May Monthly Happenings

All I have to say is where did the month of May go? Was it just me or did May just seem to fly by?

The Buy-a-Book, Read-a-Book just didn’t happen again this month. There is really no reason why I couldn’t do it but I think I was reading other books that came into my house. This is probably one of the easier challenges to take part in and I am failing miserably at it.

100+ Books Challenge is going a lot better. For May I read 8 books. That will bring my total up to 53 books read for the year. I am reading more books this year then I did last year. All my reviews for these books have been posted.

Alot of books were delivered to my door this past month. The books that came in were from wins, blog tours, book clubs and for the 48 Hour Book Challenge that will be happening on June 5th. Michael was lucky and got 10 books this month.

I didn’t realize how many books I bought on a monthly basis until I started my Books Bought Meme. This month was no exception. Although the last ones I bought I have to blame Jen from Devourer of Books because she started No Bea? Books Anyways post. It was that Friday on BEA I was feeling down so I had the perfect excuse to go and shop. Although I never need a reason to go and shop. Also went to the Friends of the Library annual book sale and I got a ton of books for $30. You can see my post on that.

I ran a few contests on my blog this month. One was for the BEAtwittyparty. All the winners have replied with addresses and they will be out this coming week. I also ran three other contests that I have to announce winners for which I will be doing the first week of June. Sorry for the delay everyone.

This month we did the meet up a little different. Avis was away on vacation so she wasn’t a part of the meet up for May. Donna and I got Tina to come out for the Friends of the Library book sale. We did brunch and walked around the area for a bit. Earlier in the month I met up with Tina at our little coffee shop for a few hours and that was alot of fun but strange not having Avis and Donna there.

This month I was awarded the following awards: Enchanting Award from Missy, Lemonaide Award from Cathy(oesbunny)and Bingo gave me the award too. Then Liyana gave 100 of her bloggers the following awards: one lovely blog, lets be friends, #1 Blogger Award, Flower Bear, You don’t say, Splash award and the 2009 friendly blog award. Thank you so much I appreciate them all.

This month I got to meet a local author by the name of Lori Weber. I first briefly met her one Friday at lunch time with Donna, then I saw her again when we went to brunch and then I saw her again at her book release party. She is truly a super nice friendly author.

As you may have noticed I changed the look of my blog. The new look goes with the business cards I had made. I really liked the design and wanted my blog to reflect the cards.

I want to ask my readers to let me know if you have me on your blog roll or are following me and I will return the favor if I am not following you or your not on my blog roll.

I read all your comments that you leave and I am working on commenting back on your blogs. So patience please. 🙂

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April Happenings

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April has come and gone.

This month was a really busy and crazy month for me personally. If you are a reader of the blog you will know what I mean. I am hoping that May will be a little less crazy.

Only two days into April I burned my right hand. I had 2nd degree burns. I went to the clinic and they put cream on it and had to go back every two days for a bandage change. Just before Easter I was able to take the bandage off. Looking at my hand today its healed very quickly, with a few red spots still visible and some sensitivity to the hand I am thankful it wasn’t worse.

The next big thing that happened this month was my son turned six. That meant party upon party for him. The first one was the family get together that wasn’t so bad we BBQ and kept it simple. The day of his birthday we let him choose supper (McDonalds) and the following Saturday we took 21 kids mini golfing, yes you read that right 21 kids. Now we have one more little party and that will happen in May. Michael wanted to invite some older girls that we know so it will be cake and bowling.

For the Buy a Book Read a Book challenge I have to say that I didn’t get to read the book I was going to read only because it was in paper back and for awhile I found it hard to hold the book because of the burn. I am hoping to make that up if I can next month.

The second challenge was 100+ Books Challenge I read 13 books this month. This brings my total of books read in the challenge to 44. Sadly I am behind in posting my reviews of those books. I have only written reviews for nine books and one of the reviews I have to write is for a book tour that was suppose to be for May but was moved to June.

April was a busy month for books coming in I got 60 books but six was books I won,three are for giveaways in May for Mother’s Day that I was asked to host, five are give aways and roughly twelve of them will be for book tours that are coming up in May and June.

As for my book buying I have to admit that I have bought more then I really needed to. Somehow three news and four used ones for Michael and six new and five used ones followed me to the check out. I couldn’t say no so they came home with me.

In honor of Earth day I ran a special contest and the winner is Myckyee AKA Donna. I also noticed that I forgot to announce the winner of Girls In Trucks book giveaway and the winner is Sheri S at bookopolis. Congrats to both winners. Enjoy your prize wins.

Also it was the local monthly meet up with Tina, Donna and Avis. From the meet up I brought home three books: Dead Cold, Light on Snow and fifty is not a hour letter word. I have to say if I haven’t said it already, I really love meeting up with Tina, Avis and Donna. Its great to talk about blogging, books and hot topics with them. Everyone has a different point of view. Plus I always seem to walk away with a little timbit of info.

I also want to mention that if you happen to see a review I have done and you have done the same review let me know and I will link it to yours. I don’t mind and you can do the same for me just let me know so that I can reciprocate.

Did you know that April 23rd is World Book and Copywrite day? The purpose of World Book and Copyright Day is to pay a worldwide tribute to books and authors and to encourage people to discover the pleasure of reading. It is hoped that this will lead to the renewed respect for those who have made irreplaceable contributions to social and cultural progress. It is also hoped that World Book and Copyright Day will increase people’s understanding of and adherence to copyright laws and other measures to protect intellectual copyright.

