Review: Summer Blowout


Summer Blowout by Claire Cook is the authors 5th book. This book is very lite and is a very quick read. This is a great summer book. I would say its chick lit.

The main character is Bella. She is a divorced make up artist/hair stylist. She is working in the family business with her father and siblings. She is obsessed with lipstick. “Lipstick is my drug of choice”.

We find out during the story that Bella’s life revovles around the family business. This family seems like a happy family but we discover that is not all that it appears to be. Her father has been married 3x already. Her brother Mario is gay and committed to his partner Todd.

Bella’s marriage is over and she is divorced. She founds out after he left that her half sister Sophie was involved with her then husband. Bella is bitter towards them both. She has thrown things at her ex’s car and doesn’t speak to her sister. Bella has sworn of men and relationships.

Bella thinks that she can be happy on her own with no man. Then by accident a little dog left in her care makes Bella realizes that love is worth taking risks for. Then during one of the make up demos she meets a young, handsome entrepeneur named Sean. Sean tells Bella that she has a talent as a make up artist and how she can make a name for herself selling make up kits.

Bella’s interest in Sean starts to grow. She tries to keep her distance with him and to keep it proffessional. That changes after a crazy family wedding in Atlanta when Bella realizes that its okay to move on.

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