Review: Sister Wife

TITLE: Sister Wife
AUTHOR: Shelley Hrdlitschka
PUB DATE: October 2008
ISBN: 978-1-55143-927-3

Thank You to Shelley for sending me this book to read. I love it. I had a hard time putting it down. This is Shelley’s third book. She is a best selling author and lives right here in Canada. This is my first book by Shelley. Looking forward to reading her other two books.

The book is about Three girls who live in Unity. Its a polygamy sect.

Celeste is born and raised in Unity. She is struggling to fit into Unity. She is finding it hard to cope with the fact that once she is 15 years old she will be assigned a older husband and becoming a sister wife. She doesn’t want to do anything that will bring shame upon her family by refusing to marry. Even though she is in love with Jon she won’t rebel. Jon leaves the movement because he was seen kissing Celeste. The prophet then assignes Jon’s father, Martin, to be Celeste’s husband. Will this announcement push Celeste to run away?.

Celeste meets Craig an outsider who has been making Inuksuk, rock sculptures on the beach. Her and Craig begin to get close and when he tells her he is leaving one day, she becomes upset. What will Celeste do?

Nanette is Celeste’s younger sister and she is the ideal sister wife. She longs to be married and to be a sister wife. She has her eyes set on Martin and thinks she would make a perfect wife for him. When she spots Celeste with Jon, she runs right to their father and tells him everything. She thinks she is doing good until the day she finds out that Celeste is going to marry Martin. She is upset and angry. She wonders if Celeste was to leave would she she finally gets to get marry the man she has dreamed about, Martin and have his children?

Taviana is an outsider that was allowed to stay at Unity. She is a girl with a troubled family and past and Jacob brought her back to Unity to help her out. She has adjusted to life in Unity. Then when cops show up Taviana is hidden and when the cops leave the Prophet tells her she must leave at once. They don’t want the cops poking around and disturbing life there.

If Celeste leaves Unity will Jon and her be together again? I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommended it.

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