Three Weddings & a Bar Mitzvah Review

PUB DATE: August 2009

Thank you to Audra at B&B Media group for sending me this book and to First Wild Card Tours for allowing me to be a part of the tour yesterday.

This is the fourth and final book in the 86 Bloomberg Place series by Melody Carlson.

This was my favorite quote in the book and laughed when I read it:

It’s always happy hour somewhere.

That was on page 30. Kendall had just found out her parents were going to come and help with the wedding and she was asking if her mother was drinking.

(I had to insert this picture I took when I was in Lake George this summer. So now I know its true LOL.)

Anyways, if you read her previous three books in 86 Bloomberg Place then you are familiar with the characters in the book. If this is the first time you are hearing about this series then please let me introduce you to Megan, Anna. Kendall and Lelani. They are all living at 86 Bloomberg Place in Kendall’s grandmother’s town house.

Lelani has just returned from Maui with her daughter Emma and she is excited to marry Gil and live happily ever after. We all that is impossible and there is going to be twist and turns to test the faith of these two people. Lelani is hoping to have a simple wedding but she soon realizes that is next to impossible when choosing a date, that will fit into her friends calendar because on the weekend she chooses there is a bar mitzvah, and two other weddings, to her soon to me Latin mother in law who wants this to be the wedding of the century, to Lelani reaching out to her mother and then to Lelani suddenly hearing from Emma’s father. Will Lelani have the dream wedding she is hoping for or will be it out of her control?

Megan is dating Marcus. Marcus has told Megan that he wants to go on a mission to Africa to try and help them. When he announces suddenly that he is all set to go before all the festivities, Megan begins to question her relationship with Marcus. While he is in Africa she doesn’t hear from him apart from a letter the church receives. Then the night before his sister’s wedding Marcus calls Megan to tell her he will be home for the wedding. Why didn’t Marcus write to Megan while he was in Africa?

Anna is Gil’s sister and she is helping plan and organize the wedding. Anna is acting as referee between Lelani and her mother. You can slowly see Anna coming apart. She is questioning her job and her relationship with Edmond when a new intern is brought in and flirts with Edmond. She feels as though she is loosing Edmond until he shocks her. He has a little help from one of her roommates.

Finally Kendall is pregnant and in love. While she was in Maui (previous book) she meets Killiki and falls in love with him. From my understanding in previous books I guess Kendall had an affair with a well known married man and is carrying his baby. Kendall is young, care free and doesn’t have a care in the world or responsibility until she found out she was pregnant and fell in love. Killiki surprises Kendall. Kendall’s world is about to get turned upside down when her parents come to visit and her grandmother dies. Her grandmother has a surprise that no one was really expecting. That shocks Kendall and her family.

First off if you are new to this series then I suggest you don’t read this before reading the previous three books. While I was reading it I have to admit I felt like I was missing so much of the story. I have to say that I didn’t fully enjoy the book as much as I would have liked too. None the less it was a good book. I plan on looking for the previous three books to read.

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