Finally to wrap of the month of April I was given the “You don’t say” award from Lilly and the True Fairy Award from Bev. Thank you so very much. They really cheered me up today.

How was your April?

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March Happenings

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Where did the month of March go? It just seems like I wrote up my February Happenings just yesterday.

I am still sticking with the two challenges that I joined. The first one is the Buy a Book Read a Book challenge that Amy is hosting. The book I bought and read was Great Hair by Nick Arrojo wrote. You might recognize that name. He is the hair dresser on TLC’s What Not to Wear Show. You can see my review Here. I got inspiration for my new look from his book. To see the new me you can see the New Look

The other challenge that I am taking part in is the 100+ Reading Challenge hosted by J.Kaye. For the month of March I read only 8 books. This brings the total of books read to 31. I have reviewed all the books but three as they are set to post this week.

I was lucky this month with books coming to the door. I got 23 books. One of the books was a won and nine of the books were for Michael. The nine books that Michael got have all been read and reviewed on this blog.

My book buying was a little more then the previous month. I bought two: American Wife and Twilight. Yes I caved and bought the first book. I figured since I read the Kitty books that I would try this book. For Michael I bought him six books from scholastic school orders. Four were french books and the other two were English ones.

Also in March I got together with Tina, Donna and Avis. We met up at our regular little cafe for hot drinks and some lively discussions. I came home with five books. Here is what Books.

Contest wise on my blog this month I am giving away ONE copy of Girls In Trucks and this ends April 13th and the other giveaway is for ONE copy of April Fools Day and this ends April 3rd.

I was very lucky this month and got four awards. These are all special to me because I know that some are reading my blog and I truly appreciate them. Thanks to Lily for the I love your blog, Lily and Luanne for the Este blog investe award,Wrighty for the Sisterhood Award and Daisy for Lets be Friends Award. These are some really great blogs that I always check out and if you haven’t looked at them then I am telling you you should check them out.

Also this month I shared photos of my son’s books. Yes you read that right books. He has two small book cases completely filled as well as a shelf in his closet. I think I might have to pick up another bookcase for him very soon. You can see the pictures Here. I will be posting pictures of my books perhaps in April as a few people have been asking to see them.

That was my month how did yours turn out.

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February Happenings

Another month has come and gone. Is it just me or is the days just flying by?

I read my second book for the Buy a Book Read a Book Challenge that Amy is hosting. The book I read was Kiss me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson.

Another challenge that I am taking part in is the 100+ Reading Challenge being hosted by J Kaye. This month I read 11 books. To date I have read 19 books.

I managed to read 11 books and all my reviews are posted. I am up to date on the month of Feb thankfully.

I was lucky enough and managed to get 48 books delivered to my door. Of those books 2 of them were book wins. Thanks to Glue_Genie on twitter for the Charlotte’s Web book. This was my favorite book when I was younger. Looking forward to rereading. The other book I won was Having Faith in the Polar Girls Prison and that was from Ania

I had another meet up with some local book bloggers Donna, Tina and Avis. The little cafe we go to is great they have the best apple cider and home made hot chocolate and you can even have the hot chocolate infused with tea. From that meet up I brought home 5 books. You can see them Here as well as a picture of Tina and I. Donna and Avis were camera shy.

As for buying books I only bought two books and that was VC Andrews Delia’s Gift. Its the third book in the series. The other book that I bought was Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton but it was a birthday present for a neighbors son.

I ran two contest on my blog. The first one was The Art of Compassion and the winner was Jodi.My second contest was for Mrs Meyers Clean home and I was able to give away too books one to Annie and one to Wrighty.

Also this month I started something new on my blog. It was themes. The first one was from Monday to Friday and it was a week of Melody Carlson Carter House Girls series reviews and the second one was children book week. My son who is 5 years old helped me with a week of children book reviews.

I have included a whole bunch of photos in February. I love taking pictures and sharing them. So I hope you will check back to see more of my reviews, Michael’s reviews, pictures and just general stuff.

Thanks wishing you a great March.

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January Happenings

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January has come and gone. Hard to believe its passed so quickly. Here in Canada January was pretty cold so its nice to finally be done with January and look forward to the next two months before spring comes.

I joined two challenges in January. The first challenge was Buy a Book Read a Book. The goal of this challenge is you buy and read that book. You will be supporting the author and store. The second challenge was 100+ Reading Challenge and the goal of this challenge is read 100+ books in 2009.

I have read 13 books in the month of January and I have post 13 reviews.

I was lucky enough to get 27 books delivered to my door.

I was also lucky enough to get 3 awards on my blog. Thank you to Jane for the Premio Dardos Award. Thank you to Luanne for the butterfly award. Thank you to Ruthie for the lemonaide award. Those awards meant alot to me. Its nice to see that people are reading and visiting my blog.

Also in January I met up with Avis, Donna and Tina at our regular meeting place for some great home made hot chocolate. From that meet up 9 books managed to jump into my bag.

I went and bought 5 books. They were The Prenup, 3 Willows, Kiss Me Kill Me, Delia’s Heart and Great Hair by Nick Arrojo.

My stats weren’t that great but I did manage to get some new visitors come and comment on contests I was running. I love reading your comments.

Thank you to some fellow bloggers for the advise I got on how to make my blog better I appreciate all the advise and I took it all and made some changes to my blog.

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