Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon Review

PUB DATE: March 3, 2009

Thank You to Sterling Kids for sending us Richard Scarry. Michael loves them.

Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon was previously released September 1980.

The time in history is the middle ages. The town is Busylande. The peasants of Busylande live and work the fields around the castle preparing the wheat and the grapes.

One day the King declared a holiday in Busylande. Everyone took part in the festivities from playing ball, to watching the knights jousting to dancing and singing. Everyone was having fun until suddenly there was a cry for help. There was a dragon on the way. Everyone ran to the castle. Everyone was safe except for Princess Lily. Peasant Pig offered to look for her. He looked over the fields but couldn’t see her so he shot Lowly Worm into the air. Lowly spotted her. The dragon had captured her. He told the king and the knights went off to rescue her. But sadly the horses were afraid of the dragon and stopped in their tracks throwing the knights off them. The poor knights were on their back unable to move because their armor was too heavy.

The dragon laughed at them. Cheeky dragon. (As Michael said) Wait its not a real dragon its just a band of robbers dressed up as the dragon. The tied up the knights and stole their armor. The leader of the robbers shot an arrow with a note attached to the castle. It was a ransom note demanding all the gold and jewels in exchange for the princess. Peasant comes up with a plan to trick the dragon instead of gold they use bars of soap. Peasant lands in the grape juicer turning the juice into a soap suds. Forcing all the robbers to rush for water in the moat. Thankfully they forgot to take off their armor and now are stuck in the moat. Although thanks to Big Hilda who falls into the moat the big splash released the robbers. Finding out that there was no dragon Peasant Pig had an idea. He frees the knights and they become the dragon. They scare the robbers and tie them up.

The King see’s the Princess on the back of the dragon thinking she is in danger and not realizing that its Peasant Pig breaking the Princess back puts together a bag of pepper and uses Lowly as the arrow to drop the pepper on the dragon. Once the pepper is dropped everyone sneezes and the costume comes off. The king makes Peasant Pig a knight, Lowly Worm is the jester and the robbers were sent to the dungeon to make soup.

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