sanitizers I can use without getting a head ache is the FCS ones.

My bugs! MY BUUUUUUGGS!! COME BAAAAAAACK!! A mix of smushed winter berries against a backdrop of sweet muted cinnamon


“Lock, Shock and Barrel” Bath Melt. It come in a package of three and it retails for $10.99. I got the middle one. This is the perfect winter scent in my opinion. You can really smell the trees in this one.

Everyone’s favorite trick-or-treaters! One of each adorable boy in every order. Frosted woods of pine and spruce, warmed with hints of spice.

“Sandy Claws” Exfoliating Body Butter. This is called the Sandy Claws Body Butter on the site and it retails for $10.79. As soon as I opened it I got the hint of chocolate and it smells so good you could almost eat it but don’t. I am excited to try this out.

‘Dis beech will rough you up! They call him Sandy CLAWS for a reason! So anyway, it smells like chocolate and chai and yummyness. Mhm.

“Zero” Dry Shampoo. The full size retails for $9.99. I am excited to try this out. When I smelled it I got more of a pumpkin scent which is really nice. This is available

Not to play favorites, but .. um.. kind of maybe the best fragrance of the entire winter line. Yeah. Ghostly billows of sweet peppermint, with just the faintest whisper of pumpkin.


“Holiday Worlds” Whipped Cream body Butter. This is available in four different body butters such as Easter (the one I have), Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. They sale for $10.99 and as of now they are sold out and Easter is the only one left. I actually got more of the black licorice scent then anything else.

An ooey gooey treat of pink sugar with a smear of black licorice.

Finally the last item is “What’s This?” Roll on Perfume. The full size retails for $7.99.
This is a mystery frangrance. I have smelled this before but just can’t place it but the scent is really nice. This might be my favorite winter scent right now.
To see other items in this limited edition PLEASE CLICK ON THIS
So that was my winter Fortune Cookie Soap box and I love everything and can’t wait to try it all out. What would be the first thing you would use?
Please note that all photos were taken from Fortune Cookie Soap because I forgot my camera at my in laws and I wanted to get this post up asap. This subscription was purchased with my own money.

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