Author Interview with Kelly Epperson (When Life Stinks, Its Time to Wash the Gym Clothes)

I recently took part in the Pump Up Your Book Promo Tour of Kelly Epperson’s book “When Life Stinks, Its Time to Wash the Gym Clothes”. My review can be read HERE

Here is a little info about Kelly:
Kelly Epperson has been dubbed “Every woman” and “Rare woman” in the same breath. Kelly’s style is uniquely her own, yet she can relate to all of us. Her weekly columns of life, real everyday life as well as travels through Europe, bring a warmth and a wit that we all long for.

Leaving her job at the IRS ten years ago (it was “sucking the life out of her”), she then embarked on a new career, and served as resident court jester, at a local nonprofit agency that taught English and reading to adults.

Kelly’s motto and quote that hangs over her desk is “To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?!” After a year in France, Kelly returned to the states and launched a full time career of writer, ghostwriter, and speaker. Every day, she does the happy dance in her kitchen.

To maintain connection and spread a little joy with friends, family, and readers, Kelly recently started a weekly “happy mail” – When Life Stinks, Find Your Joy. To check it out, send Kelly an email to

Kelly lives in Loves Park, IL (city with a heart) with The Man of the Place, her two teenage sons, who are brilliant and witty of course, and a sweet dog Starburst who sheds like crazy. FYI-Kelly hates dog hair, hence, the essay, “It’s Not Easy Being Cruella DeVil.”

For more info, please visit

Here is my interview with Kelly. I hope you enjoy it.

Cindy: Kelly do you have another book in the works?

Kelly: I’ve got two in the idea stage: When Life Stinks, Go to France and When Life Stinks, Find Joy. I lived in France for a year and I have oodles more stories to tell that never made into my weekly newspaper columns. I also recently launched a joy network, a weekly enewsletter/magazine kind of thing and readers are asking for a book that captures the fun and flow of finding your joy.

Cindy, the two ideas for books sound really interesting. The finding your joy sounds really nice too. I will have to go and sign up for it. Do you have a link for the joy network?

Kelly: Sign up at

Cindy: Of all the articles you write, do you have a favorite?

Kelly: I make the biggest chunk of my income from ghostwriting; I love meeting the people and telling their stories. I also freelance and enjoy that. Writing my column is my favorite though. I can write about whatever I want, not an assigned topic. The relationship with my readers is so rewarding. I have speaking gigs now that launched from being a columnist and I love it! I used to be afraid to speak in front of a group and now it is the best part of my career. I never imagined it could be so fun! Spreading a little joy in this kooky world. That’s why I started the weekly joy newsletter. I have more to share that I can’t fit in my weekly G-rated column, so every Friday I send a happy mail. Back to your question, the favorite articles are when I can make a reader laugh and give them something to think about in the same 600-word column.

Cindy: I agree I laughed when I was reading your book and some of the stories made me think too. What inspired you to put the articles into a book format?

Kelly: My beloved readers asked for a compilation of columns, so I finally decided to do it. The hardest part is selling it. I love my readers and want to give them all a book. And a hug. Sales and marketing is not my forte.

Cindy: I am sure all your readers will buy the book. Are the stories you write about based on someone you know, or events in your own life? How long have you been writing your weekly columns?

Kelly: The columns are snippets from my life and whatever is going on in the world around us. I’ve been writing a weekly since May 2001 and never run out of ideas. “Whatever pops into my head” would be an apt description. My smart car got stranded on an icy road recently so I wrote about it. This past year, I got a hug from Barack Obama, a kiss from Garrison Keillor, and I literally rubbed elbows with Dave Barry. I write about it all.

Cindy:I loved when I got the book in the mail, you also included a sample box of Tide. What made you think of doing that? That was a really great idea and I think it makes the connection that much greater.

Kelly: The credit for that goes to my creative friend, Mary. She thought: When life stinks, it’s time to wash the gym clothes; hmmm, to wash gym clothes, we need Tide. She made mini book covers for sample size Tide boxes. I love giving people a fun gift with the book.

Thank you to Kelly for doing the interview with me I had a blast reading the book and look forward to reading more of Kelly’s work. Thank you to Dorothy for asking me to do this. It was fun and looking forward to working with you again.

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