Over a year ago…

I am late in posting this so I apologize.

August 26th 2008 was the day I started to blog. I was always a reader on that one day in August I was bored and was looking around online when I have to admit I stumbled into blogging. Which BTW I am happy I did.

From that day I discovered Library Thing (montrealgirl2005 is me) and shortly after being on Library Thing I got a comments from two local bloggers Tina and then Avis suggesting a meet up. Library Thing was where I was introduced to Donna. We all managed to agree on a date to meet up in October 2008.

Before officially meeting Avis and Tina in October, Donna and I agreed to meet for lunch at The Den and that day was September 24/08. It was funny when we were having lunch I kept having this feeling I had seen Donna somewhere before so we were thinking of places where we would have seen each other.

Finally I think we both realized it was at the library for a author visit with Heather O’Neil (Lullabies for Little Criminals) I had asked Donna to take my picture with Heather. Below are the two pictures Donna took and by the way it was Oct 2007.

When we started meeting for lunch it was every two weeks and then within a few months it turned into a weekly Friday Lunch Date.

I think up until May we were pretty regular with our Friday lunch dates until BEA. That was a long two weeks and we have even said that when a week is missed its long. Its a great way to break up the week and something to look forward too at the end of a week.

Our lunch dates are always spent talking about what books we got in the mail during the week, what books we are reading, upcoming author meet ups and if we are going to go, its basically whatever comes up does.

This summer The Den was closed so we brought our lunch dates to Donna’s house and then mine. I got to see Donna’s book collection (Donna is very organized with her books and I learned a few things) and she got to see my books and my basket system.

The Den is a great place to have lunch and it seems that our orders are pretty regular that Nina (the waitress) knows what we want almost as soon as we walk in the door (soup, coffee and chicken wrap with salad) a few times I have ordered something different but always go back to the usual.

Also The Den makes their own breads, desserts etc right on the premise. This bread is to die for its so good. Everything is fresh baked.

Anyway so its been a year since I have met and gotten to know Donna and what a year it has been. Thanks Donna for being a friend and to many more years of friendship.

You can read Donna’s post here about what she had to say about it all.

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