One year ago today………..

This time last year (actually at the exact time this is going to post) I got to meet some local book bloggers for the first time Tina and Avis at a local tea Shop in Verdun with Donna. (So, if this was last year we would all be sitting down drinking tea and hot chocolates.)

What a year it has been from talking about our love of books, sharing books, anything book related and just life in general. I have learned so much from everyone this past year and formed a great friendship with them all.

During this past year Donna and I managed to get Tina out to our end of the Island and we took part in the yearly library sale, then stumbled upon a yard sale with proceeds going to Rosie’s Adoptations and then we went for breakfast at The Den, which Tina loved.

Hopefully with Donna’s store opening up soon we will be able to get Avis out here. Linda will be coming out this way Oct 8th to take part in the Kelley Armstrong book signing at Chapters with Donna and I.

Two months ago we added a new blogger to our group Linda and what a great addition she is to our group.

I see some great things happening to our group and perhaps we will make our first official road trip in May to NYC.

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6 thoughts on “One year ago today………..

  1. Linda Ellen says:

    Great post! Wow, it has been exactly 1 year. I hope there are many more to come. I hope our trip to NYC will be a great road trip too. So much happens so quickly, and it seems like with the simple blink of an eye, these events become history. I wish there was more time for everything. =)

    I’ll see you Thursday!

    Oh, and I’ll have to see what The Den is all about. =)

  2. Tina says:

    Hi Cindy: I forgot that today was “the” date! I was actually at the tea room earlier this afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am so happy that I got to meet all you guys – its been such a treat AND we have managed to keep it all going for one year now without an end in sight! I love it.

  3. avisannschild says:

    Cindy, I’m so glad you posted about this! I meant to, but then life got in the way. I also hope that BEA is our first road trip! I love getting together with you guys and going to NYC together would be such a blast!

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