Review: The Mighty Queens of Freeville

TITLE: The Mighty Queens of Freeville
AUTHOR: Amy Dickinson
PUB DATE: February 3,2009

I received this book from Barnes & Noble as the book club read. It was an okay book for me.

Five years ago after the death of Ann Landers there was a nationwide search for someone to take over. The Chicago Tribune announced that Amy Dickinson would be the next Ann Landers.

Amy has a column called “Ask Amy” and it appears in over 150 newspapers nationwide daily and read by over 22 million people.

The book is about Amy’s life. She writes about all the mistakes she has made. Amy talks about her daughter Emily and her family. Her family helped them out when her husband suddenly leaves her in London. She talks about how all the women in her family are all single parents. Even her own mother was a single mother.

Even though Amy and her daughter have lived in different cities they always find a way back to Freeville. Amy’s family still live in Freeville and all within a 10 house radius of each other.

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