Review: Testimony

TITLE: Testimony
AUTHOR: Anita Shreve
PUB DATE: Oct. 21,2008

Testimony is Anita Shreves 14th book. This is my second book of hers that I read. My first introduction to Anita’s work was The Pilots Wife. Which I loved. Reading Testimony I realized that this is an author I need to read more of.

Testimony is written in many different perspectives. The characters all narrate in different points of views. For example the students when they speak are in first person, when Rob’s mother Ellen speaks she does so in second person and when Mike speaks he does so in third person.

Testimony is about how one incident that happened in a private school affected the lives of the students, family, community and school. A reporter discovers that three boys have been arrested from the school and charged with sexual assault and he goes to investigate. Mike the headmaster has been trying to contain the scandal with in the school.

The story begins at Avery Academy which is located in New England. The headmaster has been handed a video cassette and when he watches it he realizes its a sex tape involving five students from his academy. He finds out who the three boys are. They are three 18 year old male students. The camera man is unknown and no on will say who the person is. He is devastated when he realizes that the female student is only fourteen years old.

The book is about love (giving into desires that might ruin you/your life)families (parents wishing they could protect their child) an affair (that you don’t see coming) and a death (which will shock you).

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