March Happenings

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Where did the month of March go? It just seems like I wrote up my February Happenings just yesterday.

I am still sticking with the two challenges that I joined. The first one is the Buy a Book Read a Book challenge that Amy is hosting. The book I bought and read was Great Hair by Nick Arrojo wrote. You might recognize that name. He is the hair dresser on TLC’s What Not to Wear Show. You can see my review Here. I got inspiration for my new look from his book. To see the new me you can see the New Look

The other challenge that I am taking part in is the 100+ Reading Challenge hosted by J.Kaye. For the month of March I read only 8 books. This brings the total of books read to 31. I have reviewed all the books but three as they are set to post this week.

I was lucky this month with books coming to the door. I got 23 books. One of the books was a won and nine of the books were for Michael. The nine books that Michael got have all been read and reviewed on this blog.

My book buying was a little more then the previous month. I bought two: American Wife and Twilight. Yes I caved and bought the first book. I figured since I read the Kitty books that I would try this book. For Michael I bought him six books from scholastic school orders. Four were french books and the other two were English ones.

Also in March I got together with Tina, Donna and Avis. We met up at our regular little cafe for hot drinks and some lively discussions. I came home with five books. Here is what Books.

Contest wise on my blog this month I am giving away ONE copy of Girls In Trucks and this ends April 13th and the other giveaway is for ONE copy of April Fools Day and this ends April 3rd.

I was very lucky this month and got four awards. These are all special to me because I know that some are reading my blog and I truly appreciate them. Thanks to Lily for the I love your blog, Lily and Luanne for the Este blog investe award,Wrighty for the Sisterhood Award and Daisy for Lets be Friends Award. These are some really great blogs that I always check out and if you haven’t looked at them then I am telling you you should check them out.

Also this month I shared photos of my son’s books. Yes you read that right books. He has two small book cases completely filled as well as a shelf in his closet. I think I might have to pick up another bookcase for him very soon. You can see the pictures Here. I will be posting pictures of my books perhaps in April as a few people have been asking to see them.

That was my month how did yours turn out.

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4 thoughts on “March Happenings

  1. Sandra says:

    31 books in three months is great. I’m jealous that you can get together with fellow bloggers, that has to be fun. :)I know Avis and Tina’s blogs, I’ll have to check out Donna’s. Love your new look and congratulations on all those awards.

  2. Cindy says:

    Kathy-Yea i was impressed with the 8 books i read this month. Even though I was sick.

    Sandra-I keep everything written in a notebook so I know what a read each month and how many I have read. Its alot of fun meeting up with Tina, Avis and Donna. They are all great people in real life. Thanks for the comments on the new look.

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