Review: The Xmas Factor

Title: The Xmas Factor
Author: Annie Sanders
Date: November 2006

This is by a British author. Its about 2 women who approach the holidays very differently.

The first lady is Beth (stepmom to two grown kids–her step daughter basically hates her and tries to ruin the holiday) Beth lives in a neighborhood that is similiar to the stepford wives. The villiage she lives in throws a big xmas bash each year and up until 4 years ago it was Beth’s husbands wife that ran it (the wife died). Beth deals with having to do that as well has arrange xmas for the family at her house.

The second lady is Carol who is a magazine editor for a magazine that is on the verge of shutting down but she gets a huge story that brings the magazine out on top. She is in the midst of this huge story and forgets about the holiday approaching. She is panicked and wracked with guilt for not being better prepared…but she is determined to make this a perfect xmas for her son who broke his leg just before they left to go away for xmas. One of her writers (which turns out to be Beths step daughter) wrote an article about this cute little cottage so Carol ends up booking this place but its a total dump ….so things come to head when poor Beth breaks down cause of the storm the xmas party is a bust but Carol steps in the save the day and thats when she finds out who Beths step daughter is.

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