School Days Lunches Review

PUB DATE: August 2006

I recently bought this one on of my journeys to Chapters with Donna.

I normally don’t buy alot of cookbooks because of their price but when I happened to pass by the bargain books I spotted this cookbook on sale for $6.99 (-10% discount with iRewards card) Which would normally sell for about $16. So that alone was a deal in itself.

With Michael in school its hard to pack lunches because the school he goes to has a no peanut policy so I can’t send him to school with a peanut butter sandwich or anything that contains peanuts.

Within a month he is tired of sandwiches, tomato pizzas and wraps so I am always trying to come up with new ideas so when I saw this I had to pick it up. Praying there would be some great suggestions that I could put in his lunches.

I love Company’s Coming cookbooks because the recipes are simple, easy to do and always has great pictures. There is well over a 120 recipes in the book.

So far I have managed to make: Hot Apple Cider (which is very similar to what I have at our monthly meet ups), tomato Beef Stew, Taco Chip Salad, Salami Cheese Sub, Taco Cheese Swirls and Oodles of noodles.

Michael didn’t really like the Hot Apple Cider, but then again I really made that for myself, and he did love everything else I made. Thankfully Michael isn’t a fussy child when it comes to food. He loves to try new things and doesn’t really care for left overs.

What is great about this cookbook is not only is it good for school buts its also good for lunches and dinners at home. There are so many more recipes in the book that I can’t wait to try some more out.

